What to wear jeans

Once this thing was only working clothes and, therefore, made it possible to immediately determine the social status of its carrier. Today, fashion has changed, and although the dress code of most large companies does not allow it, jeans have become an element of the basic wardrobe, combined with a large number of parts of the overall ensemble.

How to wear jeans: photo and recommendations

What to wear jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

A denim trouser type is now present in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion, if only because of its versatility. It looks equally good with shoes on a flat sole and high heels, connects with a T-shirt or official blouse, complemented by a shopper bag or a neat elegant clutch. What to wear jeans, depends only on their style, decoration and, of course, the situation.

However, with such a wide variety of ideas, it is worth knowing that jeans are out of place at a business dinner, in an office (if the dress code does not permit this), at a cultural event. This element of wardrobe, regardless of its style is focused on a walk in all its variations: from exploring the sights of the city to a nightclub or cinema. For the same reason, the remaining moments of the image - hairstyle, makeup, will also be lighter.

Style, which does not fit jeans - a classic: and office, and evening. Otherwise, if you do not consider specific styles, you can conditionally divide them into several groups: streetwear, in many respects being the same working clothes that are worn with flat shoes (sneakers, sneakers, conversions, etc.), glamorous - with an abundance of finishes, worn with heels of any height (from ballet shoes from low to boats with stilettos), and casual-urban everyday life, allowing you to combine low heels, blouses and jeans, as well as jackets.

What are the things that blend jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

Jeans with rubbed areas of different size and intensity after some lull re-entered the fashion, already the 2nd season, being in the list of trend things. Their season, of course, is summer or the end of spring, since ripped jeans are worn only on bare feet. Or in some cases, capron pantyhose with openwork patterns are allowed, which will necessarily be duplicated in other parts of the image: jacket, blouse, clutch, etc.

On tight tights or nylon without finishing to wear such jeans is considered bad form. As well as sandals on tights or socks. In addition, due to the fact that ripped jeans are an attribute of the warm season, no sweaters and jackets are connected to them. Thus, a large group of things is cut off, and the choice of a suitable supplement to this model of a trouser product is simplified.

When following the street style, which is most convenient for frequent and long walks and an active lifestyle, torn jeans of a straight silhouette are chosen that are loose enough not to completely encircle the leg. They fit as close as possible to the thigh, and then fall exactly into the floor. In such a model, there are often podgibs below, uneven shade may be added, the color is most often light: blue or gray. The best complement to such a product is a non-tight body, an alcoholic T-shirt on hot days, and a sweatshirt or a hoodie made from not too thick fabric for a cooler period. Among the shoes preference is given to converse or sleepers.

The same street style may look a bit more elegant and a little more bold if the ripped jeans are shortened (length 7/8) and bent from the bottom out, and the material is not chosen in the classic blue range, but for it more unusual colors are used: red, green, yellow , orange varying degrees of saturation. This model often also has a straight silhouette, but less free. It is recommended to wear with boats on a very low stiletto (3-5 cm), fitted topless top and a simple jacket made of flax or other coarse fabric.

Lightweight version involves leather sandals with wide straps and a thick cone-shaped heel (up to 7 cm), as well as a spacious cotton T-shirt tucked into jeans and a small handbag over the shoulder. In very rare cases, ballet flats or sleepers for this model of torn jeans are allowed, as the shortened length visually cuts the legs.

The latest version of the thing is white or gray jeans, narrowed (strongly or not too much), usually with a fit on the hips. They can be worn with ballet shoes, sandals and sandals, and wedge sandals depending on the weather. It is recommended to select such a model without finishing, moving the accessories to the upper part of the image: a top with a decorated neckline, a sleeveless blouse and a necklace of metal plates. An addition to the ensemble can be a shortened jacket made of textured fabric or a cardigan.

An interesting option was proposed by PierreBalmain in the summer collection of 2013, combining ripped cropped jeans with an elongated frater jacket, pointed-nosed boats and a one-tone turtleneck without a throat.

Jeans boyfriends: dress stylishly

What to wear jeans with?

What to wear jeans with?

Jeans boyfriends in the wardrobe of the girls began to appear not so long ago, but they had already tried on many girls. And the question of selecting the remaining elements of the ensemble was the key when planning a purchase. But besides this, it is important to know something else: in its style, boyfriend jeans are a product of shapeless cut, slightly narrowed to the bottom, really giving the impression that they were removed from a young man and turned out to be a little big for his girlfriend.

Because of this silhouette, they are contraindicated for women of the fair sex, as well as various dimensionless tunics that do not hide the extra weight, but, on the contrary, add volume to the figure. Not recommended such a model and with a small growth. The latter, of course, is not a reason for rejecting jeans-boyfriends, but they visually reduce the growth a little more, which not all girls want. And heels in such a situation can not be saved, because this model with them almost never worn.

Of course, you can see photos of foreign stars wearing such jeans with open high-heeled shoes, but more often it looks ridiculous than interesting. Although it is impossible to deny that some girls are capable of even the most controversial combination to present as an incredibly memorable and stylish idea.

Still, what to wear boyfriend jeans with? The best addition to them in the cold season will be the Timberlands, as free as jeans, a sweater made of knitwear, possibly with the addition of acrylic, having a sleeve ¾, and a shopper bag. Short cropped boyfriend jeans with a polo shirt, a belt decorated with a massive buckle, as an accent, and topsiders look attractive.

Demi-season shoes for these jeans - monks or loafers, and for the top it is recommended to pick up a shirt without a complicated and intricate pattern (the cage looks attractive), a cardigan and a rather short narrow scarf to match the shoes.

The greatest variety of ideas for jeans boyfriends, of course, appears in the summer. Simple flip-flops, a T-shirt and a short-sleeved shirt or a suede vest, complemented by a small rectangular bag made from the same suede or matte leather, will create a city street look. Elegance and femininity can add a blouse with a bow at the throat, an extended one-color jacket (in natural colors - brown or black), a classic leather bag and ballet flats. Jeans in such a situation, it is recommended to tuck, opening the ankles.

Many girls wonder if you can wear boyfriend jeans with heels? This option is valid, but under a number of conditions. Effectively, such an idea looks only on thin girls of rather tall stature, all because of the same properties of this model, to add volume and detract from height. The coefficient of freedom of the cut is chosen to be minimal, so that the boyfriends are not much different from the classic straight jeans that do not fit the jeans.

In such a situation, litaboots are chosen for them, known as "campbells", ankle boots on wedge heels, or open shoes with a thin heel strap. Riding in an ensemble becomes as simple as possible in terms of trimming a blouse or top, as well as a jacket made of matte fabric with a sleeve.

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It is impossible to tell about all styles of jeans - there are a lot of them, therefore, when selecting additional elements for them, it is recommended to use the general rule of harmony. All details of the image must be maintained in the same style, so as not to create dissonance. And, choosing a jeans, do not discount the question of their relevance in a particular situation, as well as how they go for you.

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