What to wear a tulip skirt


A tulip skirt literally draws attention to itself at first sight, because its amazing floral shape, as if specially created for a feminine figure, is to expose beautiful legs and chastely hide hips. The style of the tulip skirt will suit almost any girl, both thin and with more voluminous forms, but the best way is to look at girls of average build.

Full girls should choose the right shoes and clothes to the tulip skirt, and thin girls such a skirt will give the missing amount in the hips, not hiding all her elegance and slimness.

What to wear a tulip skirt?

Most often, the tulip skirt has a voluminous cut in the upper part and has a length slightly above the knee. Since such a style has recently become increasingly popular, designers complicate such a skirt with various draperies, ruffles, multi-layered tailoring, add various cuts and pockets.

The tulip skirt begins its history from the sixties, and sometimes designers prefer to take styles from that time, but still, to a large extent, tulip skirts have a modern touch of fashion.

What is the combination of a tulip skirt?

  • The tulip skirt will be perfectly combined with classic shoes with heels, sandals with a stiletto or wedge heels, with pumps and ankle boots with heels.
  • Very often, many girls wonder whether you can wear a tulip skirt with shoes without heels, such as ballet shoes. Here a lot depends on your type of figure and the chosen clothes. Stylists are of the opinion that tulip skirt visually shortens the legs and therefore it should be worn only with heels. But in the fashionable chronicle you can see how some stars wear a tulip skirt with sandals or ballet shoes for a walk, for example, as Reese Witherspoon dresses like that. But keep in mind that if you do not wear heels, then the tulip skirt should be no longer than the middle of the thigh, and such a mini-skirt will be perfectly combined with shoes without heels.

What to wear a tulip skirt?

  • To create a light look, you should choose a tulip skirt, combining it with a fashionable blouse or top, so you emphasize the slimness of the waist and highlight the neckline.
  • The tulip skirt is ideal for the office option, as the style of the tulip skirt can be worn with stylish shirts or blouses, which create a strict style, and this image can be complemented by focusing on the waist, tied up with an elegant belt or a bow or knot strap. A tulip skirt can also be made with a belt, which can be made in the shape of a bud or tied with a bow.
  • Tulip skirt can be worn with a discreet jacket up to the hips or to the waist.The bolero jacket will look no less stylish with such a skirt. Tulips skirts of bright colors can be combined with blouses of the same color range, or monochrome. Choose a blouse or top with a length not lower than the waist of the skirt or slightly higher. But at the same time observe the rule, if your skirt is saturated with decorative elements, then choose the most simple top.
  • From the shortened skirt-tulip, you can create a fashionable sports image, the main thing is to choose the bottom and the top.

What to wear a tulip skirt?

Tulip skirt with a high waist is very popular this season. This style of skirt visually narrows the waist and makes it more feminine, and also highlights the chest. A tulip skirt with a high waist should be worn with a contrasting top, or a belt, tie or bow. It is best of all to wear such a model to slender girls of medium height, but stout girls are not forbidden to wear such a skirt, if you choose the right top and combine the skirt with high-heeled or wedge shoes.

Show some creativity and imagination in drawing up an image with a tulip skirt, and go outside to slay everyone in your magnificent way! And about how to combine other things in your wardrobe, read in the section Clothing and Shoes.