What paint is better to lighten hair

Hair can be lightened in different ways, usually women follow the path of least resistance and seek the help of a specialist. A professional selects the right dye for you and produces a hair dye procedure. But keep in mind that in this situation, you pay not only for the cost of paint, but also for the work of the master. A modern cosmetology market offers a large selection of products for lightening products, and you yourself can choose the right paint.

When choosing a paint, it is necessary to consider whether it will be in harmony with your color type, because it happens that a new shade can give you a completely different look. Any dark-haired girl who decided to dye her hair should be understood that it will be difficult then to return to dark color and you need to think carefully about whether to even dye your hair.

What paint is better to lighten hair?

It is also important to take into account the condition of your hair: if it is very thin and damaged, then you should choose a light paint, or generally refrain from discoloration until you restore the hair. And after dyeing, you will need to stock up on nutritional masks and balms, as any discoloration damages your hair.

How to choose the right paint for lightening hair?

If you are going to lighten hair effectively and for a long time, then you cannot do without chemical components in the paint. Look carefully at the composition of the paint, it will contain substances such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. But the content of these substances should not be very large, otherwise you can burn the hair, it will be written on such paints that they contain a small percentage of ammonia. There are dyes and without ammonia, but they also have some negative effect on the hair.

Be sure to see whether the composition of protecting components and natural substances that neutralize the action of chemical dyes.

Hair Brightening Dye is available in different types - in cream, powder and oil consistency.. The most popular colors are cream colors, they do not flow and are evenly distributed through the hair. Oil and cream colors can penetrate into the hair more fully and provide maximum coloring. With powder paints should be careful, as in a concentrated form, they can cause skin irritation.

In rare cases, paint may cause irritation. To avoid this, test for sensitivity before staining. Apply a little paint on the skin behind the ear and wait 15 minutes, if irritation does not occur, then you can safely use the paint.

Lightening hair: what is important to know?

What paint is better to lighten hair?

  1. The thinnest hairs are naturally colored the most and they need less dye than usual.
  2. You can not do the lightening immediately after the perm, it can ruin your hair.
  3. Sometimes the paint can be poorly distributed through the hair, for this you can add a little water to the paint or moisten the hair.

Hair Brighteners

  • One of the most popular brightening paints on the market today is Garnier (Garnier). It contains olive oil, wheat oil and jojoba oil. The paint is very soft and gentle, so it provides the hair with the necessary protection and moisturizing. The paint package contains a balm that is applied immediately after dyeing. According to many women, Garnier dye does minimal damage to hair, but the result of dyeing does not always turn out to be as expected, and the dye is washed off faster than other lasting dyes. In the light palette of this paint are presented shades - super luminous, platinum blond, sand blond and natural blond.
  • L'Oreal paint is no less popular, and it can lighten even dark and gray hair. For lightening hair, there is a specially released series from this company Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes. L'Oreal is one of the most potent dyes and will stay on the hair for quite a long time, while as it is written on the package it contains many substances that protect the hair during dyeing - these are various essential oils, collagen, wheat protein.
  • Palette paint from the company Schwarzkopf is represented by brightening tones, such as ashen, pearl silver and gold blond. According to the manufacturers, the paint is able to lighten up to 4 or more tones, while this is again, according to the manufacturers, it is a gentle paint, since it contains orange oil, which protects the hair. But the reviews of many women suggest the opposite, Pallet paint is potent and after her hair needs an enhanced regenerating course with the use of masks and balms.

What paint is better to lighten hair?

  • Igora paint is a professional paint, but it can be purchased at any store for hairdressers. Manufacturer - the same firm Schwarzkopf. The paint has many advantages: there are many vitamins and protective components in it, thanks to which the hair heals during dyeing. The color lasts for quite a long time, without washing out and without fading, keeps its saturation for a long time. Igoroi can also be painted with gray hair. The paint has a pleasant smell, mixes easily and is applied to the hair. But there are also disadvantages in this paint - it dries hair strongly, especially when bleaching. And with frequent use, many women observe that hair begins to fall out.
  • Estelle paint confirms the rule that low price does not always mean low quality. One of its main advantages is the rich rich color obtained by dyeing, the color palette almost always corresponds to what you end up with after dyeing. Hair after dyeing becomes soft and silky, easy to comb.

If you are going to do the lightening procedure yourself, then you should first consult with a specialist who will advise which dye is most suitable for your hair. Coloring, and especially lightening, is always a very crucial moment, and if you treat it without attention, you can permanently ruin your hair.

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