What is the difference between toilet water and eau de


For those who are not keen on perfumery, the terms "perfume", "eau de parfum (eau de toilette)", "eau de cologne" can mean the same thing. In fact, what is the difference between toilet water and perfume or perfume? Why not call it all the same? Are the differences between these funds so large and why are some of them much more expensive than others?

Pyramid of smells: how to understand the kaleidoscope of perfumes?

What is the difference between eau de toilette and perfume water?

Going to the perfume store, get ready for the fact that you will not only have to look for "your" fragrance, smelling one bottle after another. In addition to the choice of smell, it is necessary to resolve another, no less difficult, task - to decide what you want to have on your home shelf: toilet water, eau de parfum or perfume. What features have different "fragrant" products? What is the difference between toilet water and eau de parfum and are they interchangeable? Why do perfumes cost the most?

Any perfumed product includes perfume composition. It is a classic trio: alcohol, water and dyes. However, the ratio of these components is different. Perfumes can also contain dyes and antioxidants. But their number should be minimal so that they do not spoil the flavor.

To make a choice between perfume, toilet and eau de parfum, you should not be guided by the price. The main thing is what you expect from such products and how you are going to use it.

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Developers are trying to offer consumers their own flavors in different versions. Usually this:

  • perfume - extrait or parfum;
  • toilet water - eau de toilette;
  • toilet perfumes (which are still called perfumed water) - parfum de toilette or eau de parfum;
  • cologne - a component of the male arsenal. On it you can see the inscription eau de cologne.

Fragrant products: everything about perfumed and eau de toilette

The most bought product from the odorous assortment is eau de parfum. She is in second place in the fortress and is usually always equipped with a spray gun. Therefore, it is convenient to use, for example, on the road. This is a great choice for women who sit in the office all day. They can refresh the aroma during the lunch break by inflicting a few "puffs" on the wrist.

What features does such a product have and how does eau de parfum differ from eau de toilette? The biggest difference is resilience. In the first, the concentration of the aromatic composition is lower than in the perfume. It reaches 10-20%. Odorless oils are dissolved in 90% alcohol. The water is quite resistant, the smell lasts from 4 to 5 hours. That is, it is a fairly concentrated tool that is suitable exclusively for daytime use. It is more pronounced notes of the heart (the middle note, which opens after 1-2 hours and determines the type of smell).

all about the features of eau de parfum and toilet water

Perfumed water is better not to use in the morning, as it will "sound" too harsh and even flashy.

Now let's talk about no less famous and demanded cosmetic product - toilet water. According to the official version, it was invented by none other than Napoleon. It is not as expensive as eau de parfum, and even less so in price to perfume. This is quite natural, because its smell will accompany you no longer than 3 hours, and its production is not a difficult process. This is the easiest type of perfumery, the top notes play a primary role in them (they create the first impression of the fragrance) and to some extent the middle notes.

Another thing that distinguishes toilet water from eau de parfum is fragmentation. So in the language of professionals in the field of fragrances called odorous concentrate. It is only 5-10% for 80-85% alcohol. That is why the products give enough alcohol. Toilet water should be used several times a day. This is the best perfume for summer; for those who live in a hot climate, actively go in for sports or lead a mobile way of life.

Will perfume water and eau de toilette coincide in aroma characteristics? The difference between these variations of odors, developed by one brand, can be quite significant, due to the different composition and the fact that toilet perfumes became available on the market only in the 80s. They may not seem like the original at all.

Product of the highest category: why women are so attracted to perfume

At the top of the perfume pyramid are perfumes. This is the most concentrated form of cosmetic products of such a spectrum. Perfume bottle contains 15-30 percent of the aromatic extract, and it is dissolved in 96% alcohol. As a result, good perfume will last on the body for 5-12 hours.

The main thing is what distinguishes perfume from perfumery water:

  • they can be used not only in the afternoon, but also in the evening;
  • they have three distinct phases of fragrance release. Immediately after use, they give one smell, then they begin to smell differently and in the final phase (which lasts the longest) show their true appearance;
  • in them the final notes (base notes) are most powerful, thanks to which the woman is accompanied by a train of aromas;
  • it is the most expensive and prestigious type of perfume;
  • in 100 ml of perfume, 30 ml are essential oils;
  • If you put on high-quality perfumes, they will last for up to 12 hours on your body, your clothes will smell fragrant for up to 3 days, the furs will keep the fragrance for several weeks. No such perfumed water is capable of such;
  • Perfume different volume of the bottle. Since they are over-concentrated, they are not poured into large containers.
  • Usually, perfumes are preferred by those who long remain faithful to their favorite fragrances and do not want to change them. They often become "second skin" for women.

Male element of the magnificent four

How does eau de toilette differ from cologne

And, finally, cologne is located at the base of the odorous pyramid. To understand the difference between eau de toilette and eau de cologne, consider the features of this men's fragrance. It contains the odorous substances lowest. Instead of the three stages of fragrance opening, only one is present in the product. Keeps its aroma not for long. In addition, well felt shade of alcohol water.

Characteristics of cologne are as follows:

  • odorous concentrate - from 2 to 4%;
  • alcohol - 70-80%;
  • Stools on the skin - 1 hour (the smell will last a little longer, if this is a branded product), on the fabric - from 3 to 6 hours.

In the recent past, many persistent colognes with truly unique fragrances have been put on store shelves. Today it is rather a kind of toilet water. If you want to find cologne that will last on the skin all day, then get cologne spray. Thanks to the special volatile and tanning components that spread his amber for a long time, he will be with you from morning till evening.

Perfume is an art and science. To comprehend its end, one must be a true professional. If, when choosing "your" smell, you realized that you are not well oriented in this area, then just trust your sense of smell. And, whatever you purchase - perfume, cologne, toilet water or eau de parfum, the main thing is that the perfume matches your mood, inner ā€œIā€, gives you a feeling of joy and self-confidence!