What is the difference between gel varnish and shellac?

The beauty industry pleases and surprises women with a variety of tools for modeling and decorating nails. When looking at this bright palette it is not always possible to notice the differences between products that serve one purpose. One of the most common questions on the wisdom of nail art - how does gel varnish differ from shellac? Let's see!

Modern beauties have many wonderful opportunities to decorate marigolds. To comprehend the subtleties of this magical art is interesting not only for masters, but also for all women who seek to improve their appearance. Some nuances in the names of nail beauty products, at first glance, seem to be confusing. But, if you look at their features, everything is explained simply.

Gel Polish and shellac: find differences

Gel Polish and shellac: find differences

These tools are designed for gel nails. Very often both names are used as equal in the name of any product intended for such nail modeling.

However, shellac is a tool that produces only one company - CND. This company has become a pioneer in the manufacture of hybrid varnish and gel. That is, the product of the production of CND is traditionally called shellac. Similar products from other companies are called gel polish.

In addition to CND, such coatings are now produced by many manufacturers (for example, Kodi, Gelerations, Perfect Match). The products of each of them has its own distinctive features. These are the so-called secrets of the company, confirmed by the laws on patenting.

The means are produced for one purpose, but there is some difference between the product of the CND and the offers of other manufacturers. Here is what is different from shellac gel polish:

  • by application. Before using most gel polishes, it is necessary to apply a primer (a tool that helps the applied material to gain a foothold on the natural nail plate). This is not required when working with shellac;
  • features of the withdrawal. Finding out which is better - gel varnish or shellac, many note the advantage of the latter in ease of removal. It is believed that precisely because of this particular feature, the CND product is safer for the health of the nails;
  • worth it. Shellac is more expensive in comparison with similar products of other firms. For the price of 1 bottle of funds from CND, you can buy products from other manufacturers, 2-4 times larger in volume;
  • the duration of the period on which the product is applied. The attractive quality of any gel polish is that it lasts longer than a regular manicure. For shellac set to 2 weeks. Among the proposals of competing firms are the same, but in some cases the term "life" is 3 weeks;
  • number of shades. Shellac has 61 color options. More choice is provided by the manufacturer of gel polish Gelish (90 shades). Not far behind the CND, Gelerations products (60 variants). Proposals of other companies are 20-30 shades.

Gel polish and ordinary polish: what's the difference?

Gel polish and ordinary polish: what's the difference?

Lucky are common to us for a long time! As a rule, such a manicure lasts no more than 5 days. The range of offers for these products is very rich. Among other things, specially created nail polish varnishes. Also popular are products with a variety of effects and additions.

And what is the difference between gel polishes and ordinary ones? The first combines the characteristics and the usual varnish and gel for building. It is more resistant and at the same time allows to realize various desires in the field of color.

In appearance, the products are practically the same, packaged in similar bottles with a brush. The process of applying to the nails is also the same for both products. The essential difference is that gel polish must be dried under ultraviolet light. The tool hardens, and until the next manicure takes at least 14 days.

The persistence of gel varnish undoubtedly belongs to its advantages. But there is such a means and disadvantages compared with conventional varnish:

  • Gel polish is a rather long and not very simple procedure;
  • it is more difficult to remove; ordinary nail polish remover is not suitable;
  • not so rich color palette and original effects;
  • higher price.

What is the difference between gel polish and biogel?

Fashion for all natural touched and decorative cosmetics. The beauty industry responds to such interest of women with original offers. Among them - biogel - a tool that appeared on the market not so long ago. This cosmetic product combines the qualities of a gel and varnish, and its composition is based on protein. Means differs plasticity and firmness. It is possible to apply colored biogel under a lacquer or French manicure.

It is believed that both gel polish and biogel do not harm the natural nail plate. The procedure of their application does not require prior cutting of the nail. Biogel, as well as shellac, contains in its composition many useful substances of natural origin, which have a beneficial effect on the nails. Therefore, the funds contribute to the strengthening, restoration, alignment of the nail plate.

Biogel is characterized by a high degree of adhesion to the natural nail - this provides protection against flaking. Correct manicure need 1 time in 14 days. The nails covered with such a means grow normally, do not stratify, air enters them.

A distinctive feature of biogel - it collapses when alcohol (ethyl or methyl), acetone is injected. Therefore, if you have to contact with household chemicals, you must wear gloves. This characteristic of biogel is considered a disadvantage.

Biogel gel Polish

There are some differences between biogel and gel polish and in decorative terms:

  • With the help of Biogel, you can strengthen the nails or build up. If the second option is chosen, then as a result you can get a natural shade, which you can not distinguish from a natural marigold. From above it is admissible to put any varnish, print at will. You can also increase and color bio-gel or bio-french. The length and shape of the nail are selected individually;
  • gel polish has its own palette of shades, and drawing pictures on it is not customary. As with biogel, with this tool you can make a beautiful French manicure.

Ultraviolet is used to harden both coatings. They dry very quickly. In the care of nails, decorated with gel Polish or biogel, do not differ. The main thing - you need to provide timely correction of manicure.

To remove the gel polish, use 99% ethyl alcohol or acetone. Cotton swabs soaked in one of these preparations are put on each nail and left for 10 minutes. Gel polish turns into a film that can be removed easily and safely.

To remove biogel there is a special liquid. Such a drug acts very delicately. After removal of the product, the natural nail looks healthy and does not lose its natural elasticity.

The decoration of female marigold is a real, very delicate art. Manufacturers create many amazing tools for nail art. One of the most popular is gel polish, in particular, a proprietary offer from the company CND - shellac. Such a tool as biogel also gives women a great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful manicure for a long time.

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