What is the difference between depilator and epilator

Women have long recognized that excess vegetation on the body does not decorate. Therefore, they are looking for more and more new ways of dealing with hairs. Among them - cream, lotions, razor, epilators of various models, salon services, all means are good! But how often do you hear the words "epilation" and "depilation" as synonymous. But there is a significant difference between them! It is important to understand what an epilator and a depilator are, the differences between them are fundamental.

Root solution

First of all, you should understand for yourself the differences between the process of hair removal and hair removal.

  • Depilation - getting rid of that part of the hair, which is located above the surface of the skin. This effect does not last long, as a rule, within a few days the hair begins to grow again. At the same time, it becomes tougher and darker, and in the aggregate, “young growth” forms a rigid bristle.

  • Epilation refers to more radical methods of dealing with unnecessary hairs. In this case, not only the superficial part of the hair is removed, but also the root bulb. Thus, the growth of hairs slows down significantly, and with the proper approach, it is possible to get rid of hair on a certain part of the body almost forever.

The difference between the depilator and the depilator is obvious, but if the second method has such obvious advantages, then why has the fair sex still not given up depilation? There is no definite answer, since each method combines different means.

To shave or not to shave: that is the question!

Depilators are different.

  • The most popular and affordable depilator is a shaving machine. The advantages are obvious - availability, ease of use. Cons - mechanical irritation of the skin, the likelihood of microtraumas and cuts, the fragility of the effect;

  • Special cream for hair removal. The advantages are the same as at the machine, the minuses are the probability of allergic reactions to the components of the cream, the lack of smoothness of the skin after shaving;

  • Waxes are hot and cold, compositions similar in principle of action. And the principle is to apply a sticky mass to the skin and tear it off with the hairs after solidification. Pros - quickly, efficiently. Cons - painful, traumatic, high probability of burns during hot hair removal, skin allergic reactions - in all cases. The effect is just as short-lived;

  • Electric depilatories, mechanically removing hairs, are somewhere between the classic depilators and epilators. Most of them pull out hairs from the root, however, do not destroy the hair follicle, and therefore the hairs grow back. Plus, the growth is much slower, and the minus is the price of the device, pain, skin irritation.

What is the difference between depilator and epilator? The fact that it affects deeper and the effect persists several times longer.

What is the difference between depilator and epilator?

  • Laser hair removal is quite widespread. The laser beam affects the hair, destroying the pigment and causing the death of the bulb. The procedure eliminates pain, hair ingrowth, after several sessions of unnecessary vegetation can be forgotten for a long time, the skin after epilation is smooth. However, this procedure is quite expensive and is absolutely not suitable for owners of light unpainted hair.
  • Photoepilation is akin to laser. Light pulses give energy, which is converted into heat and acts on the hairs. Effective and painless, more gentle than laser hair removal, the method is popular with women who can afford salon care.

Kristina, 26 years old:"I have been using an electric depilator for several years. I chose a model on the Internet and have no regrets! Although I read reviews about dissatisfied young ladies about the depilator, I like it. Hair is bright, salon procedures do not bring the desired effect, it takes a lot of time to visit the master, and that’s all the money. And a lot of money. I manage to achieve a smooth skin and at home. Unlike women with dark hair, I have no "stubble" of growing hairs, and I immediately get rid of them "

Inga, 32 years:"I trust only the master in the salon. I believe that you will not achieve this effect with wax or creams. Laser hair removal is a reliable matter. Read reviews about the epilator, find a salon you can trust. No pain, you lie, the master conjures over you. And as a result, you don’t need to think about whether something unnecessary has grown up, I feel calm and comfortable on the beach and in the pool "

What a way to deal with excess vegetation to choose - everyone decides for himself. If you can, then you should consult with a beautician, listen to the opinion of a professional. Calculate at your leisure, at what price the cost of depilation costs and whether it would not be more profitable to save money for visiting the salon. However, it does not matter how the woman keeps fit, as long as she does not forget to do it.

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