What is the color combined with purple in clothes


Even in ancient times, purple was used to dress the highest nobility and members of the royal family.It is because of its rarity that dye of this color was so expensive that only very rich people could buy it. This was the reason for his presence in clothes so small. Since then, purple has become associated with luxury and magnificence.

What is the color combined with purple in clothes?

To preserve this impression and create a style of clothing that will emphasize the beauty and depth of the purple color, it is necessary to study which colors best fit with it and which ones should be avoided so as not to spoil the image.

Characteristic purple for clothing

  • Before you choose the color scheme for purple, you need to know about its effect on the entire image.
  • Violet color gives the figure slimness, like black, but only in contrast to it, it is brighter and creates the same colorful emotional color. It is suitable for almost any type of woman. But it is necessary to show special care in the selection of wardrobe for women who belong to the color type "spring". Violet color can simply suppress their blond hair and skin. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of a brighter make-up and selection of accessories for dark hair.

Characteristic purple for clothing

  • Clothes of deep dark purple color are great for the office. Also, it will be appropriate in cold weather, but for festive events or meetings with friends will not be entirely appropriate. For holiday outlets it is best to opt for bright purple clothes with accessories that emphasize it.
  • Purple color looks very good on woolen, velvety and satin fabrics.

How to combine purple color in clothes?

It should be remembered that to create a beautiful image you need to use only 3 colors. One color should be the main one, the second one should be otten and emphasize it, and the third one should complete the image completely, placing accents. Violet color in clothes can be used as any of the 3.

How to combine purple color in clothes?

He is usually chosen by feminine and romantic girls. They have good taste and sense of style. Especially good purple color emphasizes tan and dark shade of hair. For bright brunettes this color is most suitable.

Violet color in clothes likes contrasting combinations. After all, this is how he is able to cause admiration in such a mysterious way.

Primary colors with which purple is combined

  • Yellow is best combined with a pale purple color, golden brown, mint green, light orange and turquoise.

Violet in clothes

  • For a purple dress it is better to select accessories of neutral colors of dark shades. Of these accessories fit capes, shoes, jackets, silver, chocolate or brown shades. The purple color itself should not be very much. He is very rich and rich, so you need to be careful that the outfit does not become too elaborate.
  • To create a gentle composition Violet is best combined with gold and cream shades, which will help to emphasize its originality.
  • Purple accessories can be used when the main clothing color is neutral. It can be a handbag, gloves, shoes, matched with jewelry.

The colors that purple combines

  • Purple goes well with the color of silver. In such a dress, jewelry and high-quality jewelry look elegantly.
  • No less original will be the combination of purple and purple, which creates a transition of shades from accessories to the main color.

Variants of a combination of purple in clothes

To get an unusual combination of clothes that will create a beautiful image of a stranger who attracts attention, you must use purple with pink, yellow, orange and white. This combination is fraught with mystery and luxury. An excellent option that will make you a real princess will bepurple dress with golden sandals or shoes decorated with elements made of yellow metal.

Violet dress with gold ornaments

Elegant clothes will look purple in combination with brown, yellow and gray.

You can experiment with the creation of a dress, where purple will look warm or vice versa with a cold shade. To take advantage of this ability of this mystical color is, if you want to look like an impregnable beauty one day, and become a soft and feminine girl in another. For example, stop your choice onThe dress is purple with a belt of brown, gold or steel.

A good option would be to create a dress from a brown or gray dress with shoes or a purple handbag. If you are planning to publish, the combination of a purple dress with a bright green jacket or a handbag will be very useful, refreshing the image.

Purple dress with white and black

Luxurious and mysterious, beautiful and mystical, causing admiration and attracting attention - all of this fully relates to the purple color. Do not wear bright lemon or black clothes with purple clothes. They will contrast too much with each other, and the black color will make purple too gloomy. The only exception is a small amount of it as an accessory.

To create a unique image, it is sometimes worth experimenting with purple clothes, choosing one of the appropriate colors for it. If you do not forget about the rule of three colors, then your image with a purple color will turn out just luxurious and will not leave any man indifferent.