What is the best thermal protection for hair?


Despite the fact that the thermal instruments used for styling from year to year are becoming increasingly difficult and, according to the manufacturers, it is safer, their frequent use damages even the strongest hair. Therefore, it is important to find the right, indelible thermal protection, both when curling and during regular blow-drying. How to do it? What is the difference between spray, foam and emulsion? And what is the best thermal protection?

Thermal protection for hair in an aerosol format

The group of sprays is perhaps the most extensive: the very first versions of thermal protective agents appeared in this form, and even manufacturers of the mass market category are represented in this form. It is believed that they are suitable for any type of hair, but hairdressers say it is not.

Thermal protection for aerosol

  • The composition of any thermal spray for hair is alcohol, which evaporates after spraying, but this does not exclude its effect. For this reason, aerosols are designed only for normal dense hair, as well as those that have a tendency to fat.
  • Usually the level of protection is medium and higher, additionally the product has easy or normal fixation. There are also combined options that not only protect the curls, but also extend the "term of their life."
  • The attractiveness of the spray in the ease of its use: it is quite difficult to overdo it, so not even a professional can handle the product.

Thermal protection for hair use

Any cosmetic brand has a tool in aerosol format, but who has managed to create the best thermal barrier for hair? Consumer reviews can help to find an attractive option in each of the categories - masses and prof.

Thermal protection for hair in an aerosol format

  • Elmira: After a long search, I came to CHI Iron Guard - the product responded to all my requirements: the hair with it is denser, more obedient, shines more, does not completely pollute. Aroma standard salon, disappears quickly. I use the iron daily, and I see that the condition of the hair does not deteriorate.
  • Valentine: I rarely use a hair dryer, I don’t touch the curling at all, so I didn’t want to buy expensive thermal protection: I had to choose in the middle price category. A friend advised for easy drying spray from Got2B. Of unambiguous advantages - a wonderful fruity aroma. Spray sprayed well, protects against the negative effects of the dryer. But it was enough to risk sprinkling dry hair and start curling it, as the strands acquired unpleasant stickiness. The verdict is only for wet hair, for blow-drying.

Protective creams

Various mousses and foams with care and protective properties can be assigned to this group. Such products mainly produce professional brands, and there are hardly a couple of positions in the mass market segment.

Thermal protection for hair in the form of a cream

  • Thermal protection in the form of a cream, depending on the composition, can be oriented both on fat-prone hair and on dry hair. Care must be taken with it, because it is easy to overdo and weight the curls, as well as to pollute them. At the same time, such a thermal protection does not exactly dry, because it does not contain alcohol.
  • Creamy thermal protection is better to distribute on wet hair, and if the spray could be sprayed on the entire length, the cream is better to lead from the tips up, without affecting the area at the roots (3-4 cm).

What preference?

  • Thermal protection with the effect of smoothing hair, under the iron, is in Matrix (Design Sleek, for fine hair) and in Kerastase (Nectar Termique), as well as in Kaaral (Dazzling).
  • Thermal protection in the cream for curling, which has the effect of fixing curls - in Cutrin, Gliss Kur, John Frieda.

As for consumer choice, everything is unequivocal here - among professional brands of universal love, Kerastase was honored, among the mass market products - Gliss Kur.

Thermal protection for hair in the form of a cream

  • Alyona: Girls who bleached their hair will understand how difficult it is to keep blond in an attractive way. I don’t skimp on leaving, and I also suffer from experiments. As a result, she acquired Kerastase and Bonacure in a single burst of thermal protection. Heaven and earth! And there, and there - prof, but how does the effect is different. Kerastase has a strong aroma, light in texture, does not stain hair, makes them supple and smooth. Bonacure does not cause any complaints in the process of use, but the very next day I go to wash my hair, although I usually do this no more than 2 times a week.
  • Daria: In everything related to care, I trust only professional brands. Therefore, she turned to them for thermal protection: she hit the bull's-eye right away, buying Matrix Iron Tamer - this is a novelty of my beloved brand. Lotion especially for thin hair - does not weigh down, but slightly smoothes. I distribute a drop in curls in dried form, after washing the head, waiting for them to dry completely and begin to pull the iron. The hair is slightly compacted, felt alive and smooth.

Emulsion Serum

The last form factor is emulsions, mostly of an oily nature. It is said that most often it is not thermal protection, namely, oil or thick serum for hair styling, which has a protective effect. Here, interestingly, professional and mass-market brands are on a par.

Thermal protection for hair in the form of an emulsion

  • Thermal protection-emulsion is shown thin, weakened hair, because it often has a large proportion of caring components that not only create a dense sheath, but also nourish the hair from the inside.
  • You can make an oil thermal protection for hair at home by simply resorting to any of the base oils: almond, avocado, peach. But Argan will work best.
  • The disadvantage of this thermal protection is the need to carefully dose the product, since it is very easy to overdo it: a drop is rubbed in the palms, after which they are passed through wet hair. On dry, you can handle only the tips and smooth the furrowed areas, barely touching them.

According to consumer reviews, thermal protection in the emulsion format is the most frequently purchased product, and here, often, there is no relationship between quality and cost.

  • Inna: Before drying the hair with a hair dryer, I always use Gliss Kur oil - a few drops a length up to the waist, and the curls are drawn out more easily, retain their luster, and the tips do not stick out in different directions. But I do not recommend using the method specified by the manufacturer (sprayed directly onto the hair) - there will be simply glued fatty sticks. With a reasonable application - perfect thermal protection for ridiculous money.
  • Yana: Indelible care picked up in addition to the main one, from the same brand, so L’Oreal liss ultime protection settled on the shelf. The gel-like consistency, greasy, up to the length of the blades is enough 2 drops, pounded in the palms. You can use on dry hair, but very carefully, and be sure to give 3-5 minutes. soak up With the efforts of this product, with frequent curls, I cut off the tips only once every six months, not every month, as before.

And yet, what is the best thermal protection for hair? Selected individually for your requirements and source data. Remember that very thin and weak hair needs the same light texture, without additional high fixation, and girls with thick and dense should look at mousses, creams, etc. At the same time, panthenol and vitamins should be present in good thermal protection. But the maximum effect can be obtained only in the case when the masks, balsams and conditioners selected for hair care, also have the function of protection.