What is plazmolifting face and hair


Cosmetology is developing day after day, and new procedures do not get tired to appear, surprising even the most sophisticated clients. In the section of autologous procedures, a new version has appeared - plasma lifting. What it is? Why is it recommended to fight wrinkles and even hair loss? What materials are used, and how does the effect appear? What do doctors and patients say about plasma lifting?

What is a plasma lifting?

What is a plasma lifting?

The essence of the plasmolifting is a kind of return of the youth of the skin due to its toning. In this case, there is no any surgical intervention: only the introduction of blood plasma taken from the patient into certain areas, where the new synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid occurs. Due to the fact that usually no other chemicals are added to the plasma, the procedure is similar to self-positioning - the result depends only on the body’s own capabilities, and it will not be possible to redraw what nature has laid. But the plasma-lifting procedure is one of the safest, compared to any other - with Botox and other injections.

Why does the technique work (should it work)?

  • Blood plasma is a kind of “backup memory” in which the elements necessary for the body are stored in their original state. With an increase in the concentration of platelets, the same elements are synthesized in larger quantities, which leads to the elimination of certain cells from the "sleep mode". Thus, there is a decrease in the rates of aging, as well as the reversal of some age-related processes, which affects the appearance of the skin and / or hair. When these properties of blood were discovered, they were actively used when working with implants, and later it came to dentistry, cosmetology and trichology.

As for the procedure itself, the pain from it is minimal and is usually leveled through the use of local anesthesia, although the preparatory stage can be unpleasant.

Plazmolifting faces

  1. The patient takes blood from a vein, in quantities less than for routine analysis. Then, by working with special devices, it is divided into fractions, from which the plasma is selected, which is necessary in the further procedure.
  2. Before plasmolifting, the zones to be injected are treated with painkillers: application in the form of a gel or spray. Usually the key ingredient for them is lidoxor. For this reason, the risk of an allergic reaction to the components of the anesthetic is reduced.
  3. The patient is injected separated plasma, while it can be placed both under the skin and inside its layers: depends on the specific problem and area. Immediately after this, the appearance of hematomas and edemas is possible, which can disappear within 24-48 hours, without requiring any intervention.

At the same time, before you are in the chair beautician, you should prepare for the procedure.

  • A few days before the visit to the master, it is desirable to change the diet: temporarily forget about food that increases cholesterol levels, as well as glucose. Remove alcohol and nicotine. Observe drinking mode through an increase in the proportion of pure water. You need to go to the procedure without having breakfast.
  • After a plasmolifting session is held, makeup products cannot be used for 24 hours, and chemical care products are undesirable. Within 4-5 days you should not steam out the skin, as well as take long water treatments.
  • Areas that have been affected, must be protected from direct sunlight during the week, as is the case with photo epilation.

The effect of plasmolifting usually appears gradually, by 2-3 days, and is prolonged. The course, depending on the complexity of the problem, lasts from 2 to 5 procedures, but can be extended upon the recommendation of a doctor. A break after them is done for 2-3 years, but it can be longer if the skin does not need to actively maintain its condition.

Plasmolifting for hair - fight against loss is completed?

Plasma lifting for hair

As already mentioned, the technique has found application not only in cosmetology, but also in trichology, where plasma-lifting has been actively used for patients with baldness (full or partial). To this end, it is used so far, since the introduction of blood plasma into the scalp in the best way awakens dormant follicles and eliminates disturbances in the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which restores the condition of existing hair, affecting their structure.

It is important to understand that plasma lifting does not always solve internal problems that contributed to dysplasia or complete hair loss, so it often becomes only a part of general therapy, and not the only way to recovery. This is proved by the numerous comments of patients.

  • Nellie: “I took care of my hair since adolescence — I didn’t dye, I didn’t burn with curls, I used vitamins and fats. to the floor of the apartment, hairbrushes, clothes. It seemed to me that a little more, and it would be possible to rub my baldness with a cloth to shine - no natural recipes helped. The visit to the trichologist was what sent me to the plasma lifting. about this procedure. All was not so bad: with a needle like for mesotherapy, plasma was injected into the scalp for 25-30 minutes, but there was no soreness - just a slight tingling sensation. I underwent 5 procedures, and after the 2nd, I realized that I was on a pillow hair remains less. The full course stopped falling, it remains to wait until the new penetrating fluff turns into full-length long curls. "

Plazmolifting: the opinion of professionals and consumers

With regard to reviews of plasma lifting for the face and hair from doctors, there is a general positive trend. After a series of scientific studies, the technique has proven itself as the most gentle and having the least side effects. Among the arguments for plasma-lifting experts are:

  • Lack of exposure to hormones, due to the non-use of any chemicals other than native plasma;
  • Lack of "mirror effect": if you do not go through a new course, the cells will simply gradually return to the same state from which they were initially repelled - their condition will not deteriorate;
  • The risk of infection and the appearance of an allergic reaction is reduced as much as possible.

Even the fact that doctors allow people over the age of 14 to use this technique is safe about plasma-lifting. even in adolescence. True, it is not the anti-aging effect that is pursued: most often in adolescents, plasma-lifting is used to combat hair loss caused by internal disruptions.

At the same time, of course, one cannot forget that the safety of the procedure directly depends on the institution in which it is carried out and the qualifications of the master itself. Therefore, all the points overhauled above are relevant only for a competent specialist, whose choice is recommended after careful study of reviews of acquaintances and friends.

  • Galina: “The procedure is excellent! I am engaged in an“ eternal ”struggle with crow's feet at the corners of my eyes, and after a huge amount of folk remedies I decided to resort to cosmetology. Chemical injections are scary, but using my own plasma is not so dangerous. The promised pain was not at all - of course, it was unpleasant when the needle pierced the skin, but it did not take painkillers. Passed 3 procedures, this was enough for the eyes. A year has passed since the visit to the beautician, the effect is still holding, I wonder how long it will be enough. "

The photos before and after the plasma-lifting on the review sites leave no doubt: the procedure is really effective, and, judging by the enthusiastic comments, is safe. Even where women claimed that they did not notice any special effect, they noted the absence of side effects. Perhaps it’s true that the future of female beauty is following a similar trend in cosmetology?