What is permanent makeup

Tattooing, intradermal tattooing, micropigmentation or dermopigmentation - all these are synonymous with permanent makeup, which has become widely known and is available today in many cities of our country. He is no longer a forced measure of athletes, girls with allergies to color cosmetics and forever busy careerists.

Tatuazh became popular among those who just want to look at full parade 24 hours a day, sleep in the morning for half an hour longer and, waking up, find yourself well-groomed beauty. But before you run to the nearest beauty salon, read the article: it is possible that someone will decide to wait, change his mind, or even go to another city to receive a trusted professional with an unblemished reputation.

Permanent Makeup Wizard

Let's start with the wizard. Indeed, it makes sense to ask those who are already familiar with the procedure of permanent makeup, their feedback and impressions of the work of specific masters. After all, the real master of this, we are not afraid of this word, of art, must be an experienced doctor and a real artist, at least in the field of drawing arrows, a contour and in the selection of colors for each particular person.

Also not bad find a common language with a specialist: beauty is done for years, and even if in its ideal form you are not sure, wait a little with the decision. You can contact your stylist for advice and continue the procedure using his template. Or if you like your choice more, you have the right to insist on your own - “wearing” this beauty will take more than one day.

Then, with a passion, we find out from our guru about anesthesia, allergic reactions, and in general the consequences that may occur. As they say, informed - it means armed! It would also be nice to ask what means you will need to use after the procedure, and purchase them in advance, because after micropigmentation it will be better to go home immediately and certainly not by public transport.

How is permanent makeup done?

So, when the color and shape are selected, go to the "process"! Since it is called “intradermal tattooing”, it is clear that something will be implanted directly into our skin. "Something" is special coloring pigment based on glycerin, which is very different in composition from the paint for ordinary tattoos. It is harmless to the body and is gradually processed and excreted by the cells of the epidermis.

Keep in mind, the author and leader in the production of modern pigment based on glycerin - the United States. Special equipment is inked for the development and quality of which is in response to Taiwan. It is in this country that permament devices are regularly updated. As a matter of fact, a tattoo is numerous punctures with a needle (only a new one-time!) To a depth of 0.5-1 mm, the procedure is not painless. There are two types of anesthesia: conductive and local. It will be useful to recall and inform the master about a possible allergy to any painkillers.

Eyebrow tattoo

Finally, you can proceed to drawing, which can take from 20 minutes to 3 hours. Permanent eyebrow involves the correction of the shape of the method of "feathering" and the effect of thicker eyebrows by drawing small lines in the direction of hair growth, as well as disguise scars or scars - in principle, as with ordinary makeup, just another tool and for a long time. The procedure itself takes 30 minutes - 2 hours. Immediately after it is difficult to assess the result: the eyebrows swell and turn red, but after a couple of days it will pass and a new stage of healing will begin - crusts that cannot be peeled, scratched or steamed will begin to form. You will only need to lubricate them with a special ointment, and wait for the result, which occurs on average in 1-2 weeks. Read more about this in the article Permanent eyebrow makeup.

Permanent makeup century

Eyelid tattoo lasts from 20 minutes to 1 hour. You can choose the "fox" arrows and thus correct the shape of the eye or the effect of thick eyelashes. This is perhaps the most useful procedure for those who spend time on the daily "drawing eyes." The healing process will take less than a week.

Lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup requires special training: a preventive course against herpes is needed, since, according to doctors, the probability of its occurrence is the same for everyone - 80%, even if you have never had it. Lip tattoo helps to increase their volume, and it will look quite natural.

The method "contour + feathering" implies a contour close to the natural color, which blend to a natural shade. You can completely change the color of the lips, but remember that it will be on you day and night, so the color is better to choose as for day makeup, and for the evening - tint as usual.

Among permanent advantages of lip permanent not only the visual increase in volume, but also the concealment of serious defects, for example, post-traumatic or congenital; salvation from asymmetry, as well as improvement in shape and color. The duration of the procedure is from 40 minutes to 3 hours. Immediately after the procedure and for the next few days, the lips will show edema and redness, their color will be very bright. Over the next week, the skin on the lips will peel off and the color will become uneven, after which it will almost disappear due to the appearance of a secondary film, which will disappear in two weeks.

Here is a transformation from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly - for 2-3 weeks. It is important to remember about proper skin care after tattooing.: regularly lubricate it with ointment during the day (the more often, the better!); for the period of healing to abandon the sauna, steaming (even hot drinks with tattoo lips), sunbathing in the sun and in the solarium; avoid dirt and dust, and also forget about peeling for a while.

You should not do permanent makeup on the eve and during menstruation. We do not drink coffee, alcohol and blood thinning drugs.

If you believe reviews, tattooing is very popular among women, and many do it regularly. The operation is well tolerated and no health complications occur.

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