What is parabens


Beauty and health go hand in hand. Therefore, the majority of women in our time, choosing cosmetics, pay attention primarily to the naturalness of its ingredients. But, unfortunately, in the production of cosmetics can not do without some synthetic substances, for example, preservatives.

The most popular preservatives to date can certainly be calledparabens. It is not surprising that most consumers of products containing these substances are concerned the question of their safety for health.

What are parabens? Parabens in cosmetics

Parabens: what is it?

Parabens are chemicals., possessing pronounced antiseptic effect. They easily suppress the reproduction of bacteria, the development of fungi and mold. Because of this, they are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as preservatives.

The use of parabens can significantly extend the shelf life.food products, medicines and cosmetics. Such popularity of these substances are due to high performance and low cost. Initially, parabens were found in plants such as blueberries and lingonberry Now they are successfully synthesized on an industrial scale.

Repeatedly there was a question about the effects of paraben on human health. Studies have shown that parabens, entering the human body, mimic the female sex hormone - estrogen. In this regard, scientists have concerns that chemicals may provoke diseases of the reproductive system in men and hormone-dependent breast cancer in women.

What are parabens? Parabens in cosmetics

Attempts have been repeatedly made to confirm or refute these assumptions in the laboratory. Animal studies have indeed shown some effect of parabens on the production of sperm in experimental animals. Especially harmful werepropylparaben and butylparaben. But this is not evidence of the similar effect of these preservatives on humans.

The effect of parabens on breast cancer development, undoubtedly worries all women. But there is no reliable scientific evidence. The fears of scientists were based on the analysis of breast tissue, the affected tumor, in which there was a high concentration of parabens. But healthy breast tissue was not examined for comparison. So, it is impossible to confidently assert the relationship between preservative and the development of cancer.

Researchers claim that harm human health can only products containing large amounts of parabens. Therefore, in most countries, standards have been developed for the use of this preservative, its permissible doses have been determined.

Parabens in cosmetics

Scientists are trying to clarify and such an important issue as the ability of parabens to penetrate deeply through the cellular layer of the skin. This is quite important, since the use of a preservative in cosmetics that are washed away with water, in the case of a negative study, would be completely safe.

Parabens in cosmetics

Parabensare part of the vast majority of cosmetics: creams, lotions, shampoos, shower gels. From the manufacturers side, this is a necessary step aimed at increasing the shelf life of products. If you want to categorically exclude contact with this preservative, pay attention to the composition of cosmetic products that you use.

On the packaging of products with parabens can be indicated such substances., like methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, propyl paraben, butyl paraben - all of these are paraben types.

Deodorants and paraben free cream

Currently, many manufacturers of cosmetics used in the manufacture of their products food preservatives, considered safer. Such cosmetics have long occupied an honorable place on the shelves of environmentally friendly cosmetics stores.

Here is a brief list of the most popular paraben-free deodorants:

  • Crystal Body Deodorant Stick
  • Thai Deodorant Stone Pure and Natural

Deodorants and paraben free cream

  • Lafe's Stick with Aloe Vera
  • DEONAT Deodorant Crystal
  • Tawas crystal deodorant
  • Crystal Freshness Alunite
  • Lavanila - The Healthy Deodorant
  • Lavera Roller Deodorant Wild Rose
  • Sanoflore antiperspirant deodorant without alcohol and aluminum salts

Paraben-free creams are made by companies using natural ingredients.. It is biokrem based on plant extracts of medicinal herbs, but their shelf life is usually lower.

Shampoos without parabens and sulphates

Many cosmetic companies, taking into account the wishes of their consumers, produce paraben-free hair care lines. Usually on such products there is a special marking - "without parabens".

Also appear shampoos for hair, which, along with parabens, no sulfates. Sulfates are petroleum products that are added to detergents to enhance foaming. Although their negative effects on human health are also not fully understood, scientists suggest that it may significantly exceed the effects of parabens.

Shampoos without parabens and sulphates

Many brands, refusing sulphates and parabens, put on the shampoos sign "without sls" and "parabenfree", for example, Japanese shampoos Herb Blend and Street Tonic, which can be ordered online. But remember that in cosmetics it is very difficult to understand what components in reality are part of a product.

On the composition of cosmetics, see the article Harmful substances in cosmetics.

Indisputable the choice of cosmetics, as well as the choice of food, you must be very careful, calmly assessing the pros and cons. If you absolutely do not accept "chemistry" in personal care products, stop choosing popular recipes. Only this guarantees you exceptional environmental friendliness and natural ingredients.