What is it - lamination hair

Lush, beautiful hair - the dream of every woman. You can give your hair a lively shine and an impressive amount with the help of a cosmetic lamination procedure. Not everyone has the opportunity to visit beauty salons. But it is easy to learn how to make lamination at home, and then to realize their knowledge in practice.

Hair lamination: what is it?

low-quality dyes, thermal curling or systematic blow-drying your hair

If due to poor quality dyes, thermal curling or systematic blow-drying, your hair has become dull and lifeless, lamination is exactly what you need. Lamination is the coating of hair with a resistant transparent or tint composition that does not contain harmful substances (acids and oxidizing agents).

The secrets of hairdressing

It is quite possible to carry out the procedure as good as any master - only you need to take into account several aspects. There are 2 ways to cover a head of hair with this composition:

  1. Professional (using a ready-made lamination kit).
  2. Gelatin (using available tools).

The professional way is no different from the service that is provided in special institutions. Let's start with the purchase of a ready set for lamination. Next, select the type of procedure:

  • colorless;
  • tint.

With the shading version, you should pay attention to whether the color of the dye in the set suits you, so that the result does not turn out to be a sad surprise. Lamination kit consists of:

When tinting option, you should pay attention to whether you are satisfied with the color of the dye

  • means for thorough cleansing hair;
  • masks;
  • lamination mixture;
  • tint dye.

If you want to perform the procedure qualitatively and do not harm your already weakened strands, do not disturb the sequence of the application of the composition:

  1. Rinse the hair with a cleansing agent that allows you to remove residual varnishes, mousses, silicone.
  2. Apply dye (if desired, give your hair a certain shade).
  3. Make a healing mask containing moisturizing, nourishing essential oils and vitamins.
  4. Cover the hair directly with the lamination mixture and wait for about 35 seconds.
  5. Wash off with water after 30 minutes without shampoo and dry the hair.

In the instructions for the various kits may be provided some variations of this plan.

Preparation means for lamination of hair at home

It is possible to make a means for lamination by yourself

It is possible to make a means for lamination on their own.

You will need:

  • food gelatin;
  • nourishing balm mask;
  • cellophane film;
  • water.

For loops with a length of 25-30 cm, such proportions are suitable: 3-4 tablespoons of dry gelatin diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

  1. Half an hour after the preparation of the “drug”, apply a swollen gelatin composition to clean, greased with balsam hair. Gelatin mixture should cover the entire length of the hair, except for the root zone.
  2. Wrap your head with plastic wrap, and fix a towel at the top.
  3. After a quarter of an hour, rinse the hair with warm water and dry.

For loops with a length of 25-30 cm, such proportions are suitable: 3-4 tablespoons of dry gelatin

The effect of the procedure is greatly enhanced by using the ironing. In the gelatin mixture, it is not bad to add any useful fillers at your discretion, for example:

  • egg yolk;
  • essential oils;
  • decoctions of medicinal plants.

Such "creative notes" in the composition will help not only to achieve short-term brilliance, but at the same time approach the lost natural beauty.

Lamination of hair at home: reviews

Opinion of those who tried to laminate hair at home, divided

The opinion of those who tried to laminate hair at home, divided. Some in the reviews complain that, having completed all the recommendations for home lamination, they did not see the result. Perhaps they forget that the appearance of shine and volume increase depends on the type of hair and the correct sequence of actions during the procedure. If you have heavy hair or you rush to wash the mixture, the result will be less noticeable. When gelatin lamination is the main condition is the correct preparation of the "active substance" and scrupulous wrapping of hair with a film in order to avoid contact of the mixture with air. Otherwise, the mixture will dry out and you will not be able to comb. Careful observance of the instructions will give you a smooth, fluffy, sparkling hair for the whole 2 weeks - confirm the reviews of women optimists. Just do not forget about the golden middle: too frequent repetition of the procedure will lead to overload and fragility of the hair.

As you can see, it is not necessary to contact the master hairdressers, if there is an understanding of how to laminate hair at home. Even without a professional set for lamination, with the help of available tools known to every hostess, you can make your hair bright and luxurious. Create a beauty salon at home - and just be irresistible!

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