What hand is the watch wearing?

Wristwatches in the age of having the function of displaying time on various gadgets are no longer a necessary thing. But they turned into an accessory, which almost every woman of fashion has, as well as an element of the image of a business person. This raises a lot of questions: how to wear a watch, and how to choose them.

How to choose the right watch?

What hand is the watch on?

Before deciding on which hand to wear a watch, it is important to choose the most comfortable model for you. And it will not depend on its cost, although everyone understands that for a cheap price to buy a quality item today is very, very difficult. What to pay attention to and how to determine whether it will be comfortable to use a specific instance of a wristwatch?

The main parameter that should be immediately determined is the type of clockwork. At the moment there are 2 options: mechanical and quartz. The latter appeared not so long ago and is characterized by the presence of a battery, which over time has to be changed. At such hours the degree of inaccuracy is minimal, and also there is no need to let them down. And, from the point of view of technology, this is the most advanced mechanism, however, it is not suitable for everyone because of its “heartlessness”.

The expensive models produced by the oldest watch houses are mechanical, precisely because of the presence of "life" in them. The mechanics are the gears, the possible inaccuracy of the course within 4-40 seconds per day, as well as the need for approach. There are also models with the possibility of automatic liner, carried out when the clock is worn for 8-10 hours daily.

The next parameter is what the body of the product is made of. Material again 2: plastic or steel. There is no doubt that plastic is the lightest in terms of weight and also affordable. In addition, it allows you to create a lot of colors that creative people will appreciate. The key drawback of plastic, of course, is its fragility: you can break the case with any careless blow, which will lead to the need to buy a new watch. The situation is different with metal. By this means both precious rocks and more familiar options: from stainless steel to gold and palladium. How to decide between them?

The ceramic body is heavy, but hypoallergenic and durable; The titanium alloy is much lighter in weight, is also hypoallergenic, but is quite easy to scratch, and there are also difficulties with removing the titanium cover. Stainless steel is considered the most optimal choice between price and quality, but also has considerable weight, and also requires frequent polishing of scratches. Brass oxidizes rapidly, but is almost not damaged; alla (aluminum and zinc) with low weight and low price has many drawbacks in the form of fragility and instability to scratches.

Precious metals are chosen to emphasize their status, while silver is prone to oxidation, and scratches easily form on the case. But the main thing that should be remembered: unlike the mechanism, the body can not be changed. Therefore, when it breaks, the question arises of buying a new watch, not a repair.

Covering the watch is also considered an important point: besides the fact that it protects the case from external factors, in the presence of non-hypoallergenic metals it will protect the watch owner’s skin from allergic reactions. In addition, there is often a decorative function, such as the gold plating. The most commonly used combination of nickel plating (intermediate layer) and ceramic or titanium.

In cheaper models, nickel is replaced by chromium, and respectable products are covered with gold. For this, they can use up to 3 methods, the essence of which is that when searching for the most wear-resistant case, it is worth looking for models with the IPG marking. PVD and electroplating do not provide such good protection.

The last parameter to which attention should be paid is protective glass. Plastic is characteristic of sports models, short-lived and not resistant to damage. Mineral is easy to beat and scratch, and also quickly becomes dull (becomes cloudy), therefore, requires a protective coating. Sapphire is the most expensive and certainly the most durable. However, this is only a scratch: break such a glass of labor will not make. In modern models of mid-range watches, there is a combination (sapphire and mineral) glass that combines the positive sides of all its components.

How to wear a watch: rules

What hand is the watch on?

  • In the technical specifications, everything that was not listed above refers to additional nuances, which are selected according to the individual desires of each. But this does not remove other issues. For example, how to wear a watch? Is there a need to match them to their own image and style, to decide on which hand to wear, to change the straps or other details? How to make a wristwatch a stylish accessory?
  • The only recommendation that fashion experts give is to match the size of the watch to the size of the hand and wrist. However, she cannot be considered an axiom: even on a fragile girl with thin wrists, a massive, large watch can be harmoniously entered. As well as not always on wide brushes graceful specimens will be lost. How the strap or bracelet will look at the product, too, by and large, it does not matter.
  • Today, at the peak of popularity was the watch model of the Moschino brand, in which the leather strap is covered with a silk scarf. The basis can be removed, and simply tie a wrist with a handkerchief in several rows. By analogy with this experiment, many girls began to add a handkerchief to their watch models, unrelated to Moschino.
  • How compatible is this idea with everyday images? It is possible to enter such accessory to any casual look - from jeans and a blouse to a dress; In addition, it is very convenient to change the scarves constantly, selecting them in shade and pattern to the clothing material. The only thing that with a sports style this trend goes almost counter to.
  • What hand is the watch on? There is no clear answer to this question. For someone it is most convenient to put them on the working hand, and for someone, like bracelets, it is better to move the watch to the hand that is always free. The same applies to the position of the dial: on the outside or inside of the wrist. In most situations, the choice depends only on personal preferences.
  • Professionals, on the other hand, recommend focusing on the hand on which bracelets and other jewelry are worn: after all, even the most elegant and delicate watches will be felt, and therefore can interfere with the usual actions, up to the usual arrangement of brushes on the table surface. Psychologists believe that there is a relationship between what hand a person has on his watch and his character, and, in their opinion, people who are purposeful, who are in love with their work and set big goals, wear watches on their hands.

What watches do celebrities wear?

If a girl chooses a watch for herself as a fashion accessory, she often focuses on someone else's example, which is easiest to take from domestic and foreign stars. They know exactly what to wear, how and why.

What hand is the watch on?

Contrary to the assumption that all women choose elegant models with a woven strap and small dial, public figures prove the opposite. For example, in Rihanna, you can see a Swiss mechanical watch with a large dial made of precious metals (including a bracelet). No less massive and the same gilded with Victoria Beckham, a famous fashionista, whose style is admired by many girls. Jennifer Aniston is not far behind her "colleagues", whose choice in the wristwatch issue is similar to Rihanna's choice: simple, a little bit like a man, but very expensive, because Rolex. and Ksenia Sobchak.

What hand is the watch on?

But not all Hollywood divas have changed their feminine pieces: Angelina Jolie appreciates the fashionable Chanel House, which is confirmed by the neat wrist watches, made in black, on a silver-black bracelet, with a long rectangular dial having angled corners. In elegance, neither with this model, nor with Angelina herself do not compete. Elegant model with a hexagon dial from TAGHeuer is loved by Maria Sharapova, and Natasha Alam prefers a silver watch with a chronograph and a scattering of Swarovski crystals around the circle.

What hand is the watch on?

To date, there is no single general trend in the selection of watches and the way they are worn. And it is unlikely that it will appear: this accessory often expresses the individuality of the wearer and therefore is not very susceptible to fashion trends. If it is harmoniously inscribed in the overall image, the issue of hitting the shape of the dial or the strap material in trends will not play a role.


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