What hair balm is better


Very often there is not enough shampoo for washing the head. Shampoo is intended only for cleansing hair. There are shampoos that combine in themselves even conditioner or rinse, or even a balm. The effect of such a shampoo will be, but still it is better to use separate hair care products rather than products in one.

Balsams for hair are widely known. They have a complex effect on our hair. This moisturizing, nutrition and hair treatment. Various oils, plant extracts, proteins (proteins of silk, milk of wheat), mineral substances (clay, salt) are introduced into the composition of hair balms. Balm is applied after washing the hair, to restore the structure of the hair. Its components penetrate under the hair scales and smooth them, nourish the hair shaft. Shine appears, brittle hair is reduced. They become soft and supple. It is better to use balms without combining a rinse or conditioner. Express balms contain low concentrations of beneficial substances.

Balsams in their pure form restore the destroyed structure of the hair better, treat the hair roots and scalp. They are applied not only hair, but also on the scalp. Holding for the recommended time from five minutes to half an hour. Hair balms can also stimulate hair growth.

But there are so many hair balsams on the market for products from different companies that we are losing and do not know which one to choose, which one is better. As already noted, it is better to choose only the balm, without adding a rinser or conditioner. Initially, the balm guarantees to make the hair smooth, which will be easy to comb and will not electrify. But many manufacturers write on balms also those properties which the conditioner or a conditioner possesses.

Recommendations for choosing hair balm

  1. Hair Balm should not: combine the properties of other hair care products (conditioner, rinse or shampoo), irritate the scalp, make hair heavier, be too liquid consistency.
  2. Hair balm should: contain natural ingredients, have a preventive and curative effect, be easily and evenly applied to wet hair, do not drain through the hair, have a neutral perfume, do not dry out over the shelf life, be economical.

These are the requirements for purchased balms. But we all know that what is made from natural products is most useful. Therefore, if you have free time and desire to transform, you can make a hair balm yourself at home.

Hair balms at home

For dry, damaged hair use sour cream, kefir, egg yolks.

Prepare balms for dry hair

  • A tablespoon of castor oil mixed with five spoons of peach oil. Add thirty drops of natural lemon juice.
  • Mix in equal quantities leaves of birch, nettle, nasturtiums, chamomile flowers and white clover, St. John's wort. One tablespoon of this mixture requires one hundred milliliters of lemon juice and the same amount of any vegetable oil. Maintain this mixture in a dark place during the week. After that, you can use the resulting balm.
  • Husk of onion pour vodka. Add a pinch of clove powder. Insist on for two weeks. (Blonde hair can become golden-reddish after use).

We prepare balms for normal hair

  • On normal hair, you can apply kefir. After a few minutes, rinse.
  • Decoction of chamomile to insist for an hour. Add a couple of spoons of honey.
  • Mix in equal parts the pulp of an apple and a banana. Pour over orange juice. Add cumin.

Preparing balms for oily hair

Before shampooing, kefir is applied to the hair.

For oily hair, it is mainly used for rinsing. It is useful to rinse the hair with fir oil divorced in alcohol (2: 1). You can rub aloe leaf juice into the scalp. This procedure will reduce the fatness. Either two tablespoons of burdock root pour a glass of boiling water, boil for ten minutes, cool, drain and rinse the hair.

You can buy hair balm in the store: now you know how to choose it correctly - and use it after each shampooing. From time to time prepare the balms yourself and use them instead of the purchased ones.

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