What does tattoo wings on the back of a girl


On any detail of the external appearance of a person, you can tell a lot about his nature, especially if this detail was selected with internal overtones, as is often the case with tattoos. According to their location, styling and the image itself, it is easy to identify the key features and desires of its owner. What will tell the wings stuffed on the back in girls or boys?

What does a wing tattoo on the back mean?

What does a wing tattoo on the back mean?

The interpretation of a packed picture often depends on a large number of factors. In particular, if we talk about wings, then even angelic, with lush plumage, can be both a symbol of the purity of their owner, and a desire to show themselves above others, because for the same pattern there are several different styles of performance that affect its perception.

  • Regardless of how the wings look, most often they are the personification of freedom, both received and desired. They can also say that human laws and norms have no power over a person: he is not subject to prejudices, doubts, empty speculation. Here is a direct parallel with the fact that only higher (different from most) creatures have wings, and therefore their carrier rises a notch above those around them and the bustle of this world.

Often, the exact interpretation of a particular version of the drawing depends on its smallest details and even the place to which a person belongs, his social level and role.

  • Big angel wings most often speak of the purity and high spirituality of their owner, the purity of his thoughts and sincerity of actions. Scorched at the ends, they become a reference to a fallen angel and can, between the lines, tell about a perfect sin that a person does not want to forget, considering the eternal memory and eternal torment as his atonement. However, the interpretation may be different: it is an indicator of frustration in the surrounding reality.
  • The presence of dark feathers on the same volumetric wings may indicate that in his striving for the purity of the soul and freedom from false values, a person still admits that he is not sinless.
  • Continuing the discussion on the religious meaning of tattoo wings, one cannot help but touch upon ancient Greek motifs: in this case, the image will be smaller, usually not even completely covering the shoulder blade. It may be a reference to Hermes, the god of wisdom, who had small wings on his sandals, allowing him to move in this way, or to the hero of the myths Daedalus, who was famous for having made wings in the desire to find freedom.

What does tattoo wings on the back of a girl?

In addition to religious motives, there is also a more mysterious side - these are creatures of other worlds, which are often called evil spirits, and mythical noble animals. For example, the dragon, which is a symbol of wisdom and greatness, power, wealth, immortality. Its wings are most often membranous, of small size, covered with dense scales.

  • In some subcultures, such a tattoo can have a fairly clear meaning. For example, ready black wings, mostly membranous, identical to bat wings, are a popular sign of belonging to this group. They have a direct connection with the power over the night and all hidden in darkness, danger, and other people's fears.
  • Interestingly, in places of deprivation of liberty, where tattoos were most often stuffed before, the wings on the back were a vivid symbol of the unquenchable desire to get free.
  • Light graceful butterfly wings, inherent in some of the Germanic and Scandinavian fairies, may indicate a certain ephemeral nature of their owner, her craving for a beautiful and kind, creative beginning, especially if the picture is made in color.
  • If the wings are similar in silhouette and plumage to birds, it is likely that the girl wants to talk about her love of freedom and independence, especially in the case of the small size of the picture. At the same time, the wings are often crowded in the opened form, demonstrating the desires of their owner to soar into the heavens from the gray routine that is choking her cell.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the wings of an angel on the girl's back, which is surrounded by a ribbon with the name or the name is directly on the wing - this is often a kind of talisman that demonstrates the presence of a guardian angel in someone's face. Some people make a similar tattoo with the desire to perpetuate the memory of a loved one after his death and always remain mentally with him: often in this case only one wing is stuffed.

How to choose a sketch?

First of all, decide on what you want to say to the world by making such a tattoo. Even though the back often remains a rather closed zone, which means that any “phrase” will remain secret until a certain point, you need to have confidence in these words and their full acceptance. After that, you should decide which stylistic direction is closer to you.

Tattooed wings on the back

  • Wings can look very natural, even moving if necessary. To do this, they are positioned from the shoulder, bringing the ends to the back surface of the forearm, and partially or completely covering the lower edge of the scapula. Thus, the wing joint, which "activates" the flight when moving by hand, falls on the shoulder fold. Most often, this option is chosen by men, because it looks best with bird wings, eagles, hawks, and talks about its intention to be a protector.
  • Girls often choose more elegant sketches, as well as more unusual ones: for example, they combine webbed wings with outgrowths and claws and airy dragonflies, weaving from them a bizarre picture, testifying to the unusualness of the decisions of the owner and the diversity of her nature.
  • If it is assumed that the wings grow from the shoulder blades, as it should be in the present, "physiological", this can be emphasized with bleeding scars, which formed at the site of the wounds when the wings "broke through", and with some muscle relief. Even more interesting is the addition of some object between them, which hides the point of "attachment", or a vertical label.

If you can not decide which sketch to choose, refer to this master, who is planning to do a tattoo. A qualified specialist, having received information about what value is embedded in the drawing, will be able to choose the correct visual embodiment of it.