What do tattoos mean


Modern tattoos can be considered a tribute to fashion, a way of self-expression, and even art. Undoubtedly, they are able to attract curious glances to their owner. Many images on the body are considered symbolic. Animals, plants and patterns carry hidden information. Therefore, before you make a tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with its value.

What tattoos mean: general information

In recent decades, tattoos are often associated with the prison subculture. From here and the far-fetched interpretation of some images. In fact, in order to understand the meaning of tattoos, you should know their history. At all times they were something sacred for man. In ancient times, permanent images on the body were made during various rituals.

They were also used by the first Christians who applied religious symbols. Tattoos valued warriors and knights. Later, under the pressure of the church, this symbolic art was banned. In the second half of the last century, a tattoo on the body meant only that the person was in prison. All images were considered extremely negative.

Over time, the situation has changed. Fashion for emphasized individuality has done its job. The value of the tattoo began to engage in psychology. So they analyzed the type of images from the point of view of the character of the person who put them on the body. So, if you understand what a tattoo means, you can look into the subconscious of its owner.

What do tattoos mean?

Images should be compared with the usual behavior of the person. So aggressive bloody tattoo on a modest person can talk about trying to compensate for lack of looseness. In some cases, they symbolize hidden desires of destruction and an attempt to make themselves more protected. If there are different-style drawings on the body (for example, a fantasy monster and a classic image), then perhaps a person has a duality of character. He loves making impossible plans and rarely achieves something when faced with difficulties.

It is important in tattoos and color. He also carries the meaning and reveals the nature of man.

  • Red refers to blood moving through our arteries. He talks about emotionality and inner strength. It is believed that the tattoo, made mostly in red, should not be shown off. It can provoke aggression and increase nervous tension.
  • Green symbolizes fertility. It can mean power and the fact that a person considers himself a support for someone. Green is considered to be a fairly neutral color for a tattoo.
  • Blue - the color of nobility, reliability, inner peace. Also neutral.

Before you make a tattoo, it is worth considering its location. It is not a place hidden from the eyes, or, conversely, open. Tattoos on certain parts of the body are important. The images on the right hand symbolize firmness in decision making, inflexibility, purposefulness. The tattoo on the lower back says that its owner has a light character and gets along well with people. The image on the stomach symbolizes the desire for comfort and material well-being. Its owner knows exactly what he wants from life. That's where you should not do a tattoo, so it is on the foot, armpits, on the fingers. And it's not about their negative values. Simply, these places are considered unsuitable for a tattoo because of friction, contact with water and cosmetics.

The symbolic meaning of a star

What does a star tattoo mean?

  • You can select entire groups of images that have a hidden meaning in the form of a tattoo. The star in many cultures is considered to be a mystical symbol. Sometimes stars mean spiritual enlightenment. This tattoo is quite versatile. Can be used by men and women. It is believed that the tattoo in the form of a star means the luck of the person. Dr. values ​​are related to its image modes. The easiest way to decipher a single star than, for example, several small ones of the same type. The value depends on the number of vertices.
  • Hexagram is also called the Star of David. It carries a deep religious meaning. Star means divine power. Also in some other teachings, the six-pointed hexagram symbolizes the fusion of the spiritual and material in the world, harmony in life. This interpretation is found in tantrism.
  • The five-pointed star is also a very ancient symbol. It can mean the world harmony, the domination of the spiritual over the material, the interaction of the masculine and the feminine. In the inverted form (with 2 vertices at the top), it turns the seal of Satan.
  • With a star it is worth being cautious. In the post-Soviet space, it symbolizes involvement in the criminal world. Such tattoos were stuffed with criminal authorities in the area of ​​the knees and the clavicle.

Why stuff a tattoo wolf?

What does a wolf tattoo mean?

The meaning of a wolf tattoo in many aspects is related to the character of this animal. It is believed that he is loyal to the family, intelligent and has tremendous power. All these qualities are symbolically embedded in the image of a wolf on the body. Especially important is the pose of the animal and the action it performs.

A wolf howling at the moon symbolizes loneliness, an understanding of one’s own individuality. Running beast means purposefulness. Usually it is chosen by people with a strong character, loving adrenaline and speed. Bared ox means fearlessness. With such a tattoo you need to be cautious. Masters advise to do it only if it is a reflection of your character. Many girls do not recommend wolf stuffing. It is believed that they affect the fate of the owner negatively.

Scorpion tattoo: interpretation

Scorpio on the body can be interpreted completely differently. It all depends on what angle you look at it. This image was very common in the East and in Africa. In the European tradition, it is considered a symbol of danger and revenge. Differently refer to the image of scorpions in Asia. Many nations see him as a defender, a champion of truth. Scorpio can also symbolize wisdom.

This tattoo is suitable for people with strong character. By itself, it carries a powerful energy charge. Usually the image is chosen by people born under this zodiac sign. In this case, it can designate certain qualities of a character according to the horoscope. Among them are fearlessness, resilience.

A very different meaning carries the scorpion on the body of a military man. It is usually accepted in this way to show that the owner of the tattoo was in a war. Direct participation in hostilities means a raised sting.

What does a scorpion tattoo mean?

This tattoo is often done and the fair sex. Usually it is chosen by girls with character. It means sexuality, self-confidence.

There are many myths around tattoos. Therefore, after you have decided on the picture, its meaning, color and location, you should firmly grasp the importance of the upcoming action. The image on the body is a very serious thing. It is a continuation of you. So decide why you need a tattoo. It will be a tribute to fashion or expression of belief and character. Tattoo in the latter case should fully comply with them.

First you need to look for a good license salon. Only in this way can you be sure that you will not be deceived by injecting temporary ink under your skin. In addition, in serious establishments they relate to sterility in a special way. Tattooing is not cheap. Choose quality paint and craftsmen who have proven themselves. Do not save!

You can often hear that tattoos start to look worse with age due to sagging skin. It is necessary to learn that she will need constant care. A competent specialist will advise you before its implementation. He will advise a location that will not allow the image to change too much with time. In addition, the master will tell you how to make a correction. Your tattoo may look less attractive over time, only if you stop caring for it.

Any tattoo has its meaning. This is due to the fact that since ancient times, such images had a symbolic and mystical function. Therefore, before you come to the master, it is worth exploring the hidden meanings. When choosing a sketch, you need to remember that the tattoo must fit the character. Fearless personalities with strong energy fit a wolf or scorpion. People who are fond of esoteric - six-pointed star.