What colors does orange in clothes and interior match?


What associations do you have orange color? Maybe orange, sun, joy, happiness, positive? This color is loved by many of us, but in order to become an icon of style and get the title of a man with exquisite taste, one should harmoniously combine the shades of this palette. What colors does orange match? This will be discussed today.

Orange color in psychology

Orange color in psychology

I would like to immediately talk about what importance practicing psychologists give to orange color. It is to this shade of the palette, they are ambiguous. Orange is considered a sign of fire, a combination of bright red and dazzling yellow shades. Choleric people have this color obviously to their liking, they always perceive it enthusiastically and with great pleasure. But phlegmatic or melancholic such color is often annoying, because it causes negative emotions and anger.

In Buddhism, orange color means something sublime and even perfect. It is in the robes of this color that followers of this religion clothe. They associate an orange tint with lowland, naturalness and their spiritual state. Previously, this color characterized the lower strata of people practicing Buddhism. Today, Buddhism attaches great importance to this color. Orange is considered to be the right high color, indicating tranquility and consciousness.

As psychologists have noted, throughout life a person periodically changes his preferences and chooses absolutely opposite shades of color. If you notice that the orange color began to prevail in your life, then, most likely, this indicates a desire to stand out and decorate the gray habitual everyday life. Most often, orange is chosen by people who aspire to start a family, want comfort and warmth.

Often behind the orange color hiding vulnerable and refined natures who do not want to show their true feelings. Most often, orange is issued as a color of positive and success, which is actually not true. Generally speaking, orange shades personify fire, therefore they symbolize positive, brightness, saturation, individuality and cheerfulness.

What colors does orange match in clothes?

What colors does orange match in clothes?What colors does orange match in clothes?

Many women want to create their own unique image. Sometimes it is very difficult to harmoniously combine clothes of basic colors with bright accessories or individual items of clothing. One of these colors is orange. If you are able to harmoniously pick up your outfit, then believe me, you will not only arrest admiring glances of others, but also get well-deserved status as an icon of style or even a trendsetter.

To understand what colors the shades of the orange palette are combined in the wardrobe, one should go through a tried-and-tested way of fitting. You yourself will see what colors harmoniously look with orange shades.

If you have a tan skin with a bronze tint, then boldly put on orange dresses. It is better to refuse to owners of a whitish pale skin from things of such color. The most harmonious orange color looks with the following shades:

  • mint;
  • pale coral;
  • emerald;
  • white;
  • light gray;
  • blue;
  • black
  • pink;
  • dark purple;
  • mustard

Best of all elements of the wardrobe orange look in the spring and summer. You can choose blouses, tops, T-shirts, vests, light cardigans, shorts, breeches, pants, scarves, hats in such colors. Do not dress exclusively in orange clothes, be sure to focus on any one element of the wardrobe.

Recently on the world famous fashion catwalks beauties demonstrate elements of winter and autumn wardrobe, made in orange colors. Perfectly combines hats, gloves, scarves or stoles with a warm coat of dark colors. For any clothes you can pick up accessories bright orange color, for example, clutch, bracelet and strap.

Create a harmonious interior

What colors does orange match in the interior?What colors does orange match in the interior?

Modern designers are increasingly using orange items for interior decoration. However, they are not advised to completely arrange the room in such a bright shade. It is best to correctly and correctly place individual accents. In this case, orange shades will bring you joy, especially on an overcast day. An excess of orange can negatively affect the psycho-emotional state. So, what colors does orange match?

Orange color is not recommended to enter into the interior of rooms for recreation, as well as those premises that receive sunlight in sufficient quantities. This color scheme is perfect for the design of the kitchen interior, study or living room. Be sure to consider the fact that other shades of the palette along with orange fade, and the bright color of a juicy orange accentuates attention. This should not be forgotten when choosing a partner color.

Orange color in the interior is considered a touch of warmth and comfort. Its excess can provoke the appearance of bad mood and feelings of oppression. The colors of the orange palette should be shaded with cool hues, in particular, saturated blue, blue or dark purple.

You can combine a rich orange color with shades of the same palette, for example:

  • light tangerine;
  • peach;
  • pumpkin;
  • apricot;
  • copper, etc.

By the way, orange color visually reduces the distance. If you want to change the size of a rectangular or narrow room, try to paste over walls with wall-paper in such color scale. You will see that the room will become more comfortable and cozier. The combination of orange notes and rich greens looks very original and cheerful. Try to decorate a dark room in this style, for example, an office.

The futuristic style allows for a combination of rich orange and black. Best of all this color scheme will look in the kitchen. However, other interior styles do not accept such a tandem. It will look bleak and depressing.

If you want to add a touch of summer heat and positive mood in the bedroom, you can choose some accessories of orange color. For example, pillows and blankets of this color look very harmoniously on a white bed. You can decorate the wall with orange decorated element. If you have a partition for zoning a room, you can paint it in orange. It all depends entirely on your preferences.

Despite the fact that the orange color is considered a shade of joy and positive, its excess may adversely affect the psycho-emotional state of a person. If you skillfully and harmoniously combine orange color in clothes, interior and manicure, this testifies to your impeccable taste and style. Be happy!