What colors does blue match in clothes


Blue is an amazing color. There is an inexplicable attraction and mystery in it. It is the color of calm, confidence and goodness. As practice shows, many people like blue color. But in terms of compatibility, the blue color is not so simple. To pick up things of the right colors to a blue jacket, dress or trousers is quite difficult. However, those colors that look the best with blue, you should still know.

What can I wear with a blue jacket?

If you are planning to buy a blue jacket, but doubt it, because you can't even imagine what to wear it with, do not worry. There are many things you can combine with it. for example, with black and white.

  • Leather jacket smalt color will make a wonderful set with a black and blue dress, boots with rivets and a bag to match the boots. In such an ensemble you will look great, it will bring a little rock and roll into your image and mood. To work in such a dress, if there is a dress code, of course you will not go. This kit is more for a party.

What can I wear with a blue jacket?

  • But the jacket color ultramarine with black shorts and boats - a great option for the office. In this case, do not forget a very important thing: this trio must be accompanied by a white top.
  • If there is no dress code at work, try on a set made up of a blue blouse, white shorts and a blue jacket. Having appeared at work in such clothes, you, undoubtedly, will create a good mood around.

Blue jacket

  • Combination of blue and redcan often be seen in sets with a British theme. This is not at all surprising, because blue and red are the colors of the national flag of the United Kingdom. However, no one forbids you to comply with the British. Create a set of blue jacket, matching the color of ankle boots, cropped scarlet pants and a black cap. This bright, but organic combination will make you pay attention.

Blue color in clothes

  • In addition, you can shock the public by wearing a bright scarlet dress with a jacket of a dark blue shade. In addition to this tandem, take an ultramarine clutch. At first glance, the combination is useless, but the effect of such an outfit produces a powerful.
  • If shocking others is not your task, you want to look cute and radiate lightness, then your choice should stop at pink combination dress and denim jacket. Complete the outfit with shoes on a neat heel.

Blue denim jacket

  • The contrast color for blue, according to the color wheel, is Orange. Why don't you use this bold combination in your outfits. For example, the combination of a blue denim jacket with orange trousers or a blouse looks very impressive. Put on shorts, an orange T-shirt and a denim jacket, complementing the image with accessories of iridescent colors, and you can safely go for a walk. If it's cool outside, try dark jeans, an ultramarine jacket and an orange sweater.

Orange and blue in clothes

What colors in clothes match blue dress?

  • If you are going on vacation to the sea, then blue white striped dress, straw hat, whites Sandals and beach bag are perfect for your holiday. Such an ensemble looks stylish and fresh.
  • Shirt dress of blue denim will suit impudent girls. A great addition to this together will be brown bag and sandals of the same color. If you want to give your image a Hollywood chic, then a silk dress of blue color will suit you, which will gently encircle your figure. Complete the dress black shoes, black coat, hat-sleauch and lacquer handbag. In this outfit you will always be irresistible.
  • Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Paris, wearing a blue dress with pleating, knitted coat beige shade, original boots and black stockings. This set looks very graceful and just soaked with the rhythm of France.

Blue dress

  • Do not want to feel like a Frenchwoman, try on the image of an Englishwoman. One has only to wear a stylish blue cocktail dress with red ballet shoes. You will receive an interesting variation on the theme of the British flag and a beautiful and harmonious combination of colors.
  • A dark blue dress will look very feminine with cherry trench. To make the outfit look lighter, add light (champagne-colored) heels and a gold necklace to it. Now you are the embodiment of femininity and grace.
  • If you are going to some evening and want to feel like a goddess, a flowing blue dress will suit you, which should be supplemented with lacquered high-heeled shoes and with red sole and small clutch. Add bright makeup and a red necklace to your image - and you are irresistible.

What colors does blue match in clothes?

  • Blue goes well with yellow. This is a very bright and catchy duet. This outfit always carries a charge of positive and sunny mood.

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Judging by various polls about favorite colors in clothes, most people in our country prefer blue. Calm and bright at the same time, it influences the mood of a person, reminds us of the sea and the beautiful ultramarine sky and gives a feeling of freedom from all life's troubles and problems. What is the best way to apply this color in the interior, read the article What are the colors combined blue in the interior ?.