What colors are combined with green in clothes and interior

Green color has a wide range of shades and is endowed with some mystery. Psychologists believe that the symbiosis of blue and yellow colors personifies peace and tranquility. This shade reminds of something natural, pure, immaculate. Remember how in spring all the trees bloom and delight us with their bright green leaves. Recently, green has often been used not only in the wardrobe, but also for interior decoration.

About what colors are combined with green, we will tell you in detail in this article.

What colors do shades of green combine with?

What colors go with green?

Green color, as already mentioned, is represented by a wide range of colors. Shades range from light green to rich emerald green. If before women of fashion combined bright colors only in the basic elements of their wardrobe, today this color perfectly fits into the interior. Some lovers of bright colors make a manicure in this color range. To always look bright and show yourself as an icon of style, you need to know with what shades the right combination of green.

First of all it should be remembered that green is combined with two groups of tones:

  • chromatic;
  • achromatic.

By harmonizing achromatic tones include the following:

  • White - bright joy. It is perfectly combined in any elements of the wardrobe and interior, regardless of the shade of green.
  • Gray - an aristocratic combination. Classic inconspicuous gray becomes brighter and richer on a green background. Such an ensemble of shades will allow you to make your image bright and unforgettable.
  • Black - a spectacular combination. Best with the color of the raven wing to combine bright or pale shades of green. This option will be harmonious and win-win for everyday or evening decoration, and for the interior.

To chromatic tones, perfectly in harmony with the green color, include:

  • Brown - natural pristine. The combination of such colors is good for any elements. Looks like this ensemble is quite natural.
  • Orange and other shades of yellow are summer drops. Any shades of yellow perfectly complement the green. This combination is better to choose for the summer outfit. A colorful print will convey your originality, courage and uniqueness.
  • Beige - a classic of the genre. Ivory shades will look harmonious with rich emerald, marsh tones and khaki.
  • Blue and green of various shades - one color palette. Cold and warm shades of the same color range will perfectly complement each other, especially if the combination is made in the style of geometry.

Shades of green palette in clothes

What colors does green in clothing match?

Big women of fashion, leading fashion designers and designers have long practiced the green color in the creation of various elements of the wardrobe. Such a palette can be taken as the basis of the image or act as an additional accessory. Not all shades of green are harmoniously combined with other colors of the palette. To make the girl look graceful, stylish, fashionable and unique, you need to properly combine clothes and accessories. Let's try to figure it out and take note of the advice of famous designers.

It is best of all to choose a shade of warm or cold green color on the basis of its color type. Soft tones of warm shades are perfect for blondes and fair-skinned girls. They can safely dress in clothes of such tones as:

  • pistachio;
  • cabbage;
  • mint;
  • turquoise;
  • lime.

But the stylish older women who work in the office, often prefer the cold saturated colors, in particular:

What colors go with green?What colors go with green?

  • bottle;
  • emerald;
  • military;
  • khaki;
  • casual

To bring brightness and uniqueness to your image, you can combine various shades of a green palette with these colors:

  • white;
  • purple;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • yellow;
  • brown;
  • black
  • blue;
  • beige.

We make the interior in shades of green

What colors does green match in the interior?

Recently, designers have promoted an introduction to the interior of bright colors. One of them became green. As you know, psychologists consider green as a symbol of peace, tranquility, naturalness and natural purity. If you want to decorate the interior in your home in accordance with the design innovations, then you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules for combining various shades of green in the furniture elements and accessories.

In the green color it is customary to design bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. If you want to create comfort in your little kingdom, be sure to decorate the interior in a bedroom in green shades. You can choose any tone: from a light green shade to a rich swamp or emerald. In this case, you need to very carefully combine these shades and focus on some other color.

A bedroom made in double colors will look very harmonious. Take any shade of green palette as a basis, and prefer white, beige or brown as an additional color. In the green color in your bedroom can only be textiles, and the remaining elements of the interior should be made in a different color.

To decorate the living room is best to choose wooden furniture from natural wood, but in green you can make the finish of the sofa, chairs, curtains. This combination very well emphasizes the vintage style. To add warmth to the interior, you can add yellow shades, but only in the form of individual decorations and accessories. For example, in the yellow color you can choose lamps and sconces, as well as framing of paintings, panels and other decorative elements.

What colors go with green?

Kitchen green color with what colors?

If you decide to decorate the kitchen in green, then you should know that this palette of shade perfectly combines with gold, white, blue and brown. The soothing combination of blue, beige and green shades. To make your kitchen look harmonious and stylish, consider the following rules when decorating it in shades of green:

  • for a monochrome kitchen, choose at least 3 shades of green;
  • the ceiling should be the lightest, and the floor, on the contrary, excessively dark;
  • if the kitchen has bright walls, then the furniture elements should be lighter and vice versa;
  • only one shade can be dominant, the other tones should harmoniously complement the base;
  • green can be combined with bright coral or pink;
  • If you want to achieve a rich and bright color, then choose a glossy wall covering, ceiling and floor;
  • textiles: curtains, towels, napkins should be the brightest and richest element in the interior of the kitchen.

The kitchen, made in green of any shade, can be harmoniously combined with violet, red tones. Wonderful shades of green look wonderful. You can emphasize some elements of furniture by highlighting them in a darker color.

What color is combined with green curtains?

What color is combined with green curtains?

As you know, curtains are not only decoration of the room, but with their help you can protect the room from direct sunlight. Did you know that using portieres you can visually change the height of a room or its area?

Curtains and curtains of green color recently became rather actual and popular. If your room has low ceilings, then the curtains should be without lambrequins. For such rooms it is better to choose light fabrics of light green tones, which are slightly transparent. But for large spacious rooms, it is advisable to choose curtains of thick heavy fabrics. Best suited curtains are dark green, emerald green, bottle-colored.

The color of the curtains must fit harmoniously into the interior. If there are no green shades in the design of the room, then you can safely decorate the window with curtains in these tones and add some accessories in the same color scheme, such as a lamp, a bedspread or pillows.

Green curtains often hang in children's rooms, bedrooms and living rooms. American psychologists have concluded that it is this color that helps relax and, if necessary, concentrate.

What colors go with green?

Green color of any shades personifies calmness, tranquility, cheerfulness and purity. To use such a palette in the wardrobe and the interior should be extremely careful, since all shades should harmoniously complement each other. If you want to get the title of style icon, then feel free to combine the green colors, just do not forget about the generally accepted combinations. Listen to the opinion of experienced designers and fashion designers and try to bring bright colors and novelty into your life.

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