What color of hair will suit brown eyes


Many women love to change their image and start with hair coloring. It is very important to be able to choose the appropriate shade of paint, taking into account the color of eyes and skin tone. Well-chosen color will help make your image more harmonious and attractive. Let's see what hair color is best suited to representatives of brown eyes.

Many believe that girls who have brown eye color, it is desirable to use only dark tones when staining. In fact, not so simple. There is a rather large palette of shades that can enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes. The main condition - when choosing a paint be sure to consider the tone of your skin.

Brown eyes and fair skin: what tone for coloring to choose?

Brown eyes and fair skin: what tone for coloring to choose?

Brown-eyed women do not always have dark skin, sometimes their tone is light, for example, milky, beige or peach shades. What kind of hair color is best suited for hazel eyes and light skin?

This type of appearance fit light brown and cognac tones. Caramel hair color will also look great. The use of such shades will help to skillfully emphasize eye color and skin tone.

However, there are many nuances that are important to consider when working on creating your own image. For the purpose of the most successful choice of tone of paint, carefully study the shade of your brown eyes. For example, women endowed with brown eyes with a grayish tint are recommended to use as close to a natural tone as possible:

  • light brown;
  • dark blond;
  • chestnut.

A good idea in this case will be highlighting, only choose the color of the curls carefully: it should not contrast much with the main tone. Light-skinned women with dark brown eyes can safely use shades of black or dark brown for coloring.

The whole palette of colors of red color: from golden to copper-red, is perfect for light-skinned women with cognac, amber or greenish-brown eyes.

Brown eyes and fair skinBrown eyes and fair skin: what tone for coloring to choose?

But in the presence of freckles on the face to use these colors is undesirable - it will only worsen the appearance. There will be more successful blond or chestnut shades.

Caramel and amber colors can be considered the most harmonious option for dyeing fair-skinned owners of brown eyes with a nutty shade. But very rich or dark colors can make your eyes less expressive.

And, of course, women who have light brown eye color are most fortunate because they have the widest scope for choosing the color range when creating their image, since in their case there are practically no limitations in using shades for coloring.

Blonde with brown eyes: a tribute to fashion or bad taste?

Blonde with brown eyes

By the way, there is such an unspoken rule: the darker the color of the eyes, the richer the tone of the mixture for coloring should be. Nevertheless, some women with light brown eyes are at the risk of repainting blondes. Of course, there are examples of successful transformation of a brown-eyed beauty into a blonde - for someone, this tone really goes.

Although brown eye color and bleached hair is a rather controversial option and not quite successful. Interestingly, in the Middle Ages, a lady who has brown eye color and very fair hair was considered a "mistake of nature." However, if you really want to become a blonde, then it is much more correct to use such tones:

  • shades of honey color;
  • wheat shade.

Blonde with brown eyes

What hair color will suit brown eyes and dark skin?

Brown-eyed women with dark skin have a rather expressive appearance and, as a rule, do not escape the attention of the opposite sex. This type of feminine beauty in itself is quite bright. (Photo 5)

For this reason, the obvious changes in the image will not look quite organic. Here it is necessary not to change the appearance, but skillfully emphasize its natural beauty. With this task such saturated colors will help to cope:

  • dark plum, eggplant, shades of black;
  • shades of chocolate and chestnut.

What hair color will suit brown eyes and dark skin?

If the monochrome color does not suit you, then you can try to highlight with the introduction of thin curls of the color of caramel or honey, coloring or fashionable brondirovanie. This will give the hairstyle a volume and a luxurious look, and a certain charm to your look.

When choosing your unique image, consider not only the tone of the paint, but also the length of the hair: for longer ones, you need to choose more natural, natural colors.

Women who are gifted with light brown eyes and dark skin will be more relaxed in tone. It is undesirable to use dark dyes, because on the background of such hair, the eyes simply “get lost”. And shades of copper-gold, brown, caramel or coffee, on the contrary, will favorably emphasize all the beauty and originality of the image.

Skin tone: warm or cold?

Skin tone: warm or cold?

In order for your new image to be as natural and successful as possible, when choosing a dye, you must also take into account the skin tone: whether it is cold or warm. It is easy to do. Take the gold and silver jewelry. Now bring each of them to your face in turn. If gold jewelry looks organic, then your skin tone is considered warm, and if silver, it is cold.

To the skin of warm tone, you can safely choose the following shades:

  • honey;
  • wheat;
  • caramel

If the skin is of a cold tone, then a palette of shades of red, red or brown will do.

So, you have studied all the rules and now you can easily achieve a striking effect when creating your new image.

What other nuances should be considered when choosing a tone for hair coloring?

What other nuances should be considered when choosing a tone for hair coloring?

For complete harmony of hair color with appearance, it is important to consider several factors:

  • natural hair color;
  • their structure and length;
  • natural color of eyebrows and eyelashes.

How to choose the right hair color according to their natural color?

How to choose the right hair color according to their natural color?

Experts do not recommend drastically changing hair color, but advise choosing a dye to 1-3 tones lighter or darker from the original (it all depends on the result you want to achieve). This approach will make your image more attractive and will not greatly affect the condition of your hair: after all, with a drastic change, you have to carry out staining several times.

Does the choice of paint color eyebrows and eyelashes?

Does the choice of paint color eyebrows and eyelashes?

In order to understand which tone for coloring is better to choose, first decide on the color of the eyebrows. Remember that the difference between the color of hair and eyebrows should not differ by more than 1-2 tones. Otherwise, you will look disharmonious and ridiculous. However, when choosing a dye, your natural hair color is the best guide.

Do I need to take into account the structure of the hair and face shape when choosing a dye?

Do I need to take into account the structure of the hair and the shape of the face when choosing a dye?

Of course, working on the creation of a new image and choosing the tone of hair dye, you just need to take into account their length and structure. Best of all, a master in a specialized salon can do this. But if you still decide to do changing the image of the house, then it is useful to know some of the rules:

  • for dyeing long and curly hair it is better to choose natural shades, and you can try to give a brighter color to short hair (but remember that the tone of the paint should not differ much from the natural one);
  • round-faced owners of brown eyes will look good with a short haircut, and an elongated face - with a long one.

The final touch in creating the image - makeup

The final touch in creating the image - makeup

In order to emphasize the beauty of the brown-eyed reincarnation of the fair sex, you need to skillfully use and decorative cosmetics. Dark-haired women with brown eyes color can be used to create an image of a golden, peach, olive color. A blond hair is recommended to choose brown, purple and light pink shades. And remember that a good make-up and a correctly chosen color of the mixture for coloring will remarkably emphasize the uniqueness of your eyes.

If, nevertheless, there are some fears and you are afraid not to guess the color of the paint, then try on a wig or look at the photos of stars whose type is similar to yours. Alternatively, you can use tonics. This method will not change your appearance dramatically, but will allow you to choose the right tone for coloring.

In any case, it is obvious that the beauty given to us by nature can be both repeatedly strengthened and negated. Therefore, carefully and consciously treat any experiments with their appearance.