What color is green in clothes


Green is a symbol of hope and a resurgent land. It is bright and energetic, causes joy and activates the flow of energy in the body, creates a desire to create and act. Usually green is present in the wardrobe of those girls who are confident enough in themselves. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the clothes of this color to those who are not averse to heighten the feeling of self-confidence.

Green color creates an image of an independent and balanced personality. Even those who are a little plump can disguise the fullness with dark shades of this color. Moreover, the green color is suitable for almost any type of appearance. Only owners of the "Summer" type should abandon the use of bright shades of green. In order for the green color to emphasize the merits and always look appropriate, you should pay attention to the colors that should be combined with it.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?

How to choose a combination of green color?

Every woman should choose the color to green, based on her color type. Do not mix warm and cold colors. Green color refers to a warm gamut, so it should not be combined with gray, cold yellow, blue, pink or blue. You can wear coral, turquoise, gold, orange and brown clothing with him.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?What is the color that combines green in clothes?

To simplify your selection of the right colors, use 4 options.

  1. For the first option, you can choose clothes and accessories of green color of different shades.
  2. In the second version, use two primary colors, one of which is green, and the second contrasts with it. But the shades of these colors should be similar in intensity and intensity.
  3. For the third option, stop at 3 colors, green, blue, and as an add-on, select an accessory of golden color.
  4. In the fourth version, stop at the generally accepted version - 2 main and 2 additional colors.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?

It will be good to combine green together with white and black, and in the quality of 4 colors choose an accessory of brown color. Yellow and brown with a golden accessory will also harmonize well with green. In any of the options green can be used as a primary or as an additional color.

What is the right way to combine green color in clothes?

Before proceeding to the choice of colors, determine what color you have green clothes. Shades of green quite a lot. This is pistachio, and lime, and jade, and gray-green, and olive, and the color of moss or khaki. The most win-win option will be a combination of any shade of green with white. A good option would be the selection of white pants with a green jacket. This will create a fresh and stylish look.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?

Pastel colors, too, will be perfectly combined with cool shades of green. But its warm shades are best combined with amethyst or magenta. Cream, azure and yellow will be an excellent option to refresh the image.

Fashionable clothes with green color

  • Green skirts, a tank top, a tank top or blouse made in the style of a vest will be well combined with green skirts.
  • It will look good and option with a t-shirt or shirt in white.
  • Combining green with brown or gray can also be a great combination. To complete this image, you can use the yellow accessory in the form of a scarf or a headdress. In this case, the skirt can be khaki, bottle green or light green.
  • A green trouser also exists in a large number: from jeans to shorts, not to mention its shades. If it's warm outside, you can pick up accessories of the same color for pants, and complete the look with a blouse with frills of yellow or white. For cold weather, wear a yellow sweatshirt. Will perfectly look with green trousers of loose fit and a white tunic with a wide belt. And from the accessories to it is better to choose a massive jewelry beads or earrings.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?What is the color that combines green in clothes?

  • For office clothes, the green bottom is not very suitable, so it is better to choose a sweater, jacket or blouse of this color. Skirt or trousers can be sand or black. This will create freshness of the image and will not break the accepted style of clothes at work.

Combining green with other colors: design tips

In the last weeks of fashion in the United States, there was a large abundance of green clothes with the most unpredictable, but no less beautiful combinations of colors. Green with pink, purple and blue became the adornment of fashion week in New York. And European designers did not ignore the rich green color when creating collections. It was presented in combination with gray, black, yellow and brown. Mint has become one of the most fashionable shades of green.

Dresses, blouses, jeans and jumpers of mint color in combination with bright green color loved by celebrities. Even many jewelers preferred green color when making gold jewelry. All the designers were united in the fact that green is best combined with light green, yellow, brown and orange, and the color of light green - with black and gray shades.

What is the color that combines green in clothes?

Green color can be combined with all shades of a warm gamut. It will be combined with colors that also belong to warm. Black and white are perfect.. An elegant look can be created if you choose an accessory or a second main piece of clothing in yellow to the green dress.

The only thing worth remembering when choosing a color combination with green, for blondes it is better to choose warm shades of green, and brunettes who have dark skin can pick up any shade of green. To emphasize the tan and beauty of brunettes, you can choose shades of cool color. The most appropriate combination will be green with orange, green, brown, gray, cream, black, golden brown and creamy white.