What color is combined with light and dark blue in clothes


Blue is quite popular in the fashion world. With proper selection of elements of such tones in clothes and make-up, this color will suit any type of appearance, will decorate the refined interior. To the beauty of shades did not turn into bad taste, you need to consider what color is combined with blue especially well.

A wide range of blue: shades for every taste

Blue is a symbol of deep faith - religious, scientific, social, a sign of wisdom, love of reflection. Its color range is impressive in its wealth. Even if you do not consider yourself to be lovers of blue, it is quite possible that among the tones and semitones of this color you will still find a shade that will subdue you. Delicate, romantic natures choose the options of blue, reminiscent of tenderness, affection, summer lightness and simplicity:

Wide range of blue

  • air color blue powder;
  • deep cornflower blue;
  • mild non-forgetting;
  • mysterious lunar.

These tones emphasize the beauty, cover the image with freshness and purity, successfully complement the clothing of dark colors.

Gentle, feminine representatives of the fair sex are fascinated by the reflections symbolizing loyalty, tranquility and bliss:

Wide range of blue

  • azure;
  • sky blue;
  • calcareous;
  • gray-blue.

Such a palette will emphasize flexibility and grace, highlight the walk, it will look good with many colors, both dark and light.

Calm, indulgent people choose half tones that can be perceived as a sign of trust, honesty, peace of mind:

  • lagoon;
  • delphinium;
  • aquamarine;
  • capri blue;
  • pagoda;
  • soft aquamarine

and other mixtures with the addition of green. These ebbs will make the skin radiant, will give the face and shoulders a warmer, expressive shade, will not create difficulties if you want to combine their "natural" notes with the colors of the sun.

Owners of an energetic, cheerful nature often appear in society in:

Spectrum Blue: Sapphire

  • sapphire;
  • royal blue;
  • ultramarine;
  • indigo.

This outfit draws attention to the bright appearance, perfectly emphasizes the more pale colors.

Creative lovers choose:

Blue spectrum: cheeky electrician

  • cheeky electrician;
  • iris;
  • bilberry;
  • blueberries;
  • lavender.

Thanks to a light purple hue, the image acquires a height and even some mysticism. Such facets of blue give inspiration and festive mood, suitable for accessories to golden beige outfits.

Those who are worried about the dress code in offices and business meetings will come in handy:

Spectrum Blue: Lead Blue

  • lead blue;
  • gloomy
  • kerosene;
  • blackberry;
  • bilberry.

Dark tones visually make a figure more slender, with their conservative restraint demonstrate authority, dignity, influence, will not seem superfluous in any color combination. The love for dark blue is inherent in resolute, self-confident people.

What colors does blue match?

If the blue color prevails in your clothes, boldly complement the outfit with any shades of white - this will refresh the appearance, emphasize the attractiveness and expressive features of the face. Bright tones including:

  • scarlet;
  • purple;
  • lemon yellow;
  • lime;
  • Orange

in conjunction with blue indicate the elegance, extravagance of style.

What colors does blue match?

What colors does blue match?

What colors does blue match?

Ladies with milky-white or platinum hair should wear blue skirts, trousers, breeches, preferably dark shades. Red beauties can prefer blue at the top of the set, regardless of the type of clothing - a sweater, a blouse, a T-shirt or a bolero. Burning brunettes and enchanting brown-haired women should not worry at all about what colors blue is combined with clothes: any variations of color combinations will suit them.

In the cold season, dark blue outerwear looks great on the background of naked trees or snow-covered streets. Under the dark blue coat, raincoat or jacket, pick up sweaters calm and warm colors. If the air temperature allows, sweaters can be replaced with bright red blouses and dresses. When asking what colors combine dark blue with, pay attention: light or bright background colors will bring animation, and elements of clothing and accessories in dark colors in combination with indigo color will make your look gloomy.

Dark shades of blue are suitable for a light top and floral patterns, and blue and greenish colors, on the contrary, always lead in choosing not skirts, but blouses and scarves.

Think of a rich palette of blue, if you needed an evening dress. Mysterious sapphire, blueberry, blackberry, iris can hide the imperfections of the figure, and the cornflower, non-forgetful, sky blue will make your eyes shine brighter, make you unsurpassed in dance, emphasizing flexibility and ease of movement. Knowing the color of the blue dress with which color, you can successfully complete the invented look:

  • Choose the right shoes - brown or beige shoes will not allow the feeling of motley.
  • The handbag should be in the tone of the shoe, not the dress.
  • Decorations adorned with the color of the dress are acceptable.
  • Silver chains or necklaces tinged with thick blue, blue tones - gold jewelry.

Remember: the color of a manicure can spoil any, even the most elegant, outfit. Classic blue lacquer in harmony with ruby, white, gray, silver and gold, perfectly complement the coral lipstick. Lighter shades and trendy jeans are acceptable in combination with accessories to match the varnish. If you have a cold skin tone, choose a rich color, and a summer tan will look more advantageous when the bluish color of the nails. Neglecting the information with which color the blue lacquer combines, you risk making an unpleasant impression because of the manicure, which contradicts the colors of the clothes.

What mood will give room in blue?

What mood will give room in blue?

What mood will give room in blue?

The color of the interior can cause certain emotions, shape the mood of a person. For the design of the room to be original and create a positive microclimate, choose blue for the base. It will refresh the room, create an atmosphere of peace, complacency and peace. Blue tones - the best solution for the hallway, bath, bedroom, living room. Designers often advise to combine cool colors with warmer ones. The “friends” of blue turned out to be orange, yellow and beige, although white, gray and black are also quite suitable if you want to increase the feeling of deep calm.

Experienced designers and stylists explain to us what color is combined with blue, but not necessarily blindly follow their prompts. If you have good taste, fill life with creativity, look for new variations, because blue color is very convenient for combination. Verify your ideas with inner feelings and with the knowledge of specialists - and just be irresistible!