What clothes and shoes are advised to wear different models

An irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of many ladies is a pencil skirt. She surprisingly highlights the shape and allows you to create a feminine, elegant, classic look. But in order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to understand what to wear with a pencil skirt.

Competent selection of clothes depending on the material and texture

what to wear with a pencil skirt

In order not to be mistaken in the question of what to wear with a pencil skirt, you need to pay attention to 3 main points:

  • material;
  • texture;
  • Colour.

Stylists in this area give useful advice. Skirt made of leather is becoming quite common. Thanks to this material and the form of clothing, an elegant image can be formed, but only by careful selection of the other constituent elements of the style.

The question of what to wear with a leather pencil skirt cannot be answered unequivocally, since it is possible to use different options. One of the most beautiful is the blouse. Good options are considered a classic shirt, a model with a bow, basques. You can not be afraid to wear a regular style sweater, T-shirt and even a T-shirt. But it is better to use appropriate accessories and shoes in these cases.

You can combine leather with a denim shirt. These materials are a great addition to each other. A good idea is a soft blouse, which has a simple style. Moreover, this image is best suited for everyday use. Experts recommend stopping the choice of the material of this blouse on fine wool, knitwear or acrylic. But these products should be low-key.

A very interesting option is the use of a plaid shirt, which may be similar to the male model.

In cold weather, you can choose a long jacket, a trench coat, a short jacket made of leather, a coat of cashmere, a sheepskin coat. No need to abandon a short-length fur coat and fur vest.

The knitted skirt of a pencil also perfectly underlines the figure. But not only the dignity of a woman can stand out. In order not to pay attention to the disadvantages of others, it is necessary to understand how and with which to wear a knitted skirt pencil. It is worth considering that it is best suited for creating a free image. Therefore, you can use a bold combination with a t-shirt. The leather jacket is definitely suitable.

You should not wear strict jackets, jackets. The ideal solution is all the same shirts and blouses. If the knitwear skirt is designed to create a casual look, you do not need to think much about the choice of outerwear, it can be different. Suitable as a sweatshirt and blouse in a romantic style.

Denim pencil skirts can be worn every day. The combination with a white blouse, a plaid shirt, a short top looks very stylish.

Capricious model is considered to be a lace model. Regarding what to wear a lace pencil skirt, it is important to remember that the thing with lace on the girl should be alone! This is not a wish, but a requirement. There are several rules when choosing the top:

  • the upper products should have unsaturated shades, you should choose neutral colors, so that the main focus will be on the skirt;
  • voluminous, wide blouses are suitable for fitted models;
  • shorter models are better in harmony with riding tight.

The choice of the top for the skirt pencil color

The choice of the top for the skirt pencil color

Important when choosing a top is the color of the skirt. What can I wear with a red pencil skirt? Of course, this color is brave ladies. Choosing the top, you can base on one of several principles:

  • the formation of a bright accent;
  • the use of saturated combinations;
  • contrast.

In the first case, need a neutral top. You can use cream, white models and even gentle blue and light gray products. A stylish option is the harmony of the red skirt with a strip top.

A white pencil skirt emphasizes the waist. It can be worn with tight blue, pink, purple blouses. Black top should choose the ladies with the perfect figure. White skirt can be worn with strict shirts, and you can choose monophonic and small checkered models.

Black pencil skirt is in harmony with all colors. Much depends on the accessories and shoes. It should consider and whether it is necessary to fill the top of the skirt. In this question the specific model and the figure of a woman play a role. If the skirt has a wide belt and high waist, it is best to fill the top. It is important to remember that the figure is divided into 2 halves. Low women, this option does not seem attractive. Change the situation is possible thanks to a black blouse, complete with accessories.

What can I wear with a gray pencil skirt? This color is one of the base in the palette. The gray model can be combined with dark blue, pink, turquoise, red and purple tones. Sometimes you can use yellow, tangerine, emerald green and green.

Shoes and accessories for a pencil skirt

The image will be complete and stylish, if you buy shoes and accessories. What shoes to wear a pencil skirt? For a romantic model from light materials, fashionable sandals are perfect. With a denim product, you can use ballet flats, boots with a stiff heel, and sometimes slippers.

For office work, it is better to buy traditional pumps or high-heeled shoes. For black or gray models beige, blue or red shoes are suitable. Boots below the knee and high-heeled shoes are great with black leather skirt, especially if the legs are slim.

In the spring or autumn period, you can use ankle boots, classic boots with high heels. And in winter wear classic low boots. Pencil skirt looks great with suede and leather boots, but it is better not to use boots.

For the image in which the pencil skirt participates, classic beads, brooches, pearls, chains, necklaces, neat earrings are perfect. Of course, you can not do without a handbag, clutch. It is worth paying attention to the stylish watches. The main thing - do not overdo it, as the pencil skirt itself attracts a lot of attention.

Given all these tips, you can create an image that will win the attention of everyone around you. If it is correct to combine a pencil skirt with a top, shoes and accessories, a romantic, friendly, business meeting will be successful. Harmony and style - this is exactly what should be present in the image of every self-respecting lady!

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