What causes acne on the face


Perfect skin is the dream of every woman. But this desire does not always become a reality: looking in the mirror, from time to time you can detect eruptions that significantly impair appearance. In order to successfully deal with this nuisance, you need to know what causes acne on the face.

Symptom one, the reasons - tens

more than half of women complain about problem skin

According to statistics, more than half of women complain about problem skin. But few know that the treatment of this ailment can not be identical for everyone - even with the same or very similar manifestations. After all, the causes of the rash are many, and to eliminate it, you need to influence the factor that causes skin defects, and not the symptom.

Permanent rash - alarm signal

If you consistently observe rashes in yourself, you should not postpone visiting the clinic and find out why acne appears on the face. Thus you can diagnose in time:

  • liver, pancreas, or kidney disease;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • infections of the skin (most often this reason is the answer to the question of purulent acne on the face);
  • an allergic reaction caused by constant contact with the allergen (for example, on the fabric from which the clothing is sewn, or cosmetic);
  • increased sweating, impaired skin aeration;
  • endocrine and immune system diseases;
  • nerve strain.

if acne does not go away, the cause may be less serious

Effective treatment of the underlying disease is sure to help further forget about dermatological problems.

But, if the acne on the face does not go away, the reason may be less serious. Perhaps a person neglects frequent hygienic procedures or, conversely, due to excessive desire for cleanliness, dries the skin. Another common reason is that the owner of acne does not feed properly: it is fast food, eats too much fat, spicy, sweet, etc.

Why does skin periodically become a problem?

Many people have a rash only at certain times. In particular, women often ask why acne on the face appears before menstruation. During the "critical days" in the hormonal system of the woman processes occur as a result of which:

Why does skin periodically become a problem?

  • the activity of estrogen slows down - a hormone that regulates the sebaceous glands;
  • the amount of progesterone that accelerates sebum production increases.

Fat clogs the skin pores, and a rash appears, so that acne before menstruation is a "natural" feature of the female body. Also, an excess of progesterone in the blood leads to the fact that many people have acne on their face during pregnancy. But in some cases, the rash is a signal of exacerbation of various chronic diseases when carrying a baby. Because his mother should undergo a full examination of the body and make sure that the child is not in danger. Also, the skin becomes problematic due to similar hormonal "revolutions":

  • during puberty;
  • menopause.

Remember: you can not clean your face at home. Necessary drugs that normalize the hormonal balance, and procedures in such cases should be prescribed by the doctor.

A rash on the face also depends on such factors:

  • hygiene violations during cosmetic procedures;
  • excessive use of scrubs, unsuitable creams, gels;
  • poor quality cosmetics;
  • weather: heat, high humidity;
  • frequent touch of hands to face.

acne on face after shaving

Sometimes the "second half" complain to their wives that they have acne on their face after shaving. Then first you need to check:

  • Does the shaving foam or gel match your skin type?
  • is the electric shaver not a frequent culprit of unwanted irritation - then it is worth replacing it with disposable machines;
  • whether the disinfectant is effective after shaving;
  • whether the procedure is carried out correctly.

To keep your face skin clean after shaving, follow our advice.

  1. Wash thoroughly and moisturize the skin before the procedure.
  2. After applying the foam or shaving gel, wait 30 seconds.
  3. After each movement, rinse the razor blade in boiling water.
  4. At the end of the procedure, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores.

Establishing the cause is the key to successful treatment

what causes acne on the face

Many long and unsuccessfully struggle with acne on the face with the help of self-selected drugs, folk remedies or cosmetic cleansing. Remember: a long-term result is not possible if the cause is not established by a qualified specialist who will prescribe adequate treatment. Eliminating the “root of evil” will relieve you of the need for constant use of external agents and will surprise you with the ease of achieving the desired effect.

To become the owner of a clean and radiant skin, you need to take a responsible approach to solving the problem and find out what causes acne on the face. If you, with the help of a doctor, find among the wide list of reasons, the one that makes your skin problematic, you can proceed to treatment. Then there is no doubt that the result will not be long in coming.