What can you wear with a sun skirt - in summer and in winter

Sun skirt won the hearts of the fashionist women of the planet again A lot of bright models, original fabrics and colors - such a wealth of choice can turn the head even to the most restrained young ladies. To choose the components for the perfect ensemble, pay attention to what to wear with a skirt-sun.

Such style emphasizes femininity and the refined charm of any figure. He is considered a universal, basic element for creating attractive images. The secret of success is a successful combination of all components of a dress, shoes and accessories.

Sun - in every wardrobe

If, when fitting a trend skirt, it will seem to you that it is full, clumsy, do not rush to give up the desired purchase. With the right choice that determines what to wear with a sun skirt, every woman will gain harmony and grace. Here are the main tips stylists about this:

  • Prefer shoes with heels. Often, the skirt of the “sunny” style visually fills the legs, but pumps or other interesting shoe options, on the contrary, give slimness. Thanks to heels, the whole silhouette looks more elongated;Sun skirt with high heels
  • Focus on expressive waist. The adjacent top is perfect for the lush bottom, whether it is a top or a pullover of fine knitting;Top with a skirt-sun
  • experiment with accessories. Gloves or a hat, an umbrella cane or an original handbag will add charm to the image.Sun skirt with accessories

Sun skirt: a fancy palette of combinations

The classic choice is a black knee-length skirt. What to wear with this option? An interesting ensemble is obtained by combining the product with a dark strapless bustier. Softens the milky look of a blazer. Incredibly feminine booties decorated with lace fascinate. An exclusive handbag to match the blazer will add integrity to the chosen style. Want brightness - will help rich pink scarf. Such an ensemble is perfect for tea drinking with girlfriends, dates, going to the movies.

Sun skirt

Red and black - is it not a classic! If you choose a red skirt, sun, with what to wear it, if not with a black-fitting blouse? You can create an image and elegant, and appropriate for the office. The length of the skirt is up to the knees. Juicy alongside will add a scarlet bag and patent leather shoes in black on a high stiletto.

Red skirt

Different shades of blue are always popular, constantly shining in fashion collections. What can I wear with a blue skirt? There is an interesting option to complement her snow-white blouse and pale yellow blouse - a very gentle spring ensemble is created. On slender girls a short blue denim skirt fits nicely with ballet flats in a sweater. The color of the bag is warm, yellow, the decor is minimal. A golden heart-shaped pendant will suit your jewelry - this will complement the romantic look.

Blue shades of the skirt-sun

Blue skirt

A very different look will have a long skirt-sun of deep blue. In combination with a black top, decorated with barely noticeable embroidery and placers of tiny rhinestones, an elegant evening dress is created. The image will be completed with luxurious shoes on heels and rhinestones, as well as a “final chord” - a silver handbag.

Variants of skirts

Answer the glamorous question - what to wear a leather skirt, sun? This is not the most trivial option for parties and club visits. The skinny top with a leopard print will add confidence and lightness to the image. Shoes to this ensemble - low shoes with bright red laces. With accessories you can not be shy, for example, choose a catchy bracelet with massive stones, a sports cap and a small leather backpack.

Leather skirt

Trend for all seasons

The “sunny” style of the skirt provides seasonal versatility to this piece of clothing.

  • Choosing an option for summer and deciding on what to wear with a short skirt-sun, give the image a brightness. Beautifully looks bright pink skirt with a thin tight T-shirt. For walks in the cool evening, throw on the shoulders of a white blazer. Accessories fit juicy, for example, lemon chiffon scarf, the same shade of clutch and high-heeled shoes. A young lady in such an outfit will not go unnoticed even on the most crowded boardwalk.Pink skirt
  • In spring or autumn, a casual look with a long sandy skirt-sun skirt looks charming. A soft, melange jumper, chocolate-colored booties and a raincoat in tone skirt will make the silhouette restrained and elegant. The leopard coloring bag, retro-rimmed glasses, and elegant bracelets will add brightness to the image.Autumn outfit in casual style
  • And for the cold season suited skirt. What to wear in the winter such a thing - the choice is, and considerable. Among the original options - a combination with baggy sweaters. However, not every girl would dare to undertake such experiments, and they are not suitable for every occasion. But the fitted blouses, long-sleeved T-shirts, jackets are excellent and at the same time less “demanding” companions of the skirt-sun skirt in winter. Stylists are advised to choose classic coats as outerwear. Suitable shoes are coarse lace-ups or high boots.Sun skirt for the cold season

The skirt is the favorite style of many designers and fashionistas. This is a wardrobe item that can fit a woman with almost any figure. The main thing is to correctly and harmoniously select all components of the attire, accessories, shoes. Each stylish image is individual. The skirt allows you to emphasize the brightness and beauty - and you will always be at a fashionable height!

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