What can i wear with jeans boyfriends in winter and during


Jeans boyfriends took a strong position among the favorite youth trends. With some brutality, this piece of clothing perfectly emphasizes the elegance, grace and at the same time the girl’s confidence. If you choose the right, with what to wear jeans, boyfriends, you can create original and at the same time charming images.

Cheeky jeans: who fit?

What to wear with jeans boyfriends

The English word "boyfriend", meaning "friend", "boyfriend," confidently settled in our language and often no longer requires translation. And it became even more prevalent with the advent of an interesting style of practical and attractive jeans. Boyfriends - a model of women's denim trousers, which is characterized by a maximum proximity to the male style. This effect is achieved by the characteristics of the cut. Usually, the pants are sewn free, with a low waist - in such a way as to give the impression that the girl really borrowed clothes from her boyfriend.

This model of jeans does not provide for a woman’s style of decorating with rhinestones or embroidery. But designers are experimenting with underlining the boyishness - a variety of bold scuffs and cuts. Boyfriends are best suited for slender and slim girls with expressive waists. But for women with wide hips and short legs it is undesirable to include such clothes in the wardrobe.

What are boyfriend jeans friends with?

The success of creating an attractive image depends on the harmony of the selection kit. Choosing what to wear with boyfriend jeans, repelled from their relevance, matching the style. Pants are combined with the same "relaxed" things that are suitable for informal parties, unhurried walks, pleasant shopping, combined with a friendly tea party. By creating ensembles do not connect the strict clothing and shoes for the office, social or cultural events.

The combination of boyish jeans with sports-style clothing is suitable, but rather banal. Designers and stylists are not limited to such a choice, but offer many ideas of harmonious alliances with various items of clothing. The basic advice is to combine boyfriends with a fitted or fitted top. And oversized sweaters or baggy pullovers will do a disservice to the figure, expanding the shapes and breaking proportions.

Successful combinations for boyfriend jeans:

  • Maritime style clothing, which is established in the fashion world of revolutionary Coco Chanel, is in perfect harmony with such a thing. For example, a tight shirt with long sleeves like a vest. Military style will also accentuate the love for freedom and lightness that boyfriend pants embody;What to wear with jeans boyfriends
  • Details of clothing in sports style - a great choice for walking and picnics. This can be an adjacent T-shirt, top or cardigan. To feel confident and stylish on the streets of the city, the kit can be supplemented with an interesting waistcoat or trend leather jacket like rocker’s leather jacket;
  • It is possible to enchant representatives of the strong half of humanity by combining jeans-boyfriends with a cropped top or pullover, as well as a thin shirt. An unexpected option is a bold translucent blouse that will make expressive the softness of feminine figure lines;What to wear with jeans boyfriends
  • Do not spoil the spectacular jeans of this model and the shirt - the subject, which also migrated from the male wardrobe to the female. Fit looks look good. If a loose shirt is chosen, then it is better to tuck it into pants or seductively tie at the waist;What to wear with jeans boyfriends
  • The options to wear boyfriend jeans in winter are no less varied than summer and off-season combinations. Socks and thin sweaters that emphasize the fragility of the figure will do. Beautiful knit pullovers are in harmony with skinny jeans of boyfriends;What can I wear with boyfriend jeans in winter?
  • elongated cardigans and fitted jackets are well "accompanied" to such jeans, and the scarf-loud perfectly completes the image;
  • as outerwear stylists advise a mid-thigh coat or trench coat.

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?

Choosing shoes to these boyish jeans, stylists give roam fantasies. Just as in the case of clothing for the top, sports style is optional. Sneakers, sneakers or sneakers are suitable for such pants, but you should not refuse shoes with heels.

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?

A few tips on what shoes to wear boyfriend jeans:

  • slippers or sandals with a narrowed front and heels. For a harmonious combination of jeans, it is advisable to turn up - open a graceful ankle;What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?
  • light ballet flats and sandals, loafers and moccasins - any options for shoes without a heel or on a small platform look good with boyfriends;What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?
  • in cold seasons, beautiful images are obtained with boots or ankle boots with heels;What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans?
  • lace-up boots look rough with such trousers, but such a set has its own special charm.

Boyfriend jeans are a choice of slim girls, which emphasizes feminine fragility and at the same time confidence. To create a harmonious set, stylists advise to choose a tight and fitted top. Shoes for this model can be on the low run, and more sophisticated, with heels. These trendy jeans are the basis of a variety of stylish and practical sets.