What are the platform sneakers called?


As soon as she appeared on the catwalks of the shocking novelty, she immediately conquered the hearts of all fashionable women. It is not difficult to guess that we are talking about the most unexpected and ambiguous trend of this season, which became women's shoes on the platform. Many girls want to acquire such original shoes, but do not know how to create images with its help. Let's try to offer a few fashion ideas.

What are the sneakers called on the platform?

Sneakers on the platform: the names of different models

Designers have tried to combine opposing styles, but none of these experiments have been so successful. This time, the fashion masters managed to come up with shoes that look incredibly stylish, but perfectly fit their favorite jeans, provide comfort, but make the girl sexy and attractive.

The original bow, which without any difficulty allows you to create women's shoes on the platform, forced to change their opinion, even those who do not have a creative approach to the formation of style.

Let's start with the names. Sneakers on the platform for the first time showed the fashion world their unusual appearance during the show of a new collection of the French fashion designer Isabel Marant. That is why they were given the name "arrowroot".

A hybrid of training shoes and wedge shoes looks very original, but it still has sporty features. In this regard, such shoes were also called “snickers”.

Sneakers on the platform

The competition for the popularity of arrowroots were charismatic sneakers brand Converse. They can easily be recognized by a straight high platform (without lifting). By brand name they are called “conversions”.


In the fashionable dictionary, another name appeared - "creepers". It came from an English dictionary: "free" in Russian - "prowling." Their design is quite diverse. Creepers are made from monochrome leather or suede, and a combination of leather of different colors is used. But the main feature of this shoe is a high rubber sole.


Style options

Taking into account the height of the sole and the fabrication material, women's shoes on the platform can have different functions and design.

  • Summer models. Fabric is used for their tailoring. Such footwear has an original decor, and also - additions in the form of laces, fasteners on a flypaper. The color scheme is represented by bright colors, which corresponds to the summer mood and style of clothing.Sneakers on the platform: options styles
  • Demi-season sneakers on the platform. For them, used more "wearable" and durable material - leather. Such shoes will not only provide comfort when walking, but will not allow the legs to freeze in the rain or cold. Often, these sneakers are insulated with fur.
  • Sneakers on a flat platform. This style can be seen in the collections of famous sports brands.Sneakers on a flat platform

How to create the perfect image, or with what to combine high sneakers?

Although the choice of such shoes is quite wide, many girls are stopped by the question of what to wear sneakers on the platform, so that the image was harmonious and solid? First, let's pay attention to those things that are categorically not recommended to be combined with wedge sneakers:

What is the combination of high sneakers

  • pencil skirt;
  • tutu skirt;
  • suit (or pants) of classic cut;
  • any business style things;
  • elegant dresses and sundresses.

What is the combination of high sneakers

Now let's list what is complete with high-top sneakers to help create a trendy and relevant image.

  • Light or bright summer sneakers can be easily combined with jeans. Looks great tandem of worn (or torn jeans) and sneakers.
  • A stylish ensemble can be obtained if you wear a free-fitting T-shirt (T-shirt) and women's sneakers on the platform, made of fabric.
  • Models in which sports style of registration prevails, are successfully combined with sweatshirts, a sports jacket or a suit.
  • Warm-up sneakers on a wedge is best to wear with a jacket or raincoat, sewn in an aggressive military style. Such footwear will approach to top clothes of a casual-style.
  • Glamorous high-heeled sneakers, decorated with rhinestones, lace or embroidery, will look most advantageous if you add them to a mini-skirt, a knitted, tight-fitting dress, a stylish denim jacket, or tight leggings.

What is the combination of high sneakers?

The image will not be complete if it is not supplemented with accessories. When choosing them, one should not forget that sneakers are an attribute of a sports direction. Therefore, the bag and accessories should have a discreet design.

What is the combination of high sneakers?

What are the advantages of shoes with thick soles?

Snickers became favorites of women's wardrobe. Their main advantage is a stylish "appearance", but high-top sneakers have other advantages:

  • convenience. They can be worn both in nature and in the city. This unique feature is associated with a stable sole;
  • interesting design that will help to look stylish, even without studs;
  • the ability to add a few centimeters to growth and slim legs;
  • versatility. Shoes are combined with the usual wardrobe items.

What are the advantages of sneakers on thick soles?

Maranta is an ideal choice for fashionistas who adore heels, but also appreciate comfort. These shoes are worthy of taking their place in the wardrobe of a modern woman!