Wedding suit for the bride

In recent years, more and more brides prefer a wedding dress to a wedding dress. In most cases, these are brides who do not marry for the first time or older women. Indeed, a wedding suit is a more practical outfit. It after the wedding does not necessarily hang in the closet for eternal storage. In addition, for example, in European countries, a wedding suit very quickly comes into vogue. An increasing number of women, tying the knot, choose a wedding suit.

What are the wedding suit options?

Types of wedding suits for the bride

Skirt and jacket

Skirt for a wedding suitYou can choose absolutely any. Choose its length and style depending on your own preferences and type of figure. But do not forget that the style of the skirt should be combined with the style of the jacket. Otherwise, it will not be considered a costume.

The shape of the collar and the depth of the neckline - these elements you should choose, strictly based on the shape and length of your neck. The collar and neckline of the jacket should emphasize a beautiful neck. If this part of the body is far from ideal, you should look at such a collar so that it skillfully hides all the flaws of this part of the body. If you have a thin long neck, then the jacket with a triangular neckline is most suitable for you. The rounded neckline is a classic option, so it fits absolutely everything.

On the skirt and jacket is welcome lace trim, the appearance of the bride is added to the tenderness and lightness.

If you decide to wear your own celebration wedding suit, then rest assured - skirt and jacket quite successfully combined with a veil.


Pantsuit is very elegant and beautiful. First of all, you should decide on color wedding pantsuit. Light pastel shades are allowed. In addition, on wedding pantsuit, even low-key dim drawing is allowed.

Pants themselves must be chosen very carefully. If you are a happy owner of long, slender legs - then pay attention to the tight, tight pants. If the legs are not quite perfect - choose a wider model of trousers. An excellent solution in this situation would be pants - flared. The flare can start from the knee, and maybe from the hip. Focus on your own shape and preferences.

As accessory for a wedding pantsuitbest fit hat. If you do not like hats, you can decorate your hair with a variety of flowers to match the costume. Veil here is not entirely appropriate.

Skirt pants

Very interesting model. First, the skirt-pants look great on any figure. Secondly, this piece of clothing is very similar to a beautiful long skirt. And, thirdly, the skirt-pants is able to hide almost all the flaws of the figure, if any. In European countries, this piece of clothing, at the present time, has incredibly quickly become fashionable, and is not going to leave the occupied positions. The majority of foreign brides, having chosen a wedding suit for their wedding, turned their attention to the skirt-pants.

Most of all for wedding skirts in the accessory fit hat. The hat can be supplemented with a small elegant veil.

Wedding overalls

Wedding overalls assumes such a large variety of styles, that he is even serious wedding dress competition. This is where the bride's fantasies roam! For example, a model of wedding overalls looks very beautiful and interesting, the model in which the back is fully open, and before it is tightly closed. The lower part of the wedding suit is best to choose such that it covers hips. But do not forget about the flare. It can start from the hip, and maybe a little lower. Focus on the parameters of your figure.

Wedding overalls are quite refined outfit, besides, it is incredibly comfortable. The bride will not have to be distracted by correcting trousers or a skirt. The jumpsuit fits perfectly, without restricting movement.

The straps of the jumpsuit can be very diverse: thin or wide. They can be placed in different ways: classically placed on the shoulders, located crosswise. Strap in general can be one, going from one shoulder to another. Besides, wedding suit can do without straps at all.

For wedding overalls perfectly fit lace gloves to match. This accessory will be a great addition to the dress.

Fabrics for the bride's wedding suit

Of course, the material from which the bride's wedding suit is sewn, - This is equally important. After all, it depends on the material whether the suit will fit the figure, or, conversely, will sit freely, hiding the figure flaws and not holding down the movements.

The choice of material for a wedding suit depends not only on personal tastes and preferences. Consider the time of year in which you decide to play a wedding.

In the warm and hot season, it is most appropriate to choose materials such as silk, crepe de chine, flax or lace.

When it's cool enough outside for a wedding suit, as well as possible, fit warmer fabrics, such as knitwear.

Whatever model of wedding suit you choose, remember, this is your day! Therefore, you must be the most beautiful bride! And the most important decoration of a woman who marries, after a wedding dress - is her smile. So smile and be happy on this most beautiful day!

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