Wedding makeup for green eyes

Women with green eyes look very mysterious and always attract attention. In ancient times, green-eyed women were generally considered to be witches and were very wary of them, now of course such times have passed, but still women with green eyes are always wrapped in a certain halo of mystery. Therefore, the main task in a wedding make-up for green eyes is to preserve the individuality of such an unusual color, and, of course, make the makeup professional and festive.. Much depends on the very hue of the eyes: pure green eyes are rare, much more often gray-green, yellow-green, emerald green and yellow-green shades can be observed in women.

Wedding makeup for green eyes

Wedding makeup can be both gentle and romantic, and bright attracting attention. Many stylists agree that in a wedding make-up for green eyes it is necessary to focus on the eyes, after all a wedding is exactly the day when you can and should emphasize your advantages, and the green color of your eyes is just that.

What colors are preferable for green eye makeup? it pink, purple, lilac, peach, bronze, terracotta shades. But the blue and deep blue in the makeup green-eyed should be avoided so as not to lose its color.

Features of wedding makeup for green eyes

Wedding makeup for green eyesWedding makeup for green eyes

  • Do not use for the wedding makeup green eyes the same shade as the color of your eyes.In general, green shades for green eyes should be used very carefully and be sure to dilute it with a different color. For example, a green contour can only circle the lower eyelid, and paint the upper one with a different color. But keep in mind that there should not be a sharp contrast in colors, such make-up allows, for example, to a disco, but not to a wedding.
  • Before proceeding directly to the makeup, carefully prepare your face. Clean the skin and apply the base under the makeup, then cover the face with a layer of foundation. For eyelids, apply a base under the shade, so that during the wedding day makeup does not crumble and spread.
  • Now take the light shade of the shadows - white, cream, light pink, pearl and blend it along the eyelid and under the space. If you think your eyes are not wide open or small, you can visually enlarge them by summing the inside of the lower eyelid with a white pencil.
  • Now you can impose a different color, for example, pink or purple on the outer corner of the eyelid, or highlight the fold of the eyelid with a darker shade than the main one — olive or peach. Apply a shadow with a soft makeup brush or applicator.

Wedding makeup for green eyes

  • Lilac color is used to create a more gentle touching image, it is well diluted with pearl shades of white or pale pink color. At all, any light colors - cream, creamy, soft golden dilute bright makeup and make the transition smoother.
  • And such a shade, such as terracotta can give the eyes depth and saturation.
  • For a bright and eye-catching make-up, take a black mascara, while it is better to give preference to waterproof and high-quality mascara. For a more relaxed, soft make up, choose chocolate or dark brown mascara. Before applying mascara, use a curler for eyelashes. Try to color each eyelash carefully and if the shades of the shadows are dominated by light and light, then focus on the density and lushness of the eyelashes, you can even increase the eyelashes in advance, and if your shades of shades in the makeup are intense, then pay more attention to the length of the cilia.
  • The contour pencil can also be taken dark or dark brown.

Wedding makeup for green eyes can be done smoky, To do this, blend the stroke with a thin applicator.

Wedding makeup for green eyesWedding makeup for green eyes

Wedding makeup for green eyes depending on hair color

Brown eyes with green eyes better to stick with bright but warm tones in your make-up. Such persons can go as a brown color of the shadows, and a bluish tint, girls brown-haired, perhaps the only one can try a blue tint in combination with angry eyes.


Light green shadows that are close to light green look very nice. You can try to simply decorate the lower eyelids with a light green pencil, and paint the upper eyelids with a beige or sand color. When using this makeup, you should also choose a warm shade, such as coffee, muted cherry, apricot, and blush for brown-haired women should be slightly noticeable.

Wedding makeup for green eyesWedding makeup for green eyes

It is recommended to make bright intense eye makeup green-eyed brunettes. All shades of purple, hot pink and dark satin will look good in a wedding make-up for green eyes on brunettes.. Paint the inner corners of your eyes with pearl silver shadows. Eyeliner or pencil can be used in black saturated color, mascara should be taken with the effect of volume.

Also, depending on the shade of the eye, you can experiment with gray and brown colors in the makeup. To make up lips, brunettes can use both scarlet bright lipstick and soft pink. Color blush to choose in conjunction with lipstick.

For fair-haired girls with green eyes, the stylists are recommended to make a gentle, muffled makeup to emphasize all their charm.

Wedding makeup for green eyesWedding makeup for green eyes

As the main color, you can take the lilac palette, applying a light lilac shade on the inner corners of the eyes, and starting from the middle increasing its intensity. Eyelash growth line emphasize a dark sparkling hue. It is equally important to emphasize eyebrows, especially blondes, as they naturally have eyebrows most often dull, so you can pre-paint the eyebrows in the salon or paint them yourself. Light-haired girls are best to take brown or dark gray shades to color the eyebrows. Finish your make-up with beige or peach blush and pink or pale orange lipstick.

Green-eyed girls combine mystery, seduction and the grace of a cat, so the main task of the makeup is to highlight these advantages and make you the brightest bride.

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