Wedding makeup for brown eyes


Wedding is an insanely exciting day in the life of any girl and, of course, on this day you want to be the most beautiful bride. So much trouble you have to: buy a dress, call the guests, organize everything, but perhaps the most crucial moment is to think over your wedding makeup. Your face should be irresistible and cause genuine admiration for all those invited, so it will be good if you make yourself a test makeup before the wedding, as you will not have time for experiments on the wedding day.

Brown-eyed girls are very lucky, their saturated brown eye color will be advantageous to be shaded by a white dress, and attract attention. If you are not well versed in all the subtleties of make-up, then you can turn to the services of a professional cosmetologist, but there are no guarantees that he will do just that, so that you and everyone around you like it, but, having trained several times, you can make yourself beautifulwedding makeup for brown eyes.

Preparing for wedding makeup for brown eyes

Anyone even very competently executed make-up will not lie beautifully if the skin is poorly cleansed, especially as regards the festive make-up, where the skin tone should be radiant and perfectly even. First, clean your face with a soft scrub, but do not rub your face too much, otherwise there may be reddening that can ruin the whole picture. Then apply a tonic and cream on your face for your skin type. You can also apply the cream fluid, it contains reflective particles, due to which the skin will look fresher and younger. This is enough, you should not overload the skin too much.

After applying these products do not immediately apply foundation, it takes at least 10-15 minutes for the skin to soak up everything, and there is no feeling of oily skin. Under the foundation you can apply the foundation, so the skin will look more even. Now you can begin to emphasize the eyes, brown eyes are already bright, and make-up can be made even more expressive.

Features wedding makeup for brown eyes

  1. Apply a corrector on the eyelids and carefully blend it, and the color of the corrector should be taken to a tone lighter than the tone for the face. A darker tone can make your makeup rude and even make you old. Also, the corrector perfectly masks fine wrinkles and skin irregularities around the eyes. Then, powder the area around the eyes - this will allow the makeup to hold on for a long time and not smear.
  2. It is very important for brown-eyed ladies to choose for themselves the correct shade of shadows.. Brown eyes have very different shades and you need to choose a color of shadows that would harmonize with your eyes.
  3. Pale brown eye shadow will be perfectly shaded pink shades, but then you should focus on mascara and eyeliner.
  4. Owners of classic brown eye color can do makeup in golden and brown tones., Apply the lightest shade on the inner corner, and darker on the outer corner. You can make the makeup more bright and smoky, in this case, take a more saturated colors, and on the outer corner, apply a dark brown, close to black color. Only here it is important not to overdo it with makeup, if you brightly highlighted the eyes with shadows, then apply eyeliner not to the entire eyelash growth line, but starting a little earlier than the middle and increasing the intensity towards the end of the line.
  5. Also For pure brown eyes, you can use gray, dark blue and blue tones. Sometimes brown eyes come in with a yellowish or orange tint, here you can use the bluish-violet range.
  6. Orange shades of eyes are better avoided, he can give fatigue and soreness to their gaze.

Makeup for brown eyes depending on the hair color

Brown-eyed brunettes have been lucky since birth; they can even look like real seductresses without makeup. And on their wedding day they can only emphasize their merits. These girls fit rich golden, nut and brown shadows. But if you choose a golden color, it is important not to go into yellowness, such a shade is unacceptable on the wedding day.

Blondes with brown eyes - very mysterious and contrasting combination. With this type of appearance it is better to choose lighter shades, such as pink, purple or blue. Focus not on the fatal image, but on softness and femininity, and you won't lose a bit.

Red-haired girls with brown eyes -The real sun and can only emphasize their charm. Apply all over the eyelids bright shining shadows on the inner surface, apply a beige or light pink shade of the shadows, and on the outer corner of the eye, apply a brown tint.

Advice for all girls: when painting eyelashes, paint the upper ones more intensively, and paint the lower eyelashes in one, maximum two layers. Do not forget about eyebrows, they should also look perfect. But when dyeing eyebrows, some problems may lie in wait for you, for example, from the first time it is not always possible to make eyebrows successfully, therefore it is still worth entrusting the master several days before the wedding. You should also not do a tattoo of eyebrows, if there are no more than two weeks left before your wedding, as the eyebrows may look very bright for a while and come to a normal color only after 2-3 weeks.

Wedding makeup lips for brown eyes

The choice of lipstick depends on your overall wedding style and on what image you want to create yourself. If you want to be gentle and romantic, then choose lipstick of pink, beige or peach color. You can apply gloss on lipstick or, on the contrary, make lips dull, it all depends on your desire. And if you want to look like a femme fatale, you can take a pinkish-brownish tint or dark red with a cool plum shade. Especially beautiful this makeup will look on brown-eyed brunettes, with him they will become sultry Mexican beauties.

These simple rules will help you look like a queen of the evening at your wedding. And do not forget another important rule in make-up - you should give your image not only brightness, but also emphasize the dignity and your individuality.