Wedding makeup for blue eyes

Blue color is associated with innocence, purity, tenderness and lightness. The purpose of wedding makeup for blue eyes is to emphasize these qualities of their owner, but at the same time highlight her individuality. Blue eyes can make a capricious seductress, a romantic princess, a mysterious shy woman or emphasize her natural beauty, a lot depends on the general wedding style, the shade of blue eyes and the character of the bride.

Preparing for the wedding makeup blue eyes

The blue eyes show signs of stress and fatigue the fastest, so you should carefully monitor your well-being, especially on the eve of the wedding. In about a month, you can already begin to actively prepare for your wedding day. The main thing is to get more sleep, to be more often in the open air and, if possible, to exclude the use of alcoholic beverages and to quit smoking.

Strong tea and coffee also have an adverse effect on the beauty of the skin and should be consumed as little as possible. Not a single make-up professional will be able to completely correct the consequences of your wrong lifestyle for a long time. Drink more water and try not to overstrain your eyes behind a TV or computer, otherwise it can all lead to redness and small cracked vessels in your eyes. On the last prewedding day, do not eat any highly salted foods and do not drink a lot of water at night to avoid puffiness.

Use the services of a makeup artist or make a wedding makeup for the blue eyes itself, to decide, of course, youbut remember that a wedding is a very exciting day and even if you liked everything and tried everything perfectly, then time constraints and tensions can negatively affect the quality of the makeup.

A few weeks before the wedding, it is advisable to undergo a facial cleansing procedure in order to get rid of black spots and subcutaneous fat, which can be caused by acne on the face at the most inappropriate time.. Also, before the wedding, you can do the procedure eyelash extensions - it will make your look more open and expressive. Constantly walking with eyelashes bothers you, but the wedding is exactly the day when you can shine with lush eyelashes, only in this case it is important to choose an experienced master who will carry out a quality extension procedure.

Features wedding makeup for blue eyes

True blue eye color is a rarity, gray-blue hues are much more common, and it is based on the hue of the eyes that colors should be selected in a wedding make-up. Even less often saturated blue, close to purple color. For such a shade you should choose intense colors in the make-up, for example, you can circle such eyes with a pencil of bright blue or purple.

  • For light blue and gray blue eyes on the contrary, preference should be given to more subtle light tones, such as silver, light pink, gold or lilac.
  • There are more The universal color that will perfectly match all shades of blue eyes is lavender..
  • But pure blue is better not to use blue-eyed ladies in your make-up, as this can make your eyes unnatural or hide all the charm of blue.
  • Silver sparkles with sparkles are a good option for wedding makeup of blue eyes.In this case, you can highlight white under the upper space and the inside of the lower eyelids, then your eyes will just sparkle.
  • On tanned blue eyed ladies Golden shades look beautiful, you can also give preference to shades of coffee, honey and bronze. But we should not forget that it is on a dark or tanned face that such shadows will look, and with a pale skin color these shades should be avoided.
  • Watch out for brown shades, if they have a reddish or reddish tinge, then it can give the look of fatigue.

Mascara for blue eyes you should choose a dark brown or black color, it will create a certain contrast with blue eyes and light shadows, but a black eyeliner or a pencil, on the contrary, may become too sharp a contrast, therefore give preference to chocolate, purple, bronze, golden colors for the eyeliner.

Effectiveness and brightness of blue eyes can be given by smoky makeup. Many believe that smoky makeup can be performed only in dark colors, but it is not. It can be made in colors ranging from silver to purple, experiment with different colors.

The choice of lipstick and blush for makeup blue-eyed bride

Blush in a wedding make-up for blue eyes - just a necessary condition, they complement the image and give it completeness.

  • Girls with a round type of face should apply blush, starting from the temples to the lips, and if the face is pointed and slightly elongated, then apply the blush from the temples to the nose.
  • Blush should not stand out strongly on the face, but be barely visible and must be in harmony with the color of lipstick. Blush is better to take with light pearl particles to give the skin a freshness and radiance.
  • Blue-eyed blondes are better to choose light pink colors for blush, and brunettes sand and beige.

The color of lipstick or lip gloss should be selected in conjunction with the full range of make-up, skin and hair color.

  • Owners of bright blue eyes, you can opt for red lipstick, the rest of the girls better stick to the pink, pale orange and beige tones.
  • On top of lipstick, stylists advise adding a drop of solid or clear lip gloss to make lips look more juicy.

Reflective powder can be applied to the open areas of the body, and if you have a neckline in a wedding dress, then add bronzing powder to the hollow between the breasts - this will visually give them more volume.

Blue eyes are just perfect for brides, they fit perfectly into the clean, bright and romantic image of the bride. And your main task is to highlight the merits of blue with makeup!

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