Wedding makeup bride with their own hands


I’m not mistaken if I say that a wedding for any girl is one of the most exciting events in life! All girls from childhood dream to see themselves in the role of the bride in a white, airy dress. On this day, you will be the center of attention, so your appearance must be impeccable. Appearance consists of an elegant hairstyle, a beautiful dress, a radiant smile and, of course, a properly executed wedding makeup. Before the celebration, it is important to think over all the details of your make-up - choose and buy suitable cosmetics of the appropriate color range, calculate all the elements of makeup.

To save time and effort on the wedding day, it is better to experiment in advance in the performance of festive makeup. Consider not only the color of the dress, but also the shade of your skin, eye color, hair.

In this article we will look at the makeup, which will be combined with the most common white dress.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!


  • The first steps to your perfect look are better to start not on the wedding day, but in advance - a couple of months before the celebration. You can begin to follow a diet to improve the health of the body as a whole, and improve the appearance of hair, nails and skin.
  • The week before the wedding, start to visit the spa, bring the skin into a strand using special masks, scrubs or peeling.
  • Do not forget how to sleep well the night before to look fresh.
  • Directly make up at home with your own hands, thus saving your finances on the services of a makeup artist.
  • If you are focused on making fashionable makeup, then keep in mind that fashion changes every season. So, for example, the trend of 2010-2011 is natural. But naturalness does not mean the absence of cosmetics on the face. On the contrary, such makeup sometimes requires more effort than, than, which has already become a classic, smoky.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!

  • The secret of natural makeup is to hide all the flaws with the help of cosmetics and highlight your unique beauty, youth and tenderness of your skin. Avoid lipstick bright colors - it will harden the face and spoil the effect of youth. In this case, the intensity of the type of makeup should be evening.
  • To make-up look professional, it should be applied in daylight.
  • Do not forget to make a manicure - after all, one of the key moments - when the groom puts a ring on the bride's finger. The color of the nails must either match in color with the lipstick, or be combined with your makeup.
  • Recent trends in the field of wedding makeup use cosmetics muted natural tones, as pearl shadows noticeably "glare" in the photos. Use gray, beige, pink, white shadows, and since you have to shine all day, then to fix the makeup, pre-apply moisturizer on the eyelids.
  • Throughout the ceremony, do not forget to periodically dust the face - this will help fight the excessive fatness of the T-zone.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!

Wedding makeup step by step


  1. We clean the skin with an alcohol-free tonic. Apply a cream with a matting effect on cleansed face skin. So we give the makeup stability and remove excess greasy.
  2. With the help of a slightly moist sponge we apply a layer of foundation. The movements should be clapping - this will create the effect of naturalness. The optimal color of the foundation will be the skin color of the neckline.
  3. Remember that a white dress will visually make your skin darker, so choose a foundation that is lighter in tone than your skin. And not a pinkish, but a yellowish gamut.
  4. The foundation can also help you in adjusting the shape of your face. If you apply a darker tone along the edges of the cheek line, this will visually narrow the face.
  5. If the dress is open to the neck and neckline - you can toned them to avoid the effect of "mask" on the face.
  6. We mask all the bruises on the face in a dense tone with a red tint with the help of the index finger. All red specks or acne are easily masked with a pitch that has a greenish color mixed in. Masked point, without stretching to other skin areas. To correct some part of the skin - use a matting pencil. Excess tonal cream removed with a paper napkin. If the whole procedure is tiring for you, just use concealer.
  7. Apply powder on top of the main tone with powder puff. The tone of the powder should be slightly lighter than the base.
  8. Apply natural-pink blush to your cheekbones with a special brush - this will give your skin a healthy, fresh look. And to make your face magically shine, apply a transparent sheen on the frontal bumps, chin and cheekbones. It can be either a shade or a light pink blush. Avoid blush brick or brown colors - this will give your appearance austerity.
  9. If you have a round face, apply a rouge diagonally. This will give your face finesse. If you have a long face, you should apply blusher horizontally. This will visually round the oval of the face and make it more correct.
  10. It is better to use dry blush of two shades of one tone. First, apply a layer of dark blush, and on top of a layer of light, slightly going beyond the boundaries of the dark.
  11. You can decorate your face with sparkles or rhinestones. This will be especially true if the dress is shiny. Rhinestones are usually glued over the eyebrows.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!


  • We draw a thin line along the growth of eyelashes on the upper eyelid with a black pencil.
  • With the help of special brushes for the shadows apply shadows. If there are no professional brushes - use a clean applicator. And for each color of the shadows should be a separate applicator. Shadows are applied transparently, because excess will be difficult to remove.
  • For blue eyes Use eyeliner with blue shadows on the lower eyelid, and for contrast - peach shadows on the upper eyelid. This combination will look advantageous on the skin of a warm shade.
  • Enhance color green eyes will help green eyeliner on the lower eyelid in combination with pink, purple, burgundy or terracotta shadows on the upper eyelid.
  • Lilac or pink gamma shadows is optimal for brown-eyed brides. To shade light colors you can add dark red-brown shadows and very thinly draw eyes with a black pencil.
  • Apply waterproof mascara. This will save you from the black drains on the cheeks caused by tears of joy.
  • To make your eyes look more expressive - use special eyelash curlers, or false eyelashes.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!


  1. Taking into account the general color scale of make-up, hair and skin color, we select lipstick. Scarlet, or fuchsia will probably suit only a fair-skinned brunettes. And for bright blondes it is better to opt for floral-pink, natural-pink or peach lipstick. Brown-haired girls are encouraged to choose a natural range of lipstick.
  2. To make the lipstick last longer on the lips, apply a little foundation on the lips and lightly powder the top with a powder puff.
  3. The contour of the lips is outlined with a pencil to match the lipstick. He also paint the entire surface of the lips. If you want to give your lips a volume, darken the corners of your lips, and add a light color to the center of your lips. Pencil shade with a brush for the lips - aligned to monotony.
  4. Apply the selected lipstick over the pencil. Lightly powder the lips through a napkin, and apply another layer of lipstick.
  5. Do not overdo it with lip gloss - its excess will make the lips shapeless and sticky.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!


  • Focus your attention on the eyebrows - if you do not take care of their shape, you can spoil the effect of the most skillful makeup. Eyebrow correction performed in 2-3 days to avoid unnecessary skin redness. Remove all excess hair.
  • To give clarity - you can use a pencil, or shadows (they are less resistant). To determine the brow tone, attach a pencil to the hairline. The color of the pencil should be either similar or slightly lighter.
  • To brows "lay" use a special gel, or a little gel for hair.
  • At the end of the make-up, use a special fixative spray, spraying it over the entire surface of the face, neck, shoulders and neckline.

Let's look at a few nuances in a wedding make-up for blondes and brunettes.

The main specificity of the differences will be, of course, the color palette of shadows, blush and lipstick.

For fair-haired girls naturalness is most relevant in make-up. Do not emphasize either the lips or the eyes. But at the same time, the makeup should not be too pale - you risk to merge in color with the dress with the hair color.

Bridal makeup bride with your own hands!

  1. Blondes It is better to use pink, cold shades of shadows. Perfect for you emerald eyeliner - it emphasize the lower eyelid. And for the upper eyelid, take a purple eyeliner, and select it only the outer corner. Lighten the sub-arcs with beige-colored shadows. Shade the outer corners of your eyes with khaki shadows.
  2. Brunettes they also do not lose at all, emphasizing their bright beauty with natural makeup. You can use gold, silver shadows. But if your eyes are slightly bulged, or you have heavy eyelids, then avoid such shadows in makeup.

Owners of fair skin can use the shadows of light colors - put them under the eyebrows. So your eyes will look more open.

Focus on either your eyes or your lips. Eyes emphasize bright shadows and extended eyelashes. And if you decide to highlight the lips - select them with an outline pencil and rich lipstick color. But stick to the golden mean, so that your makeup does not look vulgar.

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