Wedding hairstyle for short hair. variants with and without


Modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules, and they even extend to appearance. Young girls and women increasingly prefer not a long braid, but short haircuts, easier to style and care for their hair. Many of those who would like to cut curls, stops the issue of solemn hairstyles. There are doubts about whether it is possible to do some interesting styling for a short haircut. This is especially true on the eve of the wedding, on which every bride wants to feel irresistible.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair: photos and recommendations

Wedding hairstyle for short hair. Variants with and without veils

One of the main rules that the bride should remember is the need to rehearse the solemn moment and take care of all the details of her appearance long before the holiday itself. The option "decide in the morning", acting in most cases, can ruin everything.

First you need to determine the condition of your hair. Split ends, excessive dryness or fat, loss should be eliminated a few months before the celebration.

In addition to this factor, other details come to the fore. For example, the overall image that wants to create a bride. What will be the dress? Bouquet? Accessories? Do you plan to add a veil? Romantic person, dressed in air attire, will look strange with carelessly disheveled and accentuated strands of wax. And soft waves and a tiara will definitely not fit into a non-standard image with a short dress of non-classical color.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

The next point that is important to take into account - facial features. You need to decide what to highlight. For example, with an emphasis on lips, stylists advise to complement the hair with bangs, even if they are fake, and also to divert strands from the chin zone. And if you want to demonstrate the fine line of the cheekbones, you should pay attention to the science director, opening the face. Or haircuts, where the lateral length does not reach the middle of the ear. A prominent nose is played up by bob-style styling with a milled bang and general asymmetry.

Not the last nuance - balance. When looking in the mirror, the reflection should leave a feeling of harmony. If a gaze clings too tightly to something, it is unequivocally chosen incorrectly. It is necessary to take into account the constitution of the bride. For example, with outstanding volumes and the added pomp of a dress, it is unwise to make a smooth haircut with an ultrashort haircut. There will be a feeling of distortion of proportions.

The same can be said about the miniature bride in a dress of "mermaid" style, on whose head even the curved "tower" of short hair is curled and woven. Mixed emotions cause a toned gel-treated styling combined with a large full face, or too voluminous and curly with an elongated one.

Gentle hairstyles with a veil

Wedding hairstyles for short hair without a veil

Such hairstyles are particularly suitable for those brides who still have a sacred church sacrament, or simply want to create a more classical and romantic look.

If preference is given to a long veil, usually complementing the same flowing silhouettes of dresses, in the hairstyle itself it is better not to try to achieve a special volume. Perfectly combed back hair with curled ends, collected at the attachment point. Fixing styling is carried out by a small amount of gel and varnish, as well as short hairpins in tone with the curls.

If you want to hide a high forehead, it is worth making a fringe - thick and straight or asymmetrical and milled. You can do it by imitation, throwing a strand from the front zone across the forehead obliquely and mixing with the total mass of hair on the other side. Additionally, this hairstyle is decorated with small flowers or a neat tiara at the very base of the veil attachment.

In the case when the bride has a bob or a square, there is a chance to look at more complex styling variations. For example, use the idea of ​​a Greek hairstyle that uses a ribbon or headband. They are matched to the overall image, even though most of the accessory will be hidden by hair. Fix weaving without them will not succeed.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair without a veil

  • For the implementation of this wedding hairstyle for short hair, the bezel is put on the head and braided over the entire length by hair that is passed through the top and inward through it, wrapping around the base of the accessory.
  • The free mass remaining in the back of the head is laid in the form of a bundle. If necessary, use chignon. It will add volume.
  • The veil is fastened to the base of the beam, and the top is decorated with a barrette in tone. Taking into account the presence of the rim and accessory in the hair, other decor is better not to use.

Another excellent option, especially recommended for girls with a rounded face and - these are waves in the style of Hollywood of the 20s. Fixation of this kind of styling, of course, higher than the previous one. This hairstyle requires no accessories other than the veil, which stylists advise to replace with a mesh veil, if the image and idea of ​​marriage allows.

What exactly does not make sense to do in a wedding hairstyle with a veil for short hair, so it is skillful and intricate weaving. The point is not even in harmony, but in the fact that this accessory will take away the lion's share of attention and hide all the works of the barber under him. Therefore, a simple and elegant styling without frills - the best way.

Variants of hairstyles for bride veils

Wedding hairstyles for short hair without a veil

Another thing - hair without a veil. It allows you to experiment. Creating a hairstyle, you can afford a little more: pearls, flowers, headbands and tiaras, stones, planted on a special glue ... Similar decorations can be used as a decor. In this case, it is desirable to choose one thing.

For a non-standard celebration where the bride will not have a magnificent dress, you can make a rebellious version of the hairstyle with an ultrashort cut, highlighting part of the strands with wax and ruffling them with your hands. Or you can make a wet effect. For this, the curls are stacked with the fingers on which the gel is applied.

For trouser suits, also often chosen by brides, fit a bob or an asymmetrical bob with perfectly smooth shiny hair and straight bangs. Hairstyle as such is not even required. It is enough just to fix the styling carefully.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair is in many ways even more original and elegant than a tall one of long curls. This option will not only save the time and strength of the bride, he will also save her peace of mind. The risk that the installation will deteriorate due to weather conditions is much lower. And if you want to create a more complex hairstyle, you can always buy chignon, tress or other overhead strands.