Weave braids for short hair

Not so long ago, experts in the field of fashionable hairstyles have introduced a fashion for braids, pigtails. How many different delicious ways weave hair can be! What charming braids turn out! Increasingly, we see girls on the streets with braids instead of the usual straight loose hair.

And indeed, the braids were the beauty of Russian, Slavic girls from ancient times. So why in the modern world should we forget about the most effective indicators of our femininity and beauty?

Stylists have come up with ways to weave and for short hair! Short hair pigtails not a hindrance!

How to weave braids on short hair?

To begin, brush your hair well. This is the key to success of any hairstyle. Now weave a braid. Take the usual braiding weave. Such a pigtail can be easily braided independently.

French braid on short hair

Some call it a spikelet. Weaves very easily.

Separate the strand at the crown or even slightly higher. Divide into three parts. Throw an extreme part on the central part, change them as though by places. Then do the same on the other side.

Returning to the original side, attach to an extreme small strand taken from the remaining part of the hair. And weave as usual. On the other hand, with a strand of pigtails, also attach a small section of remaining hair. So whip. Until you weave all the remaining hair into a pigtail. Secure the ear with a hair tie, a bow or a bright hair clip.

Very simple weaving that is great for short hair. You can choose the width of the braid yourself by choosing the initial part for the braid.

Weave braids for short hair

Spit contrary

Weaving is very fashionable right now. It is woven like a regular braid, only the extreme strand on the central we are not overlapping from above, but from below. That is, weaving is obtained as if in a mirror image, on the contrary.

Braid, so braided look more luxuriant, bulkier than usual.

Spit on bangs

Owners of long bangs can braid a spectacular pigtail with bangs. Turn on a little of your imagination and get different versions of braids that can be braided on bangs and with the help of bangs.

You can braid weave, including strands bangs and gradually move into the main hair. Experiment, maybe you will discover something that you will always use in your hairstyle!

Weave braids for short hair

Afro-braids for short hair

Afro-braids still do not lose their relevance. This is a suitable option for short hair. Hair length may be maximized. The main thing is to have something to grasp.

For afrosholes use floss floss of different colors. Good mix of two colors. You can opt for one thing.

All the hair on the head is divided into strands - potential pigtails. And weave a lot of braids. Threads are woven into braids. First, they are picked up in strands, and then they are weaving independently, only with threads alone.

Afrokosichki hold on the head as long as you want. Of course, the hair is dirty, and they will have to be washed. For this braids better stitched. Rinse hair with them is very problematic!

Pigtails - feminine decoration of the fair sex. It is remarkable that the fashion for them has returned. Holders of short hair do not need to sigh to yourself, thinking that this is not for them. Experiment! Become a hairdresser for your own hair! Change your look with cute braids, various pigtails! Please yourself and attract the attention of the opposite sex!

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