Watches as an addition to the style

Today, the choice of hours is huge, to find a copy suitable for a particular style is not difficult. If before the watch was used solely to determine the time, now these are a stylish accessory, designed to be a complement, and sometimes a highlight of the whole image. At all times, the clock was also a great gift, regardless of superstition and omens.

The most important thing when choosing a watch is to take into account the image, hairstyle, place of use. However, now almost every manufacturer offers watches in different styles. Following the link you can find more than 8000 models, and it is only for women.

For each style - your watch

Self-confident women, who prefer to wear bright and noticeable clothes, can afford to buy watches of any color. Yellow, blue, green, orange colors do not confuse them at all. Bright accessory only uplifting the hostess. Versace and Hermes offer models decorated with flowers and rhinestones. This style decision will be a piquant touch in addition to any outfit.

Watches as an addition to the style

Business women will prefer more restrained and neat models. In this case, the dial is not burdened with unnecessary details, which even with a quick glance is clearly visible. In addition to the usual oval and round shapes, you can find a square dial. A business lady should pay attention to models from Cartier, which offers many discreet samples. Watches Gucci can learn from thousands. This is an excellent style solution, complemented by precious stones and precious metals. Louis Vuitton produces no less famous wristwatches. The company, known for bags and suitcases, has found its niche in the market of elite business hours.

Watches as an addition to the style

Sports women are not offended in terms of diversity. Sport design is often presented even in a larger range than business hours. They are not devoid of femininity and are often made using stones and rhinestones. Guess, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger offer stylish watches in a sporty style.


Watches as an addition to the style

The strap is an important component.

Watch strap offers great opportunities for experimentation. The strap is an indispensable component of the design, which, in turn, completes the image. Properly selected strap is a good means of expression. The classic method of strap selection is in color and dial design. Popular materials include genuine leather due to its water resistance. The skin of rare animals, in particular, reptiles - an indicator of respectability. These straps offer Roberto Cavalli and Dolce&Gabbana.

It is not necessary to buy several hours to combine with different types of clothing; it is enough to choose several interchangeable straps. Some models offer the possibility of changing the lining for the case. Service centers of many famous brands are willing to provide this opportunity. With the help of overlays you can significantly change the style spectrum.

The strap is an important component.

Stylistic design of the case

The appearance of the case determines the quality of the product. Over time, any coating is scratched and loses its presentation. Lacquered finish is the fastest. After a couple of weeks, it deteriorates.

It is not necessary to give preference to the body made of precious metals, so as not to fall face down in the dirt. There are so many other materials that are not inferior in their quality. Steel, polymers, free from impurities, and even plastic can look quite decent.

In the age of technological development, watches moved into the category of luxury. These circumstances force the manufacturer to play with external visualization and materials. Decent hours are provided with a passport and information about the country of origin, brand affiliation.

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