Walnut oil


On the properties of walnut is known for more than one millennium. It is associated with wisdom and intelligence, for it is not for nothing that its core is so similar to the human brain. In Persia, the pundits called this nut the brain, and the extract squeezed out of it was called mind. Unfortunately, this theory has not been scientifically confirmed, but the significance of this nut and the benefits of its oil are indisputable.

Walnut oil: useful properties


Walnut oil is famous for a large number of important elements. It consists of various polyunsaturated fatty acids. This product contains a lot of carotenoids and retinol, which are pure vitamin A, which they turn into in the human body. Also in this nut many other vitamins, for example E, C and group B. There are a lot of micro and macro elements, minerals and amino acids necessary for the body. Walnut oil is not inferior to marine fish, because almost 80% of its composition is filled with various omega acids.

Oil is extracted from walnuts in a cold pressed way. It has a golden hue and a strongly pronounced nutty smell. Because of this, perfumery is the only industry where no walnut extract is used. Most often resort to this fruit in traditional medicine. Thanks to him, many diseases can be overcome, from the simplest ones - constipation, otitis, the common cold, to the most complex ones - oncological diseases, gastric ulcers, tuberculosis and even diabetes.

Walnut oil is no less popular in cosmetology. On the basis of it are preparing various cosmetics for hair and body care.

Walnut oil: useful properties

The use of walnut oil for cosmetic purposes: ways

This product is universal because it combines with any kind of skin and hair. It has inherent nourishing, toning and moisturizing properties.

The simplest use of this oil is to evenly rub it into the skin. It will help make it soft and smooth. This method of application will appeal to all owners of sensitive and dry skin types. The oil will help heal cracks, eliminate dryness and relieve irritation. It is highly valued for its good regenerating properties, therefore, it is used to correct age-related changes in the skin, as well as to correct wrinkles. Due to the high content of antioxidants, walnut oil activates skin tone, giving it smoothness and elasticity.

Walnut oil is also actively used for hair. This product contributes to their strengthening, being one of the components of the daily menu, or as a component of health masks. For a cosmetic procedure, it is enough to include peanut oil to your favorite hair mask. For example, based on honey and eggs: mix yolk with 1 tsp. honey, and then enter into a mixture of 2 tbsp. l nut butter. The mixture is applied to the skin of the head, and left for 30 minutes, then washed off with regular shampoo. Regular use of such a mask helps to nourish the hair follicles and strengthen curls, they will become smoother and more docile.

The use of walnut oil for cosmetic purposes

Reviews of walnut oil are usually positive. A good and high-quality product can be a real boon in home therapy, cosmetology and cooking. Due to the pronounced nutty smell, the taste and refinement of each dish is emphasized. This product is often used for weight loss and is used as a tanning lotion. His favor cannot be underestimated, the list of indications is very high, but there are practically no contraindications. Thanks to walnut oil, you can maintain health and beauty for many years.