Vitamins for hair strengthening


If you vykhojte strengthen your hair, then this does not necessarily resort to using vitamin preparations, however, whatever one may say, these are vitamins in an artificial form, but you can make your diet more balanced. So, what vitamins are important to use to strengthen the hair?

Vitamins for strengthening hair in food

  • Vitamin A(retinol) - if this vitamin is not enough in the body, then the hair becomes dry and brittle, and in extreme cases, lack of retinol leads to hair loss. The body has the ability to accumulate this vitamin and in case of its deficiency get out of stocks. A lot of vitamin A is found in the liver, butter, milk and yolks. There is also a substance beta-carotene, which is synthesized in the body in vitamin A, it contains - dried apricots, carrots, blackberries, gooseberries, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, greens and many other yellow, orange and red vegetables. But keep in mind that for the full absorption of vitamin A, fats are necessary, so eat foods in combination with meat or butter.
  • Vitamin B1(thiamin) - important for the process of protein synthesis, and protein is extremely important for healthy hair. With a lack of thiamine, hair slows in growth and loses shine. Thiamine can be found in various cereal porridge, best of all unprocessed, rye and black bread, as well as in seeds.

  • Vitamin B2(riboflavin) - one of the signs of a lack of this vitamin - the hair quickly oily at the roots, and the tips remain dry. This vitamin is found in many foods, but is consumed by the body very quickly, so it is worth consuming it in large quantities. Riboflavin is found in dairy products, eggs, bread, beer, meat, kidneys and liver of animals.
  • Vitamin b3(nicotinic acid) - important for bright full-color hair, if there is a lack of this vitamin, the hair may turn gray ahead of time. Vitamin B3 is found in high amounts in peanuts, whole grains, fish, liver, and brewer's yeast.
  • Vitamin B5(Pantothenic acid) - is also involved in the formation of pigment for hair. There is in chicken meat, bran, egg yolks, peanuts, broccoli, brewer's yeast.
  • Vitamin B6(pyridoxine) - Vitamin deficiencies can cause dandruff. A large amount of vitamin is in whole grains, chicken, pork, fish, dry yeast, kidneys, eggs, potatoes and cabbage, bananas, nuts and cereals.
  • Vitamin b7(vitamin H, inocitol, or coenzyme R) is essential for good skin, hair, and nail condition. This vitamin is in yolks, milk, liver, lamb, tomatoes, spinach, fresh green peas, mushrooms and wholemeal flour.

  • Vitamin B8(biotin) found in lentils, carrots, spinach, raspberries, blackberries and peaches.
  • Vitamin B9(folic acid) is in cheese, cottage cheese, fish, cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus, apples and bananas, brewer's yeast contains a large amount of vitamin.
  • Vitamin B10(para-aminobenzoic acid) - found in animal products, rice, potatoes, nuts, cabbage, tomatoes, beans and cereals.
  • Vitamin B12(cyanocobalamin) - insufficient vitamin intake can be the cause of dandruff, or even baldness, it is found only in animal products - meat, fish, dairy products, eggs.
  • Vitamin C, or ascorbic is also necessary for healthy hair. It is in citrus, cabbage, pepper, wild rose, black currant.
  • Vitamin E, It is also called the beauty vitamin - it improves blood circulation in the scalp and cares for the health of hair. Vitamin is found mainly in plant foods, in tomatoes, nuts, lettuce, seeds, peas, parsley, sunflower oil and spinach.
  • Vitamin FIt is a complex of fatty acids, which are abundant in any unrefined vegetable oils, as well as in fish oil, germinated grains, nuts, oatmeal and corn.

Eat foods rich in vitamins, and your hair will gain strength and beauty to the envy of others!

Pharmacies today also offer a wide selection of vitamins for hair, but how among these varieties to choose the best tool?

Vitamins for strengthening hair in pharmaceutical preparations

  • Means "Innov Hair density" from the company Vishy. The manufacturer of this product says that the hair after use will become much thicker, stronger and healthier, you should drink this product for at least six months, and then you will notice the effect. The drug is not bad, but it also has a significant drawback - this is a high price, and the effect is the same as when you use regular vitamins.

But "Inneov" can be found a good alternative, the complex contains tannins useful for hair, which can restore strength and beauty to hair, and tannins are contained in green tea, use green tea every day in the morning and evening without sugar instead of black tea and coffee. And the infusion of green tea can be rubbed into the hair roots also twice a day for about 5 minutes. Brunettes can use black tea instead of green tea to avoid hair coloring.

  • Vitamins "Nutrikap"strengthen hair growth, reduce hair loss and make hair more shiny. This tool should be drunk for about six months, but these vitamins are composed of the most common vitamins and minerals. Of course, all these substances can be obtained from nutrition, but if, for example, you are on a diet, then this complex will suit you.
  • Vitamin complex "Alphabet" it is intended not to strengthen the hair, but to heal the whole body, however, regular use of these vitamins have a beneficial effect on the hair.
  • Drug "Mertz Beauty"known to many women, since it has long been an active advertising of these German vitamins. The manufacturer promises that the tool will restore weak damaged hair, because it contains important substances for the hair - zinc, methionine and cysteine. Here, everything is very individual, some of these vitamins will help someone, while others do not and this is connected with the individual characteristics of the body.

  • Brewer's yeast Another good tool for strengthening hair, it contains many trace elements, especially vitamins of group B, which are very important for healthy hair. Popular are the yeast for hair and nails "Evisent", about which many women speak positively.

Without thinking twice, you can purchase any complex for pregnant women’s hair, since all important substances are present in it, and the composition is very harmonious. You can also use tea to strengthen hair for pregnant women.