Vacuum massage for cellulite at home


The best way to fight cellulite is prevention. To do this, you need to improve metabolism, blood circulation, strengthen muscles. It is necessary to eat a balanced diet, go in for gymnastics, stop smoking, etc.

If cellulite has already "decorated" your thighs and buttocks, then effective methods of treatment will help in the fight against it. Among them - vacuum massage from cellulite.

What is the use of anti-cellulite massage vacuum?

Vacuum massage is used in the treatment of many diseases., including for getting rid of cellulite. is he perfectly tightens the skin, making it more elastic.

Thanks to him, the lymphatic drainage is improved, thereby, the toxins and fluids from the tissues are accelerated. Blood circulation in the tissues is improved, the figure is corrected, lethargy, fatigue and muscle tension are removed after any sports activities.

Vacuum massage for cellulite at home

The skin becomes supple, smooth and young. The body gets rid of many harmful substances excreted in sweat. The effect of this massage can be fully compared with the healing effect of the bath.

Cellulite vacuum massage: contraindications

Despite the usefulness of this procedure, it has its own prohibitions and contraindications, which must be taken into account. Among them - high body temperature, high blood pressure, menstruation, heart disease and blood vessels, thrombophlebitis, diabetes. There are also a number of diseases in which such a massage is contraindicated.

Therefore, before you begin to apply a vacuum massage from cellulite, which can be easily done by yourself at home, be sure to consult a specialist.

Vacuum cellulite massage: preparation

  1. Before you perform a vacuum massage at home, you need toproperly prepared for it.
  2. For a start, take a good rest and 30 minutes. Before the procedure, be sure to drink a glass of water.
  3. Then clean and warm your skin well. To do this, it must first be treated with a scrub, and then - make a warming massage with your hands. Use home coffee scrub. Mix finely ground coffee beans with your favorite shower gel - your scrub is ready! Everything is easy and simple.
  4. After you thoroughly cleanse the skin, do the usual classic hand massage. To do this, rub into the skin of any oil from cellulite and thoroughly work through all problem areas.
  5. Use different massage techniques that you only know - rubbing, stroking, kneading to a slight reddening of your skin. This should be done in order for the vacuum massage to become less painful, as well as for you to improve the blood supply to the muscles, increase the activity of the metabolic processes, and indeed improve your mood!

The benefits of using home anti-cellulite vacuum massage is huge, and most importantly - you practically do not spend any money on it. Having achieved smooth skin and built, you will receive a lot of pleasant feedback from your loved ones, therefore, deciding to apply a massage, do not step back.