Vacuum face cleaning

Black dots, or gums, can ruin even well-groomed facial skin. How much time, effort and money are spent on fighting them!

In the age of new technologies, many hardware procedures for dealing with black dots have appeared, one of which is vacuum face cleaning. Vacuum cleaning of the face can be done both in the beauty parlor and at home, if you purchase a special device.

Vacuum face cleaning

Vacuum cleaning of the face: stages

  • Before proceeding with vacuum cleaning, the beautician prepares the skin of the face for the procedure with the help of lotions, foams and gels that remove impurities and excess fat from the surface of the skin.
  • The next stage of preparation for cleaning -vaporization, i.e. steaming face for the expansion of pores. In the process of vaporization, the skin irrigates with steam, or special masks are used to expand the pores.
  • Next is the procedure deincrustation. During this procedure, the skin is affected by electrical impulses of low strength, which helps to further expand the pores and remove sebum.
  • The key step is the vacuum cleaning itself.. Apparatus for vacuum cleaning the face contains several interchangeable nozzles. Depending on the purpose, the beautician selects the desired nozzle. The coracoid tip is applied on fatty areas of the skin, wrinkles are treated with a flat nozzle, and a round nozzle is used to improve blood circulation in the vessels.
  • The procedure of vacuum cleaning of the face takes place with the help of negative pressure, which is created in the cavity of the nozzle, due to which all unnecessary elements are drawn in. With the help of a suction effect, comedones are removed from the skin, cleansing of contaminated pores, and getting rid of excess sebum. Lymphatic drainage is improved, which contributes to the regeneration of skin structures and rapid renewal.

Vacuum face cleaning

After the vacuum cleaning is completed, you need to do surface peeling, to accurately remove particles of exfoliated epidermis. After peeling, a special mask is applied, which has a drying effect.

Vacuum cleaning of the face is recommended to apply no more than once a month.

Vacuum cleaning of facial skin at home

  • Can be purchased facial vacuum cleaner for home use, which allows you to perform a salon procedure at home.
  • First you need clear skin from cosmetics with special lotion or foam.
  • Need tomake steam bath, which contributes to the expansion of pores and more effective cleansing of the skin.
  • Turn on the deviceand lead the tube in those places where there are black dots. The procedure is carried out for 5-7 minutes.
  • After completing the procedure wash our face with cold water, This contributes to the narrowing of pores.

Vacuum cleaning of the face at home

  • You can also wipe the skin with an ice cube or lemon juice.
  • After the procedure, clean the nozzle under the tap.

Recommendations for vacuum face cleaning

  1. After vacuum cleaning the face is not recommended to use cosmetics for 12 hours.
  2. Provide your skin with proper cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. To do this, you must purchase cosmetics that are selected for your skin type.
  3. The procedure can be done no more than 1 time per month.

Vacuum cleaning of the face: reviews

  • With the help of cleaning, you can remove grease plugs on the nose, forehead and chin, and if necessary in other places due to vacuum pressure, i.e. the apparatus acts as a vacuum cleaner.
  • Compared with the usual cleaning of the face, the procedure is less traumatic. After normal cleansing, the skin can recover within a few days, after vacuum cleaning, you can immediately go, even on a date, no one will notice anything.
  • Vacuum cleansing of the face is advised to use for slightly problematic skin., as with deep pores, very oily skin, old acne, judging by the reviews, the vacuum cleaner will not cope.
  • If the skin of the face is sensitive, then be prepared for the appearance of bruises from the procedure. And if there is no time to wait for your bruises on your face to pass, then it is better to give preference to ultrasonic cleaning.

Vacuum cleaning of the face: reviews

  • Users tagged bruising on any skin, If the procedure is carried out by a non-professional at home. Treatments of cleansing are recommended to be treated with a moisturizing cream with calendula or chamomile extract, which have a calming effect.
  • Some argue that, except with black dots, vacuum cleaning will not cope with anything. Therefore, if you seriously took up the fight against problem skin, vacuum cleaning must be combined with other cleaning methods.
  • Most of the ladies remained completelysatisfied with the effect of vacuum cleaning of the face. The skin is smoothed, the pores are narrowed, the skin of the face becomes healthy.
  • The main advantage of this procedure is, according to reviews, narrowing of pores on face.
  • A big plus is also considered that vacuum cleaning of the face helps not only to treat problem skin, but also produces massotherapy, through which improves blood flow to the cells. As a result, the face looks fresher and younger.
  • Some consider the cost of the most vacuum cleaning of the face to be quite affordable, but it is too expensive for someone. If the problem of black dots has become an acute problem, perhaps it will be more profitable to purchase a vacuum cleaner. The negative towards home vacuum cleaning machines is due to the fact that it is often not possible to prepare the skin on your own, and the result is bruising and peeling on the skin.

Vacuum cleaning of the face: video

WITHfeatures of the vacuum face cleaning, its procedure and description You can also meet in the video.

Follow the rules of care for your skin, nourish and protect it, otherwise vacuum cleaning will not help you to achieve a long-term result!

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