Types of manicure


Well-groomed hands were and remain a sign of a successful and wealthy person. Indeed, in the modern world (especially women) tend to evaluate the appearance completely: from the fact that we are dressed to the color of our nails.

We offer to make a small review on those types of manicure, which now offer beauty salons.

Classic manicure

Classic or edged manicure is quite unsafe. You can damage the cuticle and cause infection. And after visiting the inept manicurist, the appearance of burrs is possible.

European manicure

This is a unedged manicure. The skin around the nail only moves away. The rest of it looks like a classic manicure. The cuticle softens, the nail plate is polished and polished.

Hardware manicure

This is a kind of European manicure. It is carried out by means of the device with the replaceable fast-rotating grinding nozzles.

French manicure

The most elegant type of manicure. It is universal, as is suitable for any clothing. The peculiarity of such a manicure is a white accent on the tip of the nail.

Art french

This is a branch of French manicure. Here, non-standard color combination is actual. You can use the colors that you like.

American manicure

The peculiarity of this type of manicure in rich bright colors. The nails are long, oval-shaped. Varnish color should match the same tone of lipstick.

Japanese manicure

This is one of the new technologies of nail care. It allows you to improve the appearance of nails. Japanese manicure is recommended for both women and men.

Spanish manicure

This is a rich, deep color varnish. Spanish manicure is ideal for thin nails, as it visually seals the nail plate. Use and dim colors. Each of us used this type of manicure, when we covered our nails first with one color, then with another.

Mini manicure

It takes a minimum of time and effort. This is a very simple and most common type of manicure. Every woman can do it at home (and does).

Basic manicure

This is the basis without which it is impossible to do. It’s like a mini manicure with hand care (peeling and massage).

Delux manicure

This is an advanced basic manicure. Additional procedures for the beauty of hands: masks, aromatherapy and paraffin therapy. Held on the arms to the elbow joint.

Paraffin therapy

This moisturizing, whitening the skin of the hands, healing of cracks, restoring the water balance of the skin. It is recommended for those who have very dry skin of the hands. This is a very pleasant procedure.

Wet manicure

This is a type of manicure needed to soften the cuticle, soothe the skin and relax the muscles. A special composition is usually applied around the nails to soften the cuticle, as well as nourishing oil on the nails.

Hot manicure

It is recommended in the cold season, as well as for people with dry skin of the hands. May be the stage of nail extension.

SPA manicure

SPA means health with water. Water is used any: thermal, sea or fresh, mineral. And also applied therapeutic mud, salts, algae, aromatic oils. This procedure will give you a great opportunity to relax and make the handles more beautiful.

Gel manicure

This restoration and strengthening of nails. This is achieved by coating with special three-phase gels. Under the gel grows durable, solid nail plate. Gel manicure is done only on their natural nails.

Aquarium manicure

This is nail design with the creation of volume inside the nail. Volume is usually created using sculpting. The picture looks like a convex glass.

Wedding manicure

Maybe French, and other of the above species. The main thing is to be sure to have a white color, and a manicure came up to your overall image of the bride.

Male manicure

It is beautiful, solid and aesthetic. Male hands, too, should look well-groomed. In men's manicure, one rule is used: the shape of the nail repeats the shape of the fingertip. Otherwise, men's hands will look ridiculous.

Children's manicure

Requires high accuracy. Do not use a hard nail file. Children are treated with finely grained nail file and beautifully brightly painted.

We need to take care of our pens as much as our face and hair.. Fortunately, now there are many beauty salons where we can offer a variety of more efficient hand care procedures. But you also need to maintain your own beauty on your own. Do not forget about it!