Types of bangs. description and photo of the main types of

Bangs came into vogue long ago, but remains popular today. With it, you can easily and quickly change your style and hairstyle. Properly chosen bangs will highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses, as well as help to focus on the eyes or cheekbones. Chosen wrong, on the contrary, spoil your image. If you want to change the hairstyle and cut the bangs, you should not be guided by fashion trends, they change very often. Bangs should be chosen according to the shape of your face.

The main types of bangs: photo and description

Types of bangs

Types of bangs

Types of bangs

There are several basic types of bangs and each of them can be made in different variations. Pick up a bang under a hairstyle and type of the person. It is best for the first time to cut it from a good master, who will tell you what suits you. The complexity of bang care also depends on its appearance and length. Most girls and women have to spend a lot of time every day on its styling.

  • Oblique fringe retains its popularity for a long time. She is in perfect harmony with long hair and hairstyles of them, as well as with short haircuts. Oblique fringe helps to equalize the proportions of the face and is most suitable for girls with oval, round and square face.
  • Long and straight bangs have now become very fashionable. It is best to combine it with long hair, as well as with a hairstyle that requires matched strands. This type of bangs can be laid and stabbed in different ways, it all depends on what kind of image you want to create.
  • Long, laid on the side bangs helps to make facial features more symmetrical and delicate. Best of all, it will suit the owners of the face in the form of a triangle.
  • Women with a rectangular face is better to choose a long and rare bangs.
  • "Picabu" - bangs, which partially closes the eyes. It is impractical and can cause discomfort in everyday life.
  • Torn and long bangs distract attention from the large lower part of the face and large chin.
  • Classic feather bangs fit girls with any type of face. In addition, it is combined with many types of haircuts and will look beautiful with both everyday and festive styling and hairstyles.
  • The bohemian chic bang closes the eyebrows and reaches the level of the eyelashes, which can be uncomfortable in everyday life.
  • Graduated short bangs - the best choice for girls with a rounded type of face. She is in perfect harmony with long hair. Graduated bangs will complement a variety of short haircuts and curls of medium length.
  • Multi-layered bangs require careful maintenance, but with it you will look spectacular and stylish at any time.
  • The classic type of bangs softens the angularity of the triangular and oval face. It will give symmetry, make the face more tender, and also emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. This bang is not recommended for girls with curly hair.

How to choose the type of bangs?

Experts do not advise to resort immediately to cardinal changes of image and hairstyle. It is better to make small changes first, and then experiment. This is especially true for middle-aged women and those who have already decided on their style.

In order to increase the volume of hair, make a wide bang, which will start from the top of the head. She will look beautiful with long laid and flowing hair, as well as collected in her hair.

Types of bangs

Types of bangs

Experts do not recommend tall and thin girls to make bangs that are too long and straight, this will disrupt the proportions of the body. But for women with low growth ona will be to face.

It's hard enough to pick a bang for curly hair. It is important before you cut it to consult with an experienced master. But best of all girls with wavy hair bangs do not.

If you decide to cut your bang for the first time, do not make it very short. Firstly, very short bangs look ugly and very few people will face, and secondly, long you can easily stab if it does not suit you.

What are theIdes bangs with long hair?

Now long hair is in fashion. Despite the fact that it is quite difficult to care for them, long curls have the most important advantage - one can make many different hairstyles from them. Bangs with long hair, the same goes well, the main thing is to choose the right look.

Short and smooth bangs look quite extravagant. They are well suited for girls with a small forehead and are able to visually enlarge it. Also, the masters advise to make a short bang for those whose cheek line is very pronounced. Short bangs do not require much time for care and styling. To prevent strands from knocking it out, just sprinkle with a little hairspray. However, this type of bangs is not recommended for owners of curly hair. Laying it will be very difficult and it will only keep its shape for a short time.

Long and medium length, symmetrical. Long bangs will help hide the flaws of the face and visually correct its shape. It can be laid in different ways, making it both volumetric and natural. Long bangs, which starts from the top of the head will help give the hair volume.

Oblique bangs can be chosen for any type of person. It is easy to lay and care for it does not require much time and effort from you. Oblique bangs in harmony with long hair, trimmed exactly, as well as hairstyles such as "Cascade". Strands of such bangs can be colored, only the color should be well combined with a touch of hair.

Bangs with torn strands are more suitable for young girls. Some strands can be lightened, which will make your hair stylish and showy.

Selection of the type of bangs according to the shape of the face

Masters advise owners of oval-type faces to make a long fringe. Its lower boundary may be located at the level of the eyebrows or eyelashes. In general, other types will suit the oval face. Just do not make bangs too thick and heavy. It will look good thinned or medium density.

It is very important that the bangs do not interfere in everyday life and work. Avoid species that close their eyes. Especially carefully to the choice of long bangs should be treated girls with poor eyesight. Wearing such a haircut can significantly impair vision and lead to eye fatigue.

Types of bangs

Types of bangs

Long bangs for girls with an oval face are recommended to wear with straight long hair or matched in a ponytail. Thick options create an emphasis on the eyes. If you have curly hair should give preference to oblique long bangs.

Round-faced girls are advised not to wear bangs. But if you nevertheless decided to do it, then it is better to give preference to classical or direct. These types will help to visually make the face slightly elongated and correct its shape.

There are several types of straight bangs for a rounded face:

  1. Straight straight bangs are more suitable for girls with thick hair. It goes well with a bob haircut or long hair.
  2. Smooth bangs with torn strands well complement the average length of the haircut and hairstyle of long hair. This bang is very important to properly stack. About the rules of installation is best to learn from your master.
  3. Oblique bangs on the side refers to asymmetric types of bangs. It is the most successful option for owners of a rounded face. The elongated shape, which is directed downward visually makes the face more elongated, thereby correcting its shape. The accents of the face are shifted in the vertical direction. Views towaspsx celaboutto may be different: short, medium or long. Harmonious on the round face look medium and long oblique bangs, as well as with protruding tips.

When choosing a bang, you should first of all be guided by the shape of your face and the haircut you are wearing or planning to do. Remember that bangs will create you additional difficulties. She needs to be able to properly stack and care for her. You will also need to learn how to make different hairstyles that will harmonize with your new look.

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