Trendy colors of summer 2012


The summer, which the inhabitants of our country so dreamed of in the long winter, has already come. Girls go on diets for the beach season, buy subscriptions in a tanning salon, study fashion magazines to find out what to wear in the upcoming season. To help you, dear readers, our article on the trend colors of summer 2012.

Colors in clothes in the summer of 2012

Bright colours

During the snow-white winter, we really missed the bright saturated colors around us. So designers offer fashionable women in the summer of this year to color themselves and the world around.

  • What could be brighter than the sun? Probably nothing. This summer, do not hesitate to combine several sunny colors in one outfit. Yellow and orange charge you and others with positive emotions.

  • Redand its various shades are popular at any time of the year. But only in the summer of 2012 to combine it with other colors should be very careful. Summer red does not tolerate excessive diversity. But the red-white and red-black combinations - at the height of fashion.
  • Herbal shades - the summer trend! Shades of green from the bright emerald and light green to the muted olive and marsh is the best suited for the hottest time of year. But be careful and carefully choose "your" green, so as not to add Zelentsy to the shade of your face.
  • Colors of the sea and skypresented in the summer collection of fashion designers than any other. Dark blue, cornflower blue, azure, the color of the ocean wave ... Sea theme does not lose ground for the second season in a row!

  • Loved by blondes pink the color is presented this summer in all its glory - from the color of strawberries with cream to bright and eye-catching fuchsia. They are perfectly combined both among themselves, and with black, violet, gray.
  • Classic White and black colors can also be attributed to bright. Individually or in combination with each other and other shades, they are a win-win.

Pastel colors

Pastel got its name from Italian "and pastello" - the way of drawing with black Italian pencil and red sanguine. On the catwalks with pastel shades, designers emphasize femininity, naturalness, tenderness and lightness, and this is exactly the trend in the summer 2012 season.

Sky blue, mint, pistachio, lilac, lemon, ashes of roses, as well as all the shades of beige - these are the fashion trends of pastels. Combining them is recommended not in contrast, but among themselves. How exactly? Designers say this: think about your favorite sort of ice cream, and combine the colors in clothes like balls of cooling delicacy in the cone: pistachio with strawberry, chocolate with vanilla and so on.

On the recommendations of designers, read the article Fashionable colors in clothing in the summer of 2012. Recommendations of designers.

Fashionable colors in shoes and accessories in the summer of 2012

Shoes, handbags and belts should be selected in the same color scheme as clothing. That is, if you prefer pastel shades for your outfit, then the handbag should be appropriately discreet. And to a bright attire and a bag to match the juicy color scheme.

Trendy summer colors in manicure

The last year’s bright accrued fashion nails are moving to the background. Summer 2012 season squeak - the shortest marigolds covered with pastel shades. Regardless of what colors in clothes you prefer, varnish should be natural, natural shades.

Shades of beige and milky, gray - from light to graphite, brown, pale pink and light peach - this is the color scheme to take note. Whether in tune with your outfit or in contrast with bright clutch bags, it's all the same. Of the bright colors, perhaps, only the classic scarlet is not out of fashion.

Fashionable shades in makeup in the summer of 2012

Summer makeup is significantly different from make-up at any other time of the year. If the clothes are dominated by a bright color palette, then in summer make-up, stylists recommend abandoning the intensive use of cosmetics. As in manicure, Prefer weightless pastels.

It is also fashionable to use shades of metallic shades of blue and green. Win-win - light gray shadows.

Here, perhaps, is the main thing that an inveterate fashionista needs to know to be at height this summer. Love yourself and all the best to you!

Especially for Olga Efremova