Boots-boots are rightfully considered to be a bright and fashionable addition to any women's dress. This kind of autumn-winter shoes does not lose its popularity for several seasons in a row and has a large number of fans. Heeled boots visually give legs and slenderness to the legs, but if the clothes are chosen incorrectly, they will look defiant! That is why it is important to understand - what you can wear boots, to make the image elegant and seductive.

Treads with a short dress will look very impressive, but here it is important to comply with the measure with a long one. After all, too short dress or skirt will make the owner unnecessarily defiant. The distance between the boots and the dress is 15 cm. The combination of boots and a dress with a deep neckline also looks unprofitable.

The best solution is high-heeled boots and midi dress. By the way, when you are going to wear this type of shoe, you do not need to choose a lot of accessories.

Treads: what to wear?

Classic is a combination of boots with a skirt, but again - the length is important here. Too long skirts in this combination look tasteless. Looks great model, whose length ends just above the knee. There are a lot of styles of these clothes, combined with similar shoes: bell skirt, with smell, classic, military.

The combination of boots with trousers is also common, especially here pipes or narrowed-up models are suitable. Perfectly look and trousers with a narrowed shaft and shortened long. They emphasize the hips and look like with shoes with heels, and with boots on a flat sole. By the way, the boots here are better to choose with a wide bootleg and lapel.

Knitted shoes are widespread in our time, you can wear them with shorts, short skirts, knitted dresses, tunics and long sweaters. In this case, there is no rigid framework. Knitted boots visually slim figure and can be worn by almost all ladies.

The choice of colors is also diverse. Black, gray and white knitted jackboots are more popular than others, you can combine them with almost any kind of clothing. Their decoration is also very diverse: buttons, patterns, lacing, etc. They are most often put on translucent tights in the same color scheme with them.

Treads: what to wear?

Many fashion designers give the first role in the ladies wardrobe leather jackets. Especially refined look models of thin leather. The main thing - do not make the image vulgar. You can not wear such shoes with down jackets and sports jackets. Well, they will look with a coat, but you can experiment with a poncho or Cape. Beneficially look boots without a heel with a leather jacket or any style of jackets, fur coats and fur vests.

Treads without a heel: create a stylish look

Stylists believe that such boots are ideal shoes, especially for Russian winters. You can wear them with almost anything - and with a simple dress just above the knee, jeans, skinny pants, short skirts, and so on.

Such shoes should be in harmony with the style of clothing. For example, if you are going to shod such boots with a dress or skirt, then they should have pointed noses. Then the kit will look stylish and profitable.

When wearing a suit with jeans, you should choose a tunic or even an elongated sweater, especially this combination attracts those who love comfortable and warm clothes.

Treads: what to wear?

Boots, boots without a heel - these are universal shoes, which also solves the problem of convenience, and this is important during ice and frost.

Choosing such shoes should be based on your taste, the main thing is to pay close attention to the quality of the material, the fastening of the sole, the absence of external defects - cracks, creases (this is especially important for suede shoes).

How to choose boots with heels?

Before you buy such shoes, you must first measure your foot, because even a low heel with the wrong size can be harmful to health, and studs - even more so!

The height of the heel will depend on the image, body and height.

The main rule for choosing the height of the stud is not to wear uncomfortable models. This facet is quite easy to recognize. You just need to wear any shoes with heels and try to stand on your toes. If you managed to do this and the heels broke off at least 1 cm from the floor, then this is the height limit. After that, it remains to buy heels with heels of the same height.

It must be remembered that often the shoes are complemented by a comfortable platform. Because of this, you can feel great on a 15 cm stiletto, 5-10 cm of which are compensated by the platform.

Treads: what to wear?

Any girl who wore shoes with heels, and then begins to walk on a low heel, immediately feels the difference. Therefore, it is better to choose a stud with a wide base so that it supports you.

Still need to regularly change shoes. It is advisable to do this during the day. For example: come to work in shoes without a heel, and then change shoes in stilettos.

Wearing a hairpin, you need to wear stockings or socks every time, this will give comfort to the sock. Even for these purposes are perfectly suited leggings. At the same time, the head must be held high, because when you stand up straight when walking, the load on the spine is distributed correctly. In addition, the pain in the legs and pressure will be reduced.

You can also use special gel inserts or orthopedic insoles. After all, when shoes are new or unaccustomed, you can feel discomfort.

What to wear boots with: photo

Treads: what to wear?

Treads: what to wear?

Treads: what to wear?

Treads: what to wear?

Treads: what to wear?

Treads: what to wear?

It is possible to combine boots with any styles, they can perfectly harmonize with both classic clothes and everyday ones.

What exactly to wear with boots is only up to you, the main thing is not to forget that a well-chosen combination will make the image sexy and attracting looks! It is important to follow the simplest rules and critically evaluate your new bow.