Tonic for the face at home

When you use make-up everyday, your face is strongly affected. In order to keep the skin always fresh and young, it must be cleaned and looked after.

To keep the pores of the skin clean and your skin breathing, you need to use a tonic to cleanse your face. You can buy it, but the best way is to make a tonic with your own hands.

Rules for making tonic at home

Tonic for the face at home

  • To prepare the tonic, determine the type of your skin, and then select the composition suitable for it.
  • The resulting tonic should be poured into a dark glass container and stored in a cool place for no more than 3 days.
  • If you have added alcohol to the tonic, it can be stored for a longer time, but for people with sensitive skin it will not work.

Types of facial tonics

  • The most simple of the tonics is pink water. It will refresh and tonic the skin.
  • Grapefruit tonic is rich in antioxidants.
  • Cucumber tonic helps to refresh the skin.
  • A tonic made from flowers will have a rejuvenating effect.
  • Ice tonic tighten the skin.
  • Fruit tonic will help to tighten pores and remove excess sebum.
  • Tea tonic can help against acne and inflammation.
  • Tonic lime and grape suitable for dry skin.
  • Chamomile tonic will have a wonderful effect on sensitive skin, due to its soothing properties.
  • Tonic on alcohol will also have a disinfecting effect.

How to make a fragrant facial tonic?

How to make a fragrant facial tonic?

  • For normal skin need chamomile and mint.
  • For oily skin - marigold, peppermint and lavender.
  • For sensitive skin, use violet and parsley.
  • For dry skin - violet and rose.

To prepare the tonic, take 3 teaspoons of fresh herbs, 1 teaspoon of dry herbs. Put them in a bowl, mix and add apple vinegar. Close the container with a lid and put it in a dark place. After 10 days, strain the infusion. Then pour the liquid into the bottle. Before you use a tonic, dilute 1 tbsp. spoon, 0.5 cups boiled water and wash them.

Anti-aging facial tonic at home

To prepare a rejuvenating tonic, pour boiling water over an immortelle, calendula, mint, or parsley. Mint tonic is nice to put on your face. It has a rejuvenating and cooling effect. An ice tonic will have a rejuvenating effect and help to give a fresh look and protect water from the harmful effects of tap water.

Rose, Cucumber and Grapefruit Face Tonic

Rose, Cucumber and Grapefruit Face Tonic

  • Rose water will help remove puffiness under the eyes, tighten the skin and have a preventive effect against inflammation. For its preparation, you need to take fragrant roses, pour boiling water over the petals and leave to infuse in heat. At 1 tbsp. spoons use 2 tbsp. spoons of boiling water.
  • To prepare a grapefruit tonic, its skin needs to be filled with boiling water or grapefruit juice with mineral water. If you want to achieve a whitening effect, you can add lemon juice to grapefruit juice.
  • To prepare cucumber tonic, you need to grate the cucumber and strain it through gauze. The resulting tonic can have a rejuvenating effect on the face.

Tonic for oily skin at home

  • To prepare the tonic, take 2 tbsp. spoons of green tea, 250 ml of hot water, 1 tsp of lemon juice. Pour tea into a saucepan and cover with hot water, leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain. You can apply it on the face in the morning and in the evening.
  • For the preparation of fruit tonic you need 100 ml of milk, lemon juice and orange. Mix 2 tbsp. spoons of lemon and 1 tbsp. spoon of orange and fill them with 100 ml of milt. Heat the mixture to 80 ° C, cool and refrigerate.

Tonic for problem skin

Tonic for problem skin

Mix 2 tbsp. spoons of chamomile, calendula, mint and lavender. Fill the mixture with 2 cups of hot water. Broth insist 50 minutes before you use it, strain.

Tonic for dry skin at home

  • Dry skin is suitable tonic of lime blossom. Take 3 tbsp. spoons of lime blossom and 1 cup of hot water. Pour the grass into a glass jar and fill it with hot water. Insist on for 1 hour. Then strain and apply immediately.
  • Also suitable for dry skin tonic from grapes. To prepare it, take 1 glass of light grapes, salt and honey. Mash grapes, not squeezing the juice. Leave it for 1.5 hours. After squeezing the juice and add honey. At 0.5 cups of juice, add 1 pinch of salt and 1 tsp of honey. After this, mix the tonic and infuse for 50 minutes.

Tonic makeup remover at home

  • To get a make-up remover, dilute black tea with hot water and before applying the cream, rinse your face free of make-up. For oily skin such a tonic will be especially useful.
  • To give a person a rest, you can make a mint tonic. Brew a few leaves of mint with boiling water, cool the broth and apply on face.
  • If you pour boiling water over a leaf of lettuce, you will get a tonic that can enhance the protective properties of the skin.

Tonic for irritation at home

Chamomile tonic will help to cope with irritation on the skin. To prepare the tonic, take 1 tbsp. spoon of chamomile and 0.5 liters of boiling water. Pour boiling water over chamomile flowers, let cool and freeze. Wipe your face with these ice cubes. This tonic will help get rid of acne and oily shine.

Alcohol-based face tonic

Alcohol tonic is suitable for prolonged use. Take a string, cut it and pour into a bottle. Then fill it with vodka, so that it covers the grass a little. Leave it for 14 days, shaking it every 2 days. After take the gauze, strain the tincture and pour it into the bottle. Bottle clean in a dark place. Use sparingly.

Making a tonic with your own hands, you will know exactly what is included in its composition. The use of natural ingredients will have a beneficial effect on the condition of your skin. Making tonic at home, you can choose the one that is right for you.

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