Tincture of calendula acne

Since ancient times, Calendula has been famous for its properties that are used in cosmetology. It can be used not only by professional cosmetologists in clinics and salons, but also by any other person at home. Most often, Calendula is used to care for combination, oily and problem skin. Means prepared on the basis of this plant, well cope with the resulting acne. In the fight against these entities, calendula products are very effective and affordable.

Calendula tincture helps fight scars and other marks that often accompany acne.

Calendula tincture: indications and therapeutic properties

The use of tincture of calendula is recommended mainly for problems related to dermatology. In addition to treating acne, tincture of this plant can help with the appearance of stomatitis, burns, wounds and abrasions. The alcohol contained in the tool helps to decontaminate and slightly dry the skin.

Tincture of calendula acne

Equally important is the action of the components that the calendula itself includes. They accelerate cell regeneration, and also have an anti-inflammatory effect and are an antibiotic. Thanks to this remedy, the wounds do not begin to fester, because their cleansing is quick. In addition, calendula tincture prevents the formation of scars, restoring the skin on which injuries appeared.

For these reasons, calendula tincture helps to overcome acne. It should be noted that in the first 3-4 days of using the product you may notice a deterioration. Acne will come to the surface, and on your face may appear many ripened abscesses, which form white spots. You should not worry, because then the skin will be cleansed, it will become smooth, and the color of your face will become noticeably more even.

If you purchased a ready-made tincture in a pharmacy, then one part of the tincture should be diluted with three parts of water. The resulting tool is necessary to treat problem areas of the skin. It is best to apply tincture point. For this you can use a cotton swab. Remember that calendula has a drying effect, so it is better if the tincture does not get to healthy skin. Otherwise, you risk overdrying healthy skin.

Experts recommend treating acne with calendula tincture twice a day. However, calendula tincture will leave yellowish spots on the skin, therefore, if this effect is extremely undesirable for you, you can use the product once a day.

Calendula tincture for acne: indications and therapeutic properties

Calendula tincture is effective against primitive rash, as its composition contains substances belonging to the group of aromatic retinoids. They normalize the regulation of sebum formation processes. To use calendula tincture in the fight against acne, dilute the product with water in the ratio of 1:40. The resulting solution must be washed face 2 or 3 times a day. The effect will not be noticeable immediately. However, after about 2-3 weeks the result will appear. The main advantage of using calendula against acne is that the effect obtained from the product lasts a long time, so do not spare time for a course of treatment.

Tincture of calendula against acne at home

If for some reason you do not want or can not purchase the product at a pharmacy, you can prepare various medicinal products from calendula and at home.

  • Calendula tincture: a recipe. You will need 2 tbsp. fresh flowers of calendula ½ tbsp. alcohol or vodka. Calendula flowers, place in a glass jar and pour with alcohol (vodka). The vessel must be closed and placed for a week in a dark place. When the calendula infusions, strain the infusion. Keep the product in a cool place. You can use calendula tincture prepared at home, as you can at the pharmacy. In addition, you can mix calendula tincture with other ingredients and get a variety of cosmetics at home.

Tincture of calendula against acne at home

  • Calendula tincture + honey against acne. You will need 200 ml of purified water, 2 tsp. honey and 2 tsp tincture of calendula. All listed ingredients mix thoroughly. The resulting tool wipe the face 2 times a day. This tool can be used to combat acne and inflammation of the skin.
  • Tincture Calendula + "Levomitsetin" from acne. To prepare such a tool, you need:
  1. Calendula tincture - 50 ml
  2. Boric alcohol - 30 ml
  3. Salicylic alcohol - 50 ml
  4. "Levomitsetin" - 4 tablets
  5. Medical Sulfur - 5 g

All ingredients need to be mixed. Lubricate the acne with a cotton swab. It is necessary to do this procedure twice a day.

Tincture of calendula against acne

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Contraindications to the use of calendula tincture from acne and other means based on it may be individual intolerance to the components. If it is not available, you can safely use the gift of nature - calendula in the fight against acne, acne and inflammation of the skin.

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