Thermo curlers

The beauty industry today offers a wide range of styling devices: for example, heated hair rollers, which are still not familiar to everyone. Does the final result depend on a particular model, and which hair curlers are better? There are several key criteria that will help you find your ideal. And to finalize the choice will help consumer reviews.

Heated hair rollers: what are the best buy

  1. First, pick up the curlers depending on the length of your hair: it will be difficult to make soft waves with a large diameter for short ones, but any experiments can be performed on medium-length hairs.
  2. Secondly, pay attention to the presence of the function of protection against overheating, which not only saves the device itself, but also your hair. The same applies to the ability to regulate the temperature of electric thermal rollers: it directly depends on the power, which varies from 35 to 350 watts.
  3. Thirdly, look for velor or teflon coated thermal rollers: options made of aluminum will be no less harmful than old metal tongs. And no matter how you protect your hair care, waving all the same will affect them not the best way.

Heated hair rollers: what are the best buy

As for specific manufacturers, such established brands as Babyliss, Remington, Scarlett, Philips hold the palm. Select the best help left on various portals and forums comments.

How to use heated hair rollers?

How to use heated hair rollers?

Boil or not - that is the question. Mindful of the old versions of this subject, which for several hours mothers and grandmothers twisted their hair, women try to apply the same algorithm to new models, but everything is much simpler here. Instructions for use of heated hair rollers of any manufacturer are as follows:

  • Before the procedure, the hair should be washed, preferably with an air conditioner, since it will still be exposed to thermal effects. The strands are dried a little with a towel so that the water does not flow from them, then they are treated with foam or mousse.
  • The device must be heated: if it is electric, it is simply connected to a power source, and after a few minutes it is ready to work. The temperature is set individually. If electric hair rollers are not electric, they are immersed in hot water for 5-7 minutes, but you do not need to boil them! Just warm up. In the latter case, there is a small flaw - you can not adjust the temperature.
  • Then the hair is wound with strands of any width (depending on the desired effect), they are fixed independently on the teeth, which are located along the surface of the thermal rollers.
  • As soon as the device cools down (after 15 minutes), it is removed, and the resulting curls are whipped with your fingers.

Reviews for heated hair rollers BaByliss and Remington

Reviews for thermal rollers BaByliss and Remington

Both manufacturers can rightly be called titans in the creation of hairdressing devices, so they, as shown by numerous comments, women trust most often. Judging by the reviews in various forums, the model BAB3021E of the brand BaByliss is very popular, whose shortcoming is only the price. One of the advantages of the device is a ceramic coating, a dwell time of 5 minutes, no need to fix the curls.

Competition can make Remington with model KF20i or 0747. In their reviews about them, women focus on the most careful attitude to the hair, even with frequent styling, velor coating. Heating time is 15 minutes, curling time is 10-15 minutes, but can be extended to 1 hour. Then the hairstyle is maintained for 2-3 days. Included with the thermal rollers are lightweight plastic clips, not traumatic strands.

Thermo curlers Scarletand Philips: consumer reviews

Scarlett Philips Heated Hair Curlers: Consumer Feedback

Philips and Scarlet brands of hair curlers say little, since these manufacturers are not able to boast a wide range of styling devices of this type. Nevertheless, you can find a few reviews on the following models:

  • ScarlettSC60. A good budget option that does not cause much harm to hair, but styling is held at best half a day, curls are very soft, light. Electric hair rollers are completely electric, do not need to be heated in water, but they heat very little.
  • PhilipsHP4611. They have a ceramic coating, heating is fast (1-2 minutes), the maximum temperature is 135 degrees. Hair curls in 8-10 minutes, however, as comments have shown, on soft, thin hair, curls made by this device last only 2-3 hours.

What are thermal rollers better? Judging by the reviews of consumers, it is better to trust to focus only on the segment of hairdressing services of manufacturers: BaByliss and Remington. Most of their models do not cause complaints, and some points will have to be clarified according to specific requirements.

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