The power of female hair. hair and cosmic energy

Hair is what makes us beautiful, feminine and charming. But from time immemorial hair is not just the dignity of a woman, but her hidden, invisible strength, a reflection of the level of internal energy.

These are the female natural "antennas" of our body, which take energy from the outside and carry it into the body and into the life of the woman and back. Sometimes they are called cosms, because through them we have a connection with the Cosmos, with the Universal Intuition, with God. The condition of a woman’s hair and attitudes affect their family well-being, the success of a man, and the health of children.

Your hair should be treated with attention and love. They perform several very important functions.

Hair and cosmic energy

Hair is the connection of a woman with the Higher Powers. In Russia, girls walked with a long braid, which had a hidden meaning: it covered the spinal column and thus protected the chakras - the energy centers located along the spine. This filled the spirit of the girl with special life energy. Spit was a symbol of unity (interlacing into one) of the vital forces Worlds Yavi, Navi and Rule.

Believed to be one Spit on the head of a woman - this is her relationship with God. When a girl was married, she had two braids instead of one: the first was to keep in touch with God and hear His voice, the second was to maintain an energy bond with her husband, to receive energy from Cosmos and for him, to support him with her own power. In the female spit lies the welfare of the home. Everybody knew about this before, so the barbarians during the invasion of Russia for a start hunted the prince's wife in order to cut off her scythe and so deprive both the prince and the city itself of vital force.

Hair length and feminine strength

Our hair performs the function of a battery, they are able to accumulate energy. An intuition works much better for a woman with long hair, it is also easier for her to carry a healthy child.

It is believed that cutting off hair, a woman loses mental and physical strength, is separated from the source of energy, breaks off communication with her guardian angels and shortens her life. Taking care of the hair, we perform austerity and leave all the problems in them, but if we cut our hair, we will drive the problems inside. The commandment of God of Svarog sounds like this: "Do not cut your eyes with light brown, different from each other, but with gray hair, for you will not comprehend the Wisdom of God and lose your health."

Woman's hair should be long. Hair falling below the point in the center of the chest, cover the heart center - Anahatu Chakra, connecting the three lower and three higher chakras. Anahata fills a woman with the energy of love, compassion, mercy, kindness. The longer our hair, the higher the spiritual strength. Long hair is surrounded by energy waves that protect against negative influences and give divine power.

Since hair is an energy storage device, if you do not want to "collect" bad energy from the outside world, it is better to leave the house with the collected hair, butto accumulate energy or share it with loved ones, it is necessary to dissolve hair.

Human hair and memory

Our hair keeps the memory of the past. Due to the connection of hair with memory, it is recommended not to cut small children.. When a child learns, he actively learns the world, depriving him of his hair, we erase his knowledge, and he begins to learn first, to develop anew.

Sometimes, as a last resort, a person who has suffered a great deal of grief needs to have a haircut in order to get rid of an incurable disease, be cleansed of sins and spiritually reborn. Cutting the hair means giving a signal to the Universe about the thirst for change. At the same time, the memory remains, but the negative feelings and emotions of the past disappear.

Hair health is a reflection of body health.

Hair tells about the state of the internal organs, in particular - the hormonal system, the most important system of the female body. Therefore, we can say this: look at your hair and see how their mistress feels. Long and carefully combing our hair, giving them attention, we remove the negative from life and relax our body. And when a woman's body is relaxed, it contributes to good health.

To hair grew faster, It is necessary to trim them in the days of the new moon by 1 cm, and the hair should be carefully collected and burned. Also, for good hair growth, after trimming the tips, bring them to the willow or any fruit tree, hang them on the branches, or throw them in a fast stream. Then the hair growth will be as fast as the ripening of the fruit of the trees and the running spring water.

Take care of your natural gift, take care of it and take care!


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