The combination of colors on the nails. features and


Today, nail art is increasingly common with a combination of several shades of lacquer. Masters are able to create a real masterpiece on the girl's marigolds. A multi-color manicure is in no hurry to lose its relevance. At first glance it seems simple. However, to create something truly unique and unrepeatable, you need to know which shades are best combined with each other, and which combination is taboo.

The color transition on the nails: the technique of nail art

Monochromatic nail coloring looks a bit old-fashioned, and to always stay in trend, you should carefully follow the latest fashion innovations. Ombre manicure looks very interesting and original. This technique is based on the most smooth transition of color on the nails, and can use not only 2 shades, but more.

Ombre is only a way to paint the nails, while the ideas for its implementation can be very diverse. At the peak of popularity, the “basis” design turned out to be, at which the most smooth transition of colors is performed, they do not deviate from the main one. That is, there is only a slight change in the degree of saturation of the primary color, and not only 1 lacquer with a thinner can be used, but also 2 similar shades.

Manicure two colors: how to make yourself?

The combination of colors on the nails

You can perform such a manicure using the classic ombre technique, with a very smooth transition between 2 shades. In this case, it is advised to use not only similar shades, but also contrasting colors. Regarding the color spectrum, the masters recommend to opt for the right combinations - for example, hot orange and dark blue, classic red and light green, yellow and lilac.

Of course, at home it will be rather difficult to make such a manicure at home, as even a minor mistake will be clearly visible against a bright contrasting background. To minimize such errors, the masters recommend using different shades of pink, neutral classic, turquoise, and of course, a combination of white and black or gray.

Also very interesting is the idea of ​​a manicure with a smooth transition of colors on each finger. In this case, staining is performed on each nail with minor changes in shade. Thanks to this technique, starting from the thumbs, dark strict shades will be visible, and on the little finger light and delicate colors. Such a staining technique can be interpreted completely under different ideas. For example, the tonality is duplicated as accurately as possible on 2 hands or a continuation of a smooth transition of tone is performed, which also looks original and unusual.

To make a two-color transition, the base of the nail is first prepared and ground, polished, and the end of the nail is leveled. To manicure lasted as long as possible, the surface of the nail plate is degreased and a special starting coating is applied.

The combination of colors on the nails

For a start it is worth stopping the choice on a simpler version - coloring in colors from classic red to pale pink, almost white. To make the transition as smooth as possible, first the nail is painted with red varnish, then the varnish is poured into a small container and a few drops of white thinner are added.

As soon as the shades are well mixed, the 2nd nail is painted with the obtained varnish. Now the next dilution of color. This technique is used until the last finger is painted. In the end, a smooth transition from a bright red to a pale pink color is obtained.

You can also use the technique of "basis", in which the nail plate is first covered with a base color (lighter shade). As soon as it dries completely, starting from the middle of the nail and to the ends, it is painted with a dark varnish.

At home, it will be more difficult to perform a contrasting two-color transition. First, the procedure of preparing the nails for staining (described above) is carried out and a layer of hardener is applied.

Now the primary coating is applied to the nail plate and you have to wait until it dries completely. A simple cosmetic sponge is taken, a secondary shade is applied on the nail. Starting from the base and towards the center of the nail, impose the following tone - the movement should be clear and rapid.

The combination of colors on the nails

Of course, the first time it will not be possible to achieve the perfect transition of colors, but the main thing is to continue practicing.

How to make a manicure, when two fingers of a different color?

Original and stylish version of the contrast manicure, in which 2 nails are covered with varnish of other shades. The basis of this technique is the use of 2 contrasting shades of lacquer, while you can cover it with a different tone with 1 or 2 fingers.

When choosing a classic version in a duet, any tones with white should be combined. Just perfect such a manicure is suitable for a festive event, publication.

The combination of shades close to each other does not lose its relevance, and they can be combined in a different order or covered with 2 nails in a row.

Manicure with different colors: features

The combination of colors on the nails

  • Marigolds covered with different colors of lacquer may look slightly frivolous and carefree. In order for the image to be complete and harmonious, it is necessary not only to combine different shades of lacquers correctly, but also to select the appropriate accessories.
  • Many modern girls perceive manicure not only as a method of expressing their own individuality, but also a chance to have the desired effect on their destiny. After all, multi-colored marigolds are able to attract the attention of both surrounding people and higher powers.
  • The sages of the East are sure that every finger is responsible for a certain sphere of life. Consequently, the fate of a person may depend on the color of his varnish.
  • If you want to create a feng shui manicure, then it is worth remembering that you need to select your nails with different colors only on the right hand, as it attracts positive energy. With the right combination of shades and colors, you can get a strong source of peace and harmony.

Multi-colored manicure: a combination of colors

The combination of colors on the nails

Interesting, original and effectively looks manicure, made a variety of bright colors. You can duplicate colors on 2 hands or apply various shades of a rainbow on all fingers.

Today, there are practically no restrictions on the use of a wide variety of shades, while the nails can be painted in any order, using glossy or matte, restrained or saturated varnishes, make your image more strict or give lightness and playfulness.

In nail art there are no frameworks and bans on the use of various shades of varnishes. But it is important to remember that the manicure should not only reflect the mood, add the final accent of the image, but also be thoughtful so that the selected shades look harmonious.