The best women's hats for every day

Each woman knows that the hat not only saves from the cold, but is also an important part of the image. Many women face difficulties when choosing a headdress. When buying you need to take into account the shape of the face, color type, overall style of clothing. There are many nuances that help to choose the perfect style caps.

Women's hats

Hat or hat?

Before dwelling on a certain type of headgear, it is worthwhile to understand that it is your form of face that goes. It is believed that the owners of oval shapes can wear any style.

The general rule for other types of face is not to use too tight caps. Chubby fit volume berets and hats. In the presence of a wide forehead, it is better not to wear low headgear. Caps should cover it. For triangular and square faces, you can choose earflaps.

Once you have decided on the shape of the face, you can experiment with styles. So you can choose the perfect option headgear.

When buying any type of cap, you should consider the color range that suits your type of appearance. Basically you need to push off the hair color. Blonde and blond is better to opt for hats of pastel colors. For girls and women with a contrasting appearance (red, brown) suitable olive, rich blue and red. Brunettes can also choose hats of bright colors.

Women's fur hats

Hat or hat?

Women's hats are made of different materials. For several seasons at the peak of popularity are fur hats. They look very elegant and perfectly rescue from the cold. In addition, after wearing such a headgear there is no irritation of the skin, as after some knitted models.

Fur caps can be made from both natural and artificial materials. When choosing a headdress from real fur, you need to pay attention to the quality of manufacture and tailoring. The cap should not be bald. The fur hairs of a quality item do not remain on the skin or clothing.

Fur hats are usually picked up under fur coats. It is better to buy a headdress from the same fur of a similar shade. Use of a similar cap and fur coat from different materials is allowed. In this case, the fur class must be the same. For example, if a fur coat is from a mink, then the cap may be from a chinchilla. Another rule is that the harder the cut is, the easier it is to iron your headgear.

It is best to wear a fur hat with a down jacket. The fact is that such outerwear is not quite a classic. From the very beginning, down jackets were sportswear. Therefore, the cap should be a suitable style. Ushanka - the best option. It can be made entirely of fur or in combination with leather.

Women's fur hats are also worn with sheepskin coats. It is best that they have inserts from other materials. Fur can be played with knitted stripes or leather.

Caps for women

Hat or hat?

Caps migrated to the female wardrobe thanks to men - a few centuries ago they were worn as part of the uniform soldiers in France. Later, the headdress began to be used as sports equipment.

Today, the cap can be worn not only for sports. Some women successfully combine this headdress with classic clothes.

Due to their design, caps go for almost everything. Depending on the style, the style may vary slightly due to the use of different types of fabric and decor. If you prefer the classics, it is better to choose a cap, made from 2 parts. Its base is a bit like a hat. The fabric should be monophonic, without patterns. Another version of the classic women's cap - English cap. This headdress is different from the usual baseball cap. It has a short visor and virtually no crown. Made of a tartan, the English cap looks great with midi skirts, cloaks and trouser suits.

For those who prefer the street style, a military cap can fit. Typically, such a headgear has a wide visor and a not very high base. The cap of the military can go well with shorts, jeans, jackets and loose T-shirts.


Hat or hat?

Hats with a veil - a very sophisticated accessory. Most of all, they are suitable for special occasions. Many brides prefer to wear a wedding hat with a veil instead of a long veil. Also, this headpiece looks great with cocktail dresses.

The shape of the veil may be different. The most versatile is the cap tablet. It is suitable for different types of faces. In this case, girls with a wide forehead is better not to wear voluminous hats with large brim.

As for the length of the veil, it is better to stay on a short grid that does not cover the whole face. By the way, it can be attached to your favorite hat with your own hands. To do this, use stealth or decorative clips. Wear hats with a veil in the usual way or by sliding them to the side.


Hat or hat?

This headdress will never go out of style! It is believed that he goes to almost everyone. In part, there is some truth in this. Difficulties may arise with how to wear this symbol of French chic. It is best to experiment with the beret of the mirror. So you can understand how much he should cover your forehead.

How to wear beret? You can move it to the back of the head or to the side. Stylists do not advise hiding under his hair. So the person will seem too open, which will lead to focusing on the existing shortcomings. It is best to release several strands from the side of the beret. Also, do not hide your bangs.

An important feature: the beret must be the right size! Make sure that he does not pinch his head, but also did not fly with her.

Depending on the style of clothing, knitted or woolen knit berets can be used. The texture and color depends on your style of clothing. A thing can be made of large viscous, openwork patterns, braids or have an absolutely smooth texture.

Fashionable knitted hats

Hat or hat?

Knitted hats are versatile enough. They are practical and well protected from wind and frost. Fashionable knitted hats can be of different shapes. The beanie hat remains quite popular. She has a free form that resembles stocking. The advantage of this headdress is that it is suitable for almost any face shape. Another plus - stocking cap gives the image additional dynamics. In it, you definitely will not iron a gray mouse! She is an indispensable accessory in the wardrobe of urban fashionistas. So, if you want to dilute the conservative image, then just put on the beanie cap. It can be knitted, elastic or braided.

Unfortunately, knitted hats are not suitable for everyone. It's not even in styles. Warm cap incorporates natural wool yarn. In contact with the forehead, it causes irritation. So, people with sensitive skin may experience itching under the cap. Therefore, when buying, check the headgear for the presence of the lining.

Women's hats are so diverse that they can not only warm, but also be a highlight of the wardrobe. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a hat, based on the oval of the face, the preferred style and your color type. A festive image with ease to help create a hat with a veil. On weekdays, you can wear berets, caps, knitted and fur hats.

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