The best hair dye


Painted hair has long surprised no one, and in the twenty-first century it is such a common thing, that sometimes you can’t tell if a woman has natural or colored hair. Everyone uses hair dye for different purposes: someone wants to paint over gray hair, someone wants to change the image, and someone just needs to give the hair a new, more fresh shade. But gradually the woman notices that the quality of her hair seriously deteriorates, for someone it happens after the first dyeing, and after a while for someone, the question arises how to find such a paint that would not harm your hair, and more precisely what is the best hair dye?

Types of paints for resistance

In order to correctly determine what resistance you need paint, decide what intensity of staining you need.

  • Unstable hair dye- it is very weak and gentle, and when dyeing, only the upper surface of the hair is painted, and with each wash some of the dye is washed out. This type of paint is not suitable for those who want to dye hair 3 or more colors, lighten hair, and also paint over gray hair. But it has its own advantages, it can be used to give hair a different shade for some occasion, as well as those who are afraid to experiment with durable paint. Unstable paint begins to wash away after the first time and in a week and a half it will be washed off, depending on how often you wash your hair.
  • Semi resistant paintnot so easily washed off, because when dyeing the pigment falls into the inner layers of hair. In its composition you can find substances such as ammonia and various oxidants, but do not be afraid of these ingredients in the composition, as they are contained in very small quantities that will not harm your hair. With semi-permanent paint you can easily and simply change your image and at the same time the hair will be the same condition as before coloring. Usually, such paint begins to wash off after the twentieth wash, that is, it lasts quite long, of course, if you do not wash your hair every day. Half-paint can be painted over and gray hair, in this case, select the shade closest to your natural color.

  • Resistant Hair Dye- here everything is clear from the name, the dye contains potent substances that strongly eats into the hair structure and it is not washed off even after a long time. Penetrating into the hair, coloring pigments destroy along with the main color important fats and nutrients that are responsible for the beauty of the hair, which is why after dyeing the hair often looks dry and brittle. And if you overdo it with paint, you can get a sad sight instead of your luxurious hair that looks like a dried loofah. This is due to the fact that persistent inks contain a large amount of oxidizing agents and ammonia and only strong and thick hair can withstand such an aggressive effect on the hair.

Especially spoils hair lightening procedure resistant paint. In any lightening paint contains a large number of harmful substances that destroy the hair structure. So a girl who actively brightens her hair and dyes it from dark to light should always use firming masks and balms.

And here the question arises, which of these types is the best hair dye? Each is good in its own way, the most harmless - it is certainly unstable, but you don’t pass with such paint especially long, but the resistant one is not washed off the hair, and you can wash your head without fear any number of times. But then do not be surprised that the condition of your hair is not the same as before.

How to choose the best hair dye?

  • Choose a brand of dye from reputable companies, do not save on your hair, since it is not known how your hair will react to dyes from unknown manufacturers. The most popular and favorite colors of women today are Garnier, L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Vella, Londa and Estel. Also recently, there have been frequent cases of fakes on high-quality firms, so buy paint only in reputable cosmetic stores, and not on the market or in an incomprehensible online store.
  • If you buy a paint of a certain company for the first time, then read reviews about it - this will help you make the right choice. Simultaneously with the paint, immediately acquire protective and regenerating agents, as well as buy funds for the preservation and brightness of the color.
  • Very often, not only dye, but also hard tap water has a destructive effect on our hair, so choose such hair products that would soften the effect of water or neutralize the action of chlorine.

  • Very often, girls acquire high-quality paint, but the color obtained as a result is not so or looks ridiculous. Why is this and how to determine the color of the best hair dye?Choosing a paint shop, ask the sales assistant to show you the whole range of colors. The palette begins with the lightest shades and each color can be carefully considered in daylight, attached to your hair. It is important to pay attention to how the hair looks in bright sunshine, whether it takes on a slightly different shade.
  • When choosing a paint, consider your color type, so girls with a cold type of appearance should stick to ash shades, but reddish ashes should be avoided, as this dye can give the hair a greenish tint.
  • It is best if you perform the dyeing procedure within your color range, since an abrupt change in hair color not only harms your hair, but may also look a bit strange and not harmonize with your image. It also happens that the natural blonde are dark colors and vice versa. Check if you can choose one or another color of paint by trying on a wig of the desired color.

Today, fashion increasingly dictates naturalness and should be well thought out before you radically dye your hair, therefore the best hair dye is the one that only emphasizes yournatural coloror change it to 1-2 tones.